10 Critical Questions to Ask Before Migrating to a New VoIP Phone Service

10 Critical Questions to Ask Before Migrating to a New VoIP Phone Service

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With the emergence of hybrid work, the wide distributed quality of today's workforce means you'll astir apt beryllium successful the marketplace for a voice-over-IP (VoIP) strategy sooner oregon later. A unreality PBX not lone lets your IT unit negociate everyone's telephone from a cardinal location, it's besides an casual mode to support a distributed squad looking unified portion offering a nonstop way to unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS). It volition besides supply amended show for a increasing fig of users, heightened security, and much thorough telephone accounting and reporting capabilities, truthful you'll person a overmuch amended thought of what you're spending and where.

Whether you haven't made the modulation to VoIP yet oregon you're looking to alteration providers, your archetypal information needs to beryllium whether you privation a telephone strategy successful the unreality oregon your building. There are respective reasons to take 1 implicit the other. Still, successful general, cloud-based telephone systems person a little upfront outgo and are overmuch much agile if your company's communications needs abruptly alteration oregon your users privation to follow a new, cutting-edge acceptable of features. That said, in-house telephone systems person a lower total outgo of ownership (TCO) and perchance amended security.

But that's lone the beginning. While you could conscionable motion up with a VoIP supplier and marque bash with immoderate features it offers, a amended thought is to deliberation cautiously astir what you privation the telephone strategy to do, however you privation it to interact with your existing business, and what features you deliberation are necessary. To bash that, you'll request to beryllium down with not lone your elder enactment squad but besides the business' frontline managers to find however your existent telephone strategy is being used. That's the lone harmless mode to observe what features your workers perfectly request to support and wherever there's country for betterment and caller technology.

Ask Yourself These Questions

With the supra successful mind, the pursuing are 10 things you'll request to deliberation astir erstwhile choosing immoderate caller telephone system:

1. Do you person an existing telephone system? If you do, immoderate you take adjacent should beryllium compatible, if lone to marque the power implicit from a accepted PBX to VoIP reasonably seamless. A moving telephone strategy is simply a mission-critical portion of astir businesses, and it's improbable that your enactment is going to invited a week of downtime portion you benignant things retired and instrumentality calls from your idiosyncratic mobile phone.

2. What are your plans for growth? How galore radical volition usage the telephone strategy present and however large bash you deliberation you'll turn successful the adjacent 5 years? Your estimation present volition impact a fig of different considerations, from your web architecture to your eventual prime of VoIP vendor. Fortunately, astir IP PBX systems are beauteous scalable.

3. Do you request to enactment analog phones? You astir apt privation to debar putting Ethernet ports for VoIP phones successful nationalist areas arsenic a information measure, but you whitethorn inactive privation to supply a mode for visitors to marque telephone calls. Likewise, you whitethorn not privation to enactment a costly and fragile VoIP telephone successful immoderate environments, specified arsenic an outdoor assembly country oregon connected a manufacturing floor.

4. Do you request to nonstop faxes? Surprisingly, faxes stay an indispensable portion of immoderate workflows, and not each VoIP strategy supports fax. Some volition necessitate an adapter, immoderate volition necessitate a fax gateway oregon a fax server, and immoderate simply disregard faxing. In those cases, cheque retired these online fax services for help.

5. How delicate are you to downtime? Cloud services tin and bash spell dark. If your concern needs implicit telephone reliability, past your VoIP system, whether it's on-premises oregon successful the cloud, volition request a transportation to the analog, nationalist switched telephone web (PSTN). But keeping specified a transportation acceptable arsenic an enactment requires definite capabilities connected the portion of your PBX, particularly if it's successful the cloud. So marque definite this benignant of redundant transportation is supported, and cognize precisely however it's supported to debar perchance nasty surprises.

6. Which precocious features bash you privation for your business? All systems these days tin marque and person dependable calls and enactment radical connected clasp with galore choices for objectionable clasp music. In addition, astir VoIP systems connection softphones, which are applications that tally connected a desktop machine oregon mobile telephone and mimic the functions of telephone hardware. Other features whitethorn include video conferencingcollaboration calls, hot desking, oregon hoteling. You whitethorn besides privation instant messaging (IM), customized reporting, information export, oregon tougher information capabilities specified arsenic auditing, encryption, and recording.

7. Will you request a receptionist oregon telephone operator? If yes, past you'll request the quality to enactment immoderate benignant of operators' console, and you'll request to configure circumstantial permissions and workflows for that person. Again, immoderate vendors connection this, portion others don't.

8. How overmuch usage bash you anticipate? Does your income oregon enactment unit person a ample telephone volume? Are you moving a telephone center? Both cases volition necessitate not lone web optimizations but apt bundle support. Sales and enactment unit volition request to integrate with your customer narration management (CRM) and help desk apps, portion a telephone halfway typically requires circumstantial bundle different than a wide UCaaS lawsuit from your dependable provider. Also, look for providers that connection prebuilt integrations for the bundle you already use.

9. Is your web up to snuff? Voice calls either request a abstracted web oregon a virtual LAN (VLAN) with Quality of Service (QoS) enactment truthful that the dependable calls stay intelligible. In addition, you request a gateway for VoIP calls that volition beryllium unencumbered by postulation spikes caused by specified things arsenic Windows Update oregon YouTube streaming. Small organizations tin usually get by with a shared web and a decently configured VLAN, but much than that requires a abstracted network. And that web indispensable beryllium accelerated enough, which means if you're not running Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), past you're not accelerated enough.

10. How mobile is your workforce? Is a important percent of your workforce mobile? Many of today's VoIP systems connection smartphone apps that duplicate the functionality of their desktop clients, but not each do. Also, erstwhile employees are utilizing their ain devices and unknown, perchance insecure networks, you'll request to deliberation astir implementing further layers of security. These mightiness see things specified arsenic telephone encryption oregon placing calls lone via a virtual backstage network (VPN) service, which tin marque it harder to support telephone quality.

Cloud oregon On-Premises?

You'll announcement that I haven't discussed these factors successful presumption of a PBX located on-premises oregon successful the unreality due to the fact that astir of the aforesaid considerations travel into play either way. But it's worthy noting that immoderate factors, specified arsenic a request for analog phones oregon dense fax use, whitethorn destruct immoderate options. In our investigating of VoIP and UCaaS systems, we've noted that today's unreality telephone providers connection galore benefits for practically immoderate business, including little wide costs, a deeper diagnostic set, and integrated communications channels that see not lone VoIP telephone calls but besides video conferencing, texting, and online collaboration tools.

Still, portion astir businesses tin default to specified VoIP-based solutions, determination are inactive on-premises PBXes being sold to immoderate organizations, owed chiefly to customized oregon bequest bundle and definite information requirements. That's probe astir your concern you'll request to behaviour earlier making immoderate benignant of selection.