30 Best Zombie Games For Android & iPhone

30 Best Zombie Games For Android & iPhone

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Zombie games are fashionable everywhere. The magnitude of excitement and thrill progressive successful this genre of games cannot beryllium explained successful words. To acquisition a existent adrenaline rush, playing zombie-themed games is the champion option.

Zombie sidesplitting games are some scary and entertaining. Maybe this is wherefore we person truthful galore large titles for iOS and Android. 

However, choosing the champion crippled retired of galore disposable options tin beryllium analyzable and time-consuming. This is wherefore we person prepared a database of the champion zombie games for some Android and iOS users. Go done the database beneath and prime a crippled of your choice.

List of Best Zombie Games for Android & iPhone

1. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Let’s commencement our database with Zombie Tsunami, formerly known arsenic Zombie Carnaval. It’s a amusive fearfulness zombie crippled perfect for some adults and kids. Unlike different zombie games, it’s not scary oregon gory. Instead, it features cartoonish graphics and cute-looking zombies.

It has been downloaded implicit 200 cardinal times astir the world. Hordes of zombies onslaught the city. Turn pedestrians into zombies, devour your friends, and make the largest horde. 

It is one-touch gameplay and features respective upgrades to unlock. There are implicit 300 missions, 10 bonuses, dragons, ninjas, UFOs, and everything other you tin expect of a zombie title.

2. Plants vs. Zombies FREE

Plants Vs. Zombies Free

Plant vs. Zombies person been astir for a agelong clip and hap to beryllium 1 of the astir fashionable titles successful the operation defence realm. Even though it is simply a lane-defense game, it has played a cardinal relation successful the emergence of the operation defence genre.

It is simply a strategy-based title, wherever you request to support your location from the hoard of invading zombies. Assemble each your plants and halt the zombies from breaking down your door. There are much than 50 amusive levels available. With each passing level, the crippled gets harder and harder.

It features a assortment of combatant plants arsenic good arsenic zombies. You indispensable find a mode to scope your home. Some zombies are smarter than the mean ones. So you request to utilize the disposable resources precise wisely. Earn 49 almighty perennials and get stronger with the game.

3. Last Day connected Earth: Survival

Last Day On Earth- Survival

What Left 4 Dead and State of Decay is to PC players, Last Day connected Earth: Survival is to mobile players. You bash much than conscionable sprout and termination zombies successful the game. It tests your endurance skills by putting assorted challenges connected your way. From collecting resources to earthy materials and gathering a protective base, you indispensable bash everything to survive.

As you level, caller blueprints and recipes volition beryllium disposable to you. Amid zombie attacks, you volition find existent relationship successful astute shepherd dogs and playful huskies. Using the disposable vehicles, you tin entree distant locations to get the rarest resources and blueprints.

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This crippled has been a immense occurrence since 2017. With millions of progressive players, it is 1 of the champion zombie mobile games you volition ever play. If you are acceptable to combat deadly zombies and past amid the apocalypse, this crippled is for you.

4. DEAD TRIGGER 2: Zombie Games

Dead Trigger 2- Zombie Games

Dead Trigger 2 is offered by Madfinger Games, a fashionable sanction successful this realm. This crippled was archetypal released successful 2013 and was an instant hit. Back successful 2013, mobile phones didn’t enactment high-end graphics. Despite that, Dead Trigger 2 didn’t neglect to permission an impression.

This is 1 of the fast-paced zombie mobile games available. It has been downloaded implicit 110 cardinal times and is applicable today. If you are looking for the eventual zombie game, this is for you.

In this FPS escapade title, you are required to physique your hideout, unlock antithetic regions and travel up with a full-proof strategy to prevention the satellite against zombies. With intensive storytelling, countless weapons, and 600+ warfare scenarios, you volition ne'er get bored of playing.

5. DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target- Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target is simply a highly addictive shooting crippled wherever you termination hordes of zombies and support yourself. It is an easy-to-play rubric with the cleanable shooting adventure. The champion happening astir the crippled is that it tin beryllium played offline.  

When playing Dead Target, you should ever beryllium acceptable with your gun. Amid an apocalypse, zombies tin onslaught immoderate time. You indispensable cod weapons and combat the zombies to prevention mankind. Turn yourself into a zombie huntsman and termination arsenic galore zombies arsenic you can. This is the lone mode you volition survive.

This offline rubric offers a acceptable of almighty 3D weapons and skins. By upgrading your weapons, you tin woody with non-stop zombie attacks. The much zombies you slay, the amended it is for you. 

6. State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration

State Of Survival- The Joker Collaboration

If you are acceptable for a strategy endurance game, you should effort State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration. The Joker-inspired storyline is what makes this rubric much exciting. It’s a crippled of survival, wherever you combat laughing zombies and unlock the Joker.

The apocalypse has engulfed the full planet, and you and your friends are the lone survivors. To triumph the conflict against the zombies, you request to springiness your all. From gathering a metropolis to controlling the plague, the destiny of the world is successful your hands.

Players request to stitchery coins, gold, and thing indispensable to past this horrible war. Find and prevention the different survivors to fortify your numbers against the attacking zombies.

7. Zombie Catchers – Love the Hunt!

Zombie Catchers - Love The Hunt

If you are bushed of playing the aforesaid benignant of zombie mobile games, you should effort Zombie Catchers. Even if you don’t similar zombies, you volition similar this game. You tin play it without an net connection. 

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Instead of shooting oregon sidesplitting zombies, you drawback zombies to marque zombie foodstuff and merchantability it to the public. Surprisingly, everyone likes the zombie foodstuff and are lining up astatine what tin beryllium described arsenic the aboriginal Starbucks!

There is simply a ample assortment of zombie juices successful production. To marque the champion juices, you request to seizure definite types of zombies. You tin hunt down zombies with sneaky traps and harpoon guns. Besides juices, players besides request to make antithetic cuisines and candies and merchantability them to bare customers. 

8. Into the Dead

Into The Dead

This zombie-themed rubric is packed with epic enactment scenes. It is 1 of the astir talked-about games successful this realm. With aggravated gameplay and unthinkable visuals, it is perfect for endurance fearfulness lovers.

In a satellite afloat of gruesome zombies, you indispensable combat to survive. You request to bash everything it takes to support yourself. There are dozens of almighty weapons disposable that volition assistance you enactment alive. You unlock caller weapons arsenic you advancement done the gameplay.

Besides the main storyline, determination are galore mini-goals and missions. You request to instrumentality connected the challenges that travel your mode and beryllium your endurance skills. Achieve the highest people and situation your friends to bushed it.

9. Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter- Survival

If you similar a strategy-based crippled with a zombie theme, you should effort Last Shelter: Survival. Even though it is promoted arsenic a zombie apocalypse title, it’s not precisely a zombie game. But zombies bash play an important relation successful this title.

Last Shelter: Survival is mostly a combat crippled betwixt players, wherever zombies are conscionable a broadside quest. Or you could accidental a secondary objective. The player’s main extremity is to get much powerfulness and grow his troops. Also, determination are plentifulness of attacks successful the game. This proves the constituent that it’s much of a combat game.

It features realistic graphics, wherever everything from the heroes to the units seems precise real. It offers a existent post-apocalypse acquisition connected your mobile screen. Battle zombies, physique your empire, and past till the end. That’s each this crippled is about.

10. Dead Trigger: Survival Shooter

Dead Trigger- Survival Shooter

Dead Trigger is simply a large crippled to play. It hits rather a fewer spots, similar boasting a bully interface and bully graphics. However, you shouldn’t comparison it to console zombie games. 

This crippled offers a almighty and exclusive postulation of weapons and equipment. But you volition request a spot of other monetary concern to entree each of it. The champion happening astir the crippled is the variety. What we mean is that it doesn’t get repetitive excessively quickly.

The zombies are beardown and onslaught from antithetic angles and astatine antithetic speeds. You indispensable enactment focused to tackle the monsters arsenic soon arsenic you are attacked.

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11. The Walking Dead: Season One

The Walking Dead- Season One

The rubric itself gives distant that this crippled is based connected the fashionable TV bid of the aforesaid name. But arguably, the crippled is amended than the bid successful respective aspects.

This is an episodic escapade crippled by Telltale, which is each astir quality improvement and meaningful narratives amid zombie carnage. It covers aggregate acheronian themes, specified arsenic termination and cannibal family.

Players instrumentality implicit the relation of Lee Everett, a convicted transgression who has been fixed a 2nd accidental astatine life. With the dormant coming backmost to beingness and survivors trying everything to support their safety, Lee indispensable support an orphaned miss portion surviving the unsafe events.

12. Zombie Roadkill 3D

Zombie Roadkill 3D

Zombie Roadkill 3D is simply a scary and thrilling zombie rubric for mobile players. It is simply a premix betwixt a racing and a shooter game, wherever your driving skills and shooting skills are your biggest and lone allies.

There are 2 modes available, including the accustomed communicative mode and endless mode. With in-game currency rewards, you tin unlock much almighty vehicles and weapons to destruct zombies easily. 

However, you should cognize that the crippled becomes much hard astatine higher levels. The longer you last, the scarier it gets. It includes aggravated zombie-blasting enactment with superb 3D graphics and almighty soundtracks.

13. Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher

As the rubric suggests, this crippled is each astir smashing zombies. Get down the wheels and smash arsenic galore zombies arsenic you can. Build a beardown defence and support yourself and your municipality from the invading zombies.

This crippled is casual to play. With a elemental digit pat connected the screen, you tin crush and destruct zombies. But you indispensable halt them earlier they onslaught you! While sidesplitting the zombies, you request to beryllium cautious astir not sidesplitting the vicinity surfers.

There are 3 antithetic modes available: communicative mode, clip mode, and endurance mode. With this aggravated zombie-blasting enactment title, you tin support yourself entertained for hours.

14. Last Empire – War Z: Strategy

Last Empire - War Z- Strategy

If you are acceptable to sprout and conflict the undead to support your empire, Last Empire: War Z is the crippled for you. It is an action-packed rubric with each the features of a bully zombie game.

It is simply a strategy RPG warfare game, wherever you are required to physique an service by joining forces with different players from astir the world. Plan and onslaught with your zombie service and beryllium yourself the strongest commander.

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This warfare strategy rubric is packed with unsocial features that marque it addictive for players. If you are not frightened to enactment successful brutal zombie warfare, you should effort this game.

15. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead No Man'S Land

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is different thrilling crippled based connected The Walking Dead’s deed TV show. It brings extended crippled modes to springiness you the champion zombie apocalypse gameplay experience. This is 1 of the highest-rated zombie games retired there. 

It is packed with galore features similar caller heroes, a caller chapter, caller communicative modes, and overmuch more. It is simply a graphic crippled with tons of bloody scenes. There are assorted missions to termination humans and mow down zombies.

The storyline gets absorbing arsenic the crippled progresses. Collect your favourite survivors and bid them to combat zombies. The champion mode to past is to physique a beardown confederation with your friends.



Next up, we person Unkilled, an breathtaking zombie shooting game. It has been downloaded implicit 30 cardinal times and has won awards for its large storyline, engaging gameplay, and casual controls.

It gives you the accidental to sprout zombies successful New York City. Players tin prime from 5 unsocial characters and articulation the unit to termination zombies. The main nonsubjective is to prevention the metropolis from the invading zombies.

The missions are much hard than normal. But that’s what makes it much interesting. Since this is an online game, you tin play it successful multiplayer mode with your friends. 

17. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is an epic crippled that you can’t get capable of. If you person played the different Plant vs. Zombies games, you volition surely similar this 1 too. It comes with an epic conflict betwixt bloom and doom.

The premier extremity is to decision the zombies by gathering a squad of heroes with unthinkable superpowers. With each passing level, you volition travel crossed caller characters and face beardown opponents.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is simply a caller tract battle, wherever you tin prime from 20 20 unsocial heroes and unlock their superpowers. The stronger your team, the amended the protection. You tin besides usage the car squad builder diagnostic to make a squad quickly.

18. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

We person different epic Plant vs. Zombies crippled connected the list. If you are not yet bushed of warring plants and brain-eating zombies, past you should effort this game.

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It is simply a deed action-strategy game, wherever you conscionable and decision hordes of zombies. You indispensable travel up with the eventual program to support your brain. There are hundreds of plants waiting to beryllium discovered. Choose your allies wisely due to the fact that that’s what is going to assistance you support yourself.

If you deliberation you person mastered this game, you should enactment your skills to the trial by challenging others successful the player’s arena. This is wherever you volition vie with different players and effort to people the highest.

19. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead- Zombie Warfare

What bash you bash erstwhile the evil undead attacks you? With Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, you acceptable retired connected a zombie-killing adventure. This is the caller endurance sequel of the erstwhile entry, Dead Ahead.

Players indispensable combat for their state and go beardown and fearless zombie slayers. That’s the lone mode to flight the evil and past till the end. Kill zombies, find survivors, and cod supplies to make your legacy.

This is simply a deed zombie penetration title, wherever you are thing without your brain. Use your encephalon and devise the cleanable strategy to termination the corrupt corpses. Make your squad stronger by gathering gladiators and utilizing them successful battle.

20. Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

Zombie Hunter- Killing Games

Zombie Hunter is antithetic from different zombie enactment games. It is simply a realistic and comic first-person shooter title, wherever you are tasked to prevention guiltless lives and halt the apocalypse.

It involves a batch of shooting and aggregate levels. With each crossing level, you indispensable amended your shooting skills and upgrade your weapons to past till the end. Showcase your shooting skills and go the champion sniper successful the city.

This crippled is each astir hunting zombies and helping the survivors. By shooting peculiar boxes, you volition unlock dogs to assistance you hunt down zombies. There’s nary uncertainty that this is the cleanable rubric for shooting crippled lovers.

21. Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid Zombies 3 is simply a amusive crippled fixed 4 chaotic weapons. You indispensable usage these weapons to termination the zombies. There are implicit 200 antithetic levels. But don’t worry, it is not arsenic hard arsenic different zombie games.

The zombies person risen again, and you indispensable halt them from taking over. You person 4 almighty weapons, including the Trusty Shotgun, Grannie’s Homemade RPG Launcher, Fiery Flare Gun, and the Baseball Bomber.

This crippled doesn’t necessitate players to beryllium precise skilled. At first, it mightiness look arsenic an enactment oregon shooting game. But actually, it is much of a instrumentality changeable puzzle game. This is perfect for players looking for thing antithetic to try.

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22. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into The Dead 2- Zombie Survival

You tin recognize from the rubric itself that it is simply a sequel to the fashionable zombie enactment crippled Into the Dead. Anyone who has played the archetypal installment volition privation to effort their hands connected the sequel.

It is simply a travel done the zombie apocalypse, wherever your lone extremity is to support your family. You person an array of almighty weapons to termination the undead and prevention yourself from the massacre. 

It comes with an evolving communicative with much than 1 end. With hundreds of challenges and varied gameplay, you are definite to get addicted to the game. Besides the main communicative events, determination are regular peculiar events to showcase your skills to container breathtaking prizes.

23. The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead- Survivors

This is different breathtaking zombie crippled that you indispensable play. The Walking Dead: Survivor is simply a conflict for endurance successful a satellite captured by zombies. You indispensable physique your operation defence to past against the dormant and the living.

When playing a crippled similar this, each determination you instrumentality matters. Whether you volition cooperate oregon combat for domination, the prime is yours.

In the satellite of the Walking Dead, zombies are the slightest of your concerns. You volition brushwood different players from astir the satellite who are overmuch much threatening than the undead. The champion mode to header with the challenges is to devise a full-proof strategy.

24. Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary comes with an epic storyline, wherever you travel into the satellite of the undead. It is simply a signaling play astir a miserable satellite and a idiosyncratic who is destined to prevention the full of humanity. That idiosyncratic is you!

In this game, your ngo is to termination each the zombies and prevention the world. The crippled volition springiness you modern arsenals to assistance you decision the corrupted corpses.

There are five-game playing roles and each with antithetic features. You volition besides find antithetic task modes. Even the zombies alteration successful presumption of strength. Every clip you implicit an achievement, you are rewarded with coins and different perks.

25. Zombie Killing – Call of Killers

Zombie Killing - Call Of Killers

Even though Zombie Killer is simply a mobile title, it has visually stunning graphics. Along with that, it besides gives you an immersive audio experience. It is 1 of the champion FPS games with a zombie theme. It is simply a premix of crisp graphics and classical action.

The satellite is affected by a unspeakable virus. People are falling sick, and things are retired of control. It’s the player’s work to prevention the satellite from being taken implicit by the zombie surfers. But it’s up to you however to past this chaos.

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With intuitive interaction surface controls, it becomes easier to play. You volition beryllium fixed a wide scope of awesome weapons that tin beryllium utilized to smash abdominous bosses and zombies.

26. Zombie Frontier

Zombie Frontier

If you watched the deed Hollywood movie “Resident Evil” and liked it, you indispensable springiness this crippled a try. Zombie Frontier is inspired by Resident Evil, wherever the deadly T viruses person taken implicit the world. People coming successful interaction with the microorganism are turned into zombies.

There are lone a fewer survivors, and you are 1 of them. You are successful a warfare against the zombies. You are tasked to termination antithetic kinds of zombies utilizing the disposable weapons. 

The developers person utilized stunning graphics and euphony to summation the excitement level. There are antithetic trouble levels and respective missions to pass. You volition besides find caller and unsocial bonus items.

27. Stupid Zombies 2

Stupid Zombies 2

If you are into casual gaming, you should effort Stupid Zombies 2. It is an adventurous zombie-killing crippled that volition surely springiness you a bully time. This crippled is each astir you vs. zombies. So marque definite that you halt them astatine each costs.

Unlike galore different games, Stupid Zombies 2 won’t wounded your phone’s performance. It is not demanding and tin tally easy adjacent connected a fund device. 

Stupid Zombies 2 brings you fantastic gameplay, and it is amended than the erstwhile entry. You person 600 levels and assorted features that are integrated into the game. It allows you to prime betwixt a pistillate and antheral leader character.

28. Zombie Gunship Survival – Action Shooter

Zombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

Zombie Gunship Survival is an enactment shooter crippled wherever you indispensable combat to past amid an apocalypse. It includes assorted breathtaking features that volition support you engrossed successful the gameplay close from the start.

In a satellite wherever astir of the colonisation is turned into zombies, it’s hard to survive. But you indispensable beryllium your worthy by attacking the zombies from a subject operations base. Build up your defence and assistance your troops to implicit their objectives.

The crippled offers galore weapons that tin beryllium upgraded to marque them much powerful. As you spell deeper into the game, you volition brushwood zombies with galore terrifying abilities that volition endanger your squad’s safety. But you shouldn’t springiness up and combat till the end.

29. Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day- Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day is 1 of the astir unsafe and scariest zombie endurance games you volition ever play. If you are acceptable to instrumentality connected the situation and effort antithetic methods for your survival, you should download this game.

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In this game, you combat zombies and different players who are warring for endurance conscionable similar you. This crippled offers you the cleanable level to showcase your shooting skills, absorption time, and speed.

It is an online, multiplayer crippled acceptable successful a immense metropolis aft a zombie apocalypse. It features an open-world mounting wherever you unite with different almighty players. If you see yourself a pro player, it’s clip to trial your skills.

30. Survival Games: Zombie

Survival Games- Zombie

Lastly, we person Survival Games: Zombie. Like astir different zombie games, Survival Games features a satellite deed by a zombie apocalypse. It has turned each humans into deadly zombies. The premier extremity is to support yourself live till the end.

But surviving successful a post-apocalyptic satellite becomes each the much hard erstwhile you are deed with thirst, hunger, and cold. Besides zombies, you volition besides person to woody with different survivors arsenic they whitethorn go enemies successful this cruel world.

You indispensable ever enactment alert and physique a beardown location for your protection. Collect endurance tools, weapons, and different resources due to the fact that that’s what volition assistance you survive.

If you are a zombie crippled lover, we are definite that you are not disappointed with the list. These are the champion zombie-blasting titles available. Download immoderate of these games for escaped and consciousness the thrilling acquisition of sidesplitting zombies.