5 Ways to Avoid Paying $139 for Amazon Prime

5 Ways to Avoid Paying $139 for Amazon Prime

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Amazon's Prime subscription work has seen a fewer terms hikes implicit the years, from $79 to $99 per twelvemonth successful 2014, again to $119 successful 2018, and now to $139.

Prime is free to articulation for 30 daysfree to articulation for 30 days, truthful you tin effort it without making a year-long commitment. Sign up astatine the holidays to get escaped shipping connected acquisition purchases and past cancel, for example. (You tin lone bash that once.) There's besides the enactment to motion up for a monthly Prime subscription astatine $14.99, though if you program to usage it for immoderate magnitude of time, an yearly interest is simply a amended deal.

The main Prime perk is free, two-day shipping, but Prime members besides get Prime Video streaming, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos. If you're a regular Amazon user, Prime is simply a beauteous bully deal. But possibly you're connected a fund and are looking for ways to wage little than $139 for Amazon Prime escaped shipping and different perks. Here are immoderate options.

1. Join Amazon Student

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Students inactive get a discounted Amazon Prime complaint erstwhile they join Prime Student.

Those who motion up get a six-month proceedings that includes free, two-day shipping connected Prime items, escaped same-day transportation successful definite areas, and two-hour market delivery, arsenic good arsenic entree to Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photos, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos. Once the six-month proceedings is up, Amazon charges $59 per twelvemonth oregon $6.49 per period for 4 years oregon until graduation, immoderate comes first. To qualify, you'll request a .edu email address.

2. Get an EBT oregon Medicaid Discount

If you person a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) oregon Medicaid card, you tin motion up for Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month for up to 4 years. After Amazon verifies your accounts, you're eligible for free, two-day shipping, Prime Video, Amazon Photos, and more. EBT/Medicaid presumption volition person to beryllium verified each 12 months; Amazon volition email you to re-verify.

3. Spend $25 oregon More

If escaped shipping is your game, Amazon offers free shipping connected orders of $25 oregon more for those without Prime, with transportation in 5-8 concern days. With millions of items, it's not hard to rack up capable items to deed the $25 mark. Some items are not eligible; look for "FREE Shipping" messaging connected the merchandise item leafage to spot if your point qualifies. You tin get free, one-day shipping erstwhile buying acquisition cards, but they don't use to the $25 total, Amazon says. If you're just shy of $25, prime a cheap, add-on item.

4. Get a Subscribe & Save Membership

Get a Subscribe & Save Membership

Similarly, shoppers who thin to bargain the aforesaid things should look into a Subscribe & Save Membership. Although it does not screen everything connected the site, members tin prevention up to 15% connected orders and person escaped shipping connected each Subscribe & Save order. Members indispensable prime eligible items, and take a transportation docket to subscribe. While it's not arsenic expansive arsenic an Amazon Prime membership, it is convenient and worthy a look.

5. Swap Amazon Prime for Walmart+

Amazon isn't the lone shipping elephantine with a subscription service; Walmart+ debuted successful 2020 and astatine $98 per year, it's present much than $40 cheaper than Amazon Prime. There are similar perks, similar escaped shipping and aboriginal entree to peculiar deals, positive medicine and state discounts. There's nary escaped video-streaming service, though. And explicit transportation options are not arsenic robust arsenic those recovered connected Amazon, truthful double-check that Walmart has a beingness successful your country if thing similar market transportation is simply a priority.