11 Best Digital Planner Apps for Android (Suited for Students & Professionals Alike)

11 Best Digital Planner Apps for Android (Suited for Students & Professionals Alike)

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Let’s accidental you’re readying for an upcoming day party. You already person an representation of what you privation to happen, but readying for it is simply a tad more complicated than you’ve ever imagined. 

Naturally, you’d opt to constitute things down utilizing a pen and paper. But, these easy get lost. Imagine trying to recreate a database of each the advancement you’ve made conscionable due to the fact that you mislaid a portion of paper. Stressful and, rather honestly, disheartening. It truly takes retired the amusive successful planning.  


There’s an abundance of integer readying apps successful the Google Play Store nowadays, considering people’s reliance connected mobile phones and gadgets successful astir everything. There’s a mentation for each of the integer planners that you need.  

Don’t cognize wherever to commencement and which to pick? We got you! 

Top Picks for Best Digital Apps for Android

Have a peek astatine our picks for the champion integer planner apps for Android

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Any.Do
  3. Notion
  4. ZenDay
  5. Trello
  6. nTask
  7. ToDoist
  8. Planner Pro
  9. Dreamie Planner
  10. Evernote
  11. The Happiness Planner

1. Google Calendar 

Google Calendar LogoGoogle Calendar

Let’s commencement with a timeless classic. Google Calendar. As we each know, Google is present a household sanction for astir each connectivity needs. 

Google Calendar is mode up connected our proposal database due to the fact that this is simply a escaped work that lets you program your beingness down to the minute. You tin easy acceptable events for an full time oregon for a fewer hours. And nonstop retired physics invites to recipients⁠ — you lone request their email addresses. It besides provides punctual reminders astir upcoming events erstwhile you sync the calendar with your email. 

Google Calendar Events View

No much forgotten tasks oregon events with Google Calendar.

2. Any.Do

Any.Do logo

If you’re a To-Do person, you mightiness autumn successful emotion with the services of Any.Do. 

Any.Do is simply a integer mentation of to-do lists. Easily make your lists for immoderate time that you would request them. You tin make a database contiguous for your tasks tomorrow, the time aft next, and adjacent week. Aside from that, each the lists are shareable with different Any.Do users. This integer planner app besides has a location surface widget that tin marque your readying easier.

Any.Do Widget Feature

Get it for escaped from the Google Play Store. It provides some escaped and premium services for a tenable price. 

3. Notion


If you privation a transverse betwixt Google Calendar and Any.Do, past you mightiness privation to look into Notion. 

This integer planner lets you make lists, instrumentality down notes, and docket events successful 1 go. All the files are shareable too, truthful readying unneurotic with friends is arsenic casual arsenic 1,2, and 3.

More than that, Notion besides allows you to notation oregon tag different idiosyncratic connected a enactment oregon task, and they’ll person contiguous notification. Handy, right?  

How to Create Boards connected Notion (Video Credit: Notion, Youtube)

Another Notion diagnostic that mightiness involvement you is the Kanban Board. A Kanban committee is simply a fashionable instrumentality successful Japanese enactment absorption that aims to minimize work-in-progress to maximize productivity. Notion has the cleanable features that fto you physique your ain Kanban board.

4. ZenDay

ZenDay logoZenDay

If you find readying arsenic a means for relaxation, past you mightiness privation to cheque this integer readying app. With the connection “zen” astatine its helm, this integer planner is an businesslike instrumentality to yet execute that work-life balance. With conscionable a fewer steps of configuration, you tin docket each your regular tasks that volition look successful a floating timeline.

ZenDay Tasks and Calendars (Video Credit: ZenDay, Youtube)

It uses a 3D timeline that floats connected your surface to amusement your schedule. You besides get to determine the clip to the dot. It doesn’t supply peculiar clip increments that boxes successful your scheduling. Cool, right? 

ZenDay truly provides that feeling of relaxation that is lone achieved erstwhile everything goes according to plan. 

5. Trello 


Trello’s popularity arsenic the superior prime for taskboard for enactment is granted for a bully reason. It is simply a beauteous awesome integer planner. 

Trello Boards

The app’s easiness of usage is 1 of its large selling points. The gadget you’re utilizing won’t airs immoderate large contented too. Once you’ve installed the app connected your Android phone, you tin make cards for your tasks and determination them easy crossed the board.

The fluid question betwixt columns is fundamentally a imagination travel true. It’s similar penning down tasks connected post-it notes without the fearfulness of losing 1 due to the fact that of escaped adhesive. 

6. nTask 


With a astute usage of wordplay successful its name, nTask lets you program ‘n’ a fig of tasks each day. 

Once you’re connected the app, you tin make respective workspaces wherever you tin stock with a circumstantial radical of people. Most of the time, 1 workspace is dedicated to 1 project.

On apical of that, this integer planner app is besides accessible online, truthful you tin proceed to program whether you’re connected your telephone oregon your computer. nTask besides lets you spot the advancement of each task. 

Simplify Tasks with nTask (Video Credit: nTask, Youtube)

A advancement barroom starts bare and begins to capable successful aft each completed sub-task. If that isn’t capable information to enactment connected a task close away, I don’t adjacent cognize what will. 

7. Todoist

Todoist LogoTodoist

Let’s ellipse backmost to the script successful the intro. You’re readying a enactment with friends, and there’s inactive truthful overmuch to finalize. This integer planner app volition beryllium your redeeming grace. 

Todoist is simply a integer to-do database shaper that will, well, regenerate accepted lists for amended and overmuch much businesslike listings. What makes this app amended is that you tin stock your lists with friends oregon co-workers. On apical of that, they tin adhd comments oregon further tasks. Planning is amended erstwhile respective heads are brewing together, americium I right? 

You tin download this app from the Google Play Store for free. You tin avail of immoderate in-app purchases that volition marque your acquisition better.

8. Planner Pro

Planner Pro

Be a pro astatine readying with Planner Pro. 

If you person a wont of utilizing your telephone and laptop alternately, this integer readying app volition support you successful the loop. Planner Pro is disposable for aggregate devices, and you tin sync your activities. Whatever you adhd utilizing your telephone volition beryllium disposable successful the web mentation and vice versa.

Moreover, this integer planner app has abstracted notes diagnostic wherever you tin database down a much circumstantial statement of your tasks. Although this app is escaped to use, it has in-app purchases that scope from $1.99 to 4.99. Totally worthy it for the price, if you inquire me.

9. Dreamie Planner 

Dreamie Planner Icon
Dreamie Planner

Are you a instrumentality of journals and notebooks that person cute designs? If you are, past this integer planner app volition beryllium up your alley. Dreamie Planner is simply a escaped and ad-free integer planner that has an in-system taxable pack.

There are escaped packs and determination are different themes that you request to bargain to unlock. On apical of that, overmuch similar a written slug journal, you tin take icons that volition service arsenic diary keys.

Dreamie Planner Themes

10. Evernote 

Evernote IconEvernote

Tired of looking astatine your handwritten notes? Maybe it’s astir clip that you get into the bent of utilizing integer notebooks. 

Evernote is simply a integer planner app that makes note-taking and readying casual arsenic a breeze. It syncs your relationship crossed antithetic devices.

The convenience is top-notch too. Jot down notes anyplace a thought strikes you. This app comes successful some a Personal and Professional pack. Experience the services of the Professional mentation with a minimal fee. 

11. The Happiness Planner 

The Happiness Planner Logo
The Happiness Planner

Have you been uncovering yourself down successful the dumps lately? That’s wholly normal, and cognize that your feelings are valid. If you’re acceptable to prime yourself up again, we person the cleanable planner for you. 

The Happiness Planner Weekly Schedule

The Happiness Planner focuses connected mounting goals that volition maximize your idiosyncratic happiness. Much similar a regular integer planner, you get to docket tasks beforehand.

But, alternatively of looking into to-do lists for work, this integer planner app lets users absorption much connected self-care tasks. It includes a fistful of self-care features, specified arsenic a happiness roadmap, regular gratitude, and regular docket & to-dos.

Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Planner Apps

What is the champion integer planner?

Choosing the champion integer app is babelike connected the user’s needs. But, based connected the reviews from the Google Play Store, Todoist, Trello, and Any.Do person a corporate standing of 4.5 stars.

How bash integer planners work?

Digital planners enactment overmuch similar accepted planners but with higher efficiency, particularly erstwhile you usage ready-made integer planner apps. Since the calendar templates are already available, you lone request to input your tasks and people them with your advancement appropriately.


Don’t fto the hassle of manual readying discourage you from being an A+ planner. 

Google Play Store is simply a treasure trove of integer planner apps that are either for escaped oregon for a worth-it value.

You person a batch to take from elemental integer to-do lists to integer notebooks that beforehand a paperless lifestyle. The database we presented supra isn’t the end-all, be-all of each lists, but it definite is simply a large spot to start.  

Give america a shoutout erstwhile you find the cleanable integer planner app for you. Comment down your thoughts successful the container below!

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