15+ best smartwatch Black Friday deals 2022: Save today on Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit

15+ best smartwatch Black Friday deals 2022: Save today on Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit

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The twelvemonth has seemingly flown by, and it's the vacation play erstwhile again. After receiving an Apple Watch for Christmas past year, I can't ideate surviving without one. Sometimes relying connected your telephone to spot what clip it is, however galore steps you took, and what the upwind volition look similar time tin get a small annoying. With perpetually upgraded smartwatches, you tin get entree to each those features and truthful overmuch more.

With truthful galore large deals connected smartwatches from brands similar Apple, Samsung, Google, and Fitbit, prevention immoderate wealth connected your vacation gifts, oregon reward yourself. Here are the champion deals connected smartwatches from galore large retailers arsenic we inch person to Black Friday.

Latest Black Friday smartwatch deals

The past clip this leafage received an update, these were the latest smartwatch deals worthy checking out:

Best Black Friday smartwatch deals

Below are immoderate of the champion aboriginal smartwatch deals we could find. Further down the page, you'll spot different absorbing smartwatch deals we spotted astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

  • Current price: $209
  • Original price: $359

The smartwatch you tin find connected my wrist mundane (except erstwhile I hide to complaint it) is the Apple Watch SE. This smartwatch has awesome capabilities astatine a somewhat little terms than the Series 7. While it doesn't incorporate immoderate of the much analyzable features that the Series 7 has, the SE contains much than capable capabilities for the casual user. The price-tag of conscionable $209 is the lowest terms this merchandise has seen successful the past 4 months, so marque definite you unafraid this woody portion it lasts.

  • Current price: $170
  • Original price: $280

Whether you're swimming, running, biking, playing your favourite sport, oregon gaming, this Samsung Galaxy tin support up with your wildest adventures. This smartwatch doesn't halt with conscionable a sleek, circular design. With ECG monitoring, assemblage creation analysis, and an precocious moving coach, the possibilities are endless erstwhile you person this connected your wrist. 

  • Current Price: $150
  • Original Price: $230

There are plentifulness of smartwatches retired there, but uncovering a smartwatch that has reliable sleep-tracking exertion is sometimes hard to find. This Fitbit Versa 4 is the newest successful the Versa enactment and has an OLED screen, alternatively than the modular colour show of its predecessor. Additionally, the Versa 4 has incredibly precocious sleep-tracking statistic arsenic good as monitor humor unit and bosom rythym, some capabilities not had by the Versa 3.

  • Current price: $281
  • Original price: $400

I don't deliberation I've ever travel crossed a much rugged smartwatch until I saw this Garmin Instinct Solar. To solidify that statement, this smartwatch is water-rated to 100m and made to US subject modular 810 for thermal, shock, and h2o resistance. With this watch, you don't request to interest astir artillery beingness arsenic it has a star charging diagnostic based connected adaptable prima exposure. Take this ticker anyplace and everyplace and find your mode backmost location with Garmin's usage of aggregate navigation software.

  • Current price: $299
  • Original price: $399

A 20% larger surface than the Series 6 is conscionable 1 of the large improvements this Apple Watch Series 7 has implicit its predecessor. Some of the astir important and precocious features connected this ticker see the blood-oxygen level monitor, ECG capabilities, and sleep-tracking technology. Additionally, you tin instrumentality this smartwatch anyplace you spell with water-resistance capabilities up to 164 feet. 

  • Current price: $152
  • Original price: $230

Many of the water-resistant smartwatches contiguous tin show your workouts and way your bosom rate. But, tin they bash it for 6+ days connected a azygous charge? With the Fitbit app, users are spoiled with the features this merchandise provides. You tin usage the app to get your regular readiness people and analyse slumber tracking, portion a built-in GPS shows precisely wherever you went connected your run. This Fitbit Versa 3 is astatine the lowest terms we've ever seen, truthful it's an implicit bargain this vacation season.

  • Current price: $118
  • Original price: $174

These Garmin smartwatches are made for durability, and the Garmin Forerunner 45 is nary exception. Unlike its competitors, this ticker tin work your "body battery" to gauge your vigor reserves to you cognize erstwhile you request to remainder versus proceed moving out. Additionally, with Garmin Coach 2.0, you tin bid for those 5Ks, 10Ks, oregon half-marathons and person a escaped adaptive grooming program to assistance you triumph your large race.  

Amazon Black Friday smartwatch deals

Here are immoderate different smartwatch Black Friday deals happening close present astatine Amazon:

Walmart Black Friday smartwatch deals

Here are immoderate different smartwatch Black Friday deals happening close present astatine Walmart:

Best Buy Black Friday smartwatch deals

Here are immoderate different smartwatch Black Friday deals happening close present astatine Best Buy:

Finding deals arsenic bully arsenic these tin typically beryllium hard. But, with aboriginal Black Friday deals already kicking off, it makes the hunt for these large deals a small spot easier. 

After searching the biggest retailers similar Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy for deals, we utilized assorted terms trackers to marque definite the woody wasn't deceiving. Through the usage of these terms trackers, we were capable to find retired the prices which the merchandise has been sold, erstwhile it was sold astatine its erstwhile lowest price, and what different retailers successful the manufacture merchantability it for. That means these deals are the best-of-the-best and the links pb you consecutive to the retailer with the lowest price.

As idiosyncratic who tries to prioritize fitness, uncovering a smartwatch that is affordable is conscionable arsenic important arsenic the prime of the product. That being said, I didn't conscionable take the biggest discounts, I chose high-quality products astatine debased prices during aboriginal Black Friday sales.

This year, Black Friday falls connected Friday, Nov. 25, 2022. But astir deals aren't conscionable constricted to that day. Keep an oculus retired for each the large deals starring up to the large day.

Cyber Monday ever falls connected the Monday aft Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday is connected Monday, Nov. 28, 2022.

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