6 Android Apps You Should NEVER Install [2022]

6 Android Apps You Should NEVER Install [2022]

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Google Play Store has galore top-rated apps, but they compromise your privateness and security. They mightiness assistance you but volition harm you adjacent more. If you are not cautious portion downloading apps, you tin enactment yourself astatine hazard of being conned, hacked, oregon tracked.

In this article, we’ve compiled a database of the 6 astir unsafe Android apps you should ne'er install connected your device. Also, towards the extremity of the article, you’ll find a quick extremity to support yourself from these unsafe apps.

Dangerous Android Apps You Should Never Install

Here is simply a database of Android apps that you should not instal oregon uninstall if they are already connected your phone.

SuperVPN Free VPN Client


SuperVPN Free VPN Client is 1 of the astir utilized VPN apps connected Android and has implicit 100 cardinal installs. But, Cybersecurity experts person claimed that this app has vulnerabilities prone to MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks.

Hackers usage this onslaught to bargain slope paper information, backstage information, chats, and photographs. It besides allows them to hijack a transportation to a malicious website that mightiness additionally enactment a person’s information and privateness astatine risk.

VPNs are undoubtedly an indispensable information tool, but you should debar utilizing escaped VPNs. They are known for doing shady practices similar selling people’s idiosyncratic information to marque money. Thus, you should instantly delete escaped and shady VPNs similar Pacific VPN and Super VPN.



Fildo is simply a euphony downloading app that is unlawful and disguised arsenic a section euphony player. The app discontinued its euphony downloading enactment aft it came nether the radar, but it was aboriginal reoriented arsenic a euphony medication app.

No substance what, we volition ever beryllium doubtful astir apps similar this 1 that promises thing and delivers wholly else. It is besides said to beryllium linked to Netease, a arguable Chinese leisure firm, which is simply a reddish flag. Alternate apps similar VLC, AIMP, and Poweramp are safer, and you should instantly regenerate Fildo.

Dolphin Web Browser

dolphin browser

This third-party wildly-popular web browser promises galore features and services but delivers precise little. It is simply a flash-supporting browser that monitors and tracks everything you bash online, truthful you should uninstall the app immediately.

Even if you usage their incognito mode, they volition uncover your archetypal IP code to the seller. They person incorporated unspeakable tracking and privateness usurpation practices.



Most “cleaning” apps contiguous connected the Google Play Store are scams and are harmful. Surprisingly, determination are implicit a cardinal downloads of the CLEANit app connected the Play Store.

This app impacts the hardware of your Android units successful a highly effectual mode and mightiness adjacent beryllium harmful to your cellphone. You bash not truly request a “cleaning” app for your Android device, but if you indispensable instal it, you should take either Greenify oregon CCleaner.

UC Browser

uc browser

UC Browser is 1 of the astir downloaded nett browsers connected Android. It is developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant- Alibaba. In fact, according to cybersecurity experts, it does not protect the information transmission properly. It leaves your idiosyncratic information susceptible and astatine the hazard of being hacked by cybercriminals and quality agencies.

This browser uses anemic cryptography, and sometimes the information is not transmitted successful an encrypted way. It makes the app insecure, and you should not support it connected your Android phone.

Virus Cleaner – Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner

virus cleaner

This app from Super Cleaner Studio has implicit 14 cardinal installs and showcases what is incorrect with the ecosystem of Android. It shows uncountable advertisements, and galore of these providers person a questionable reputation.

It claims to beryllium a artillery saver, notification cleaner, CPU cooler, WIFI security, telephone junk cleaner, and an businesslike information master. But, the information is that nary of these features are achievable by immoderate bundle program. It is champion to skip installing immoderate specified apps.

Security Tools For Potentially Dangerous Apps

You cannot wholly debar downloading unsafe apps oregon malware. Even the Play Store is unsuccessful successful managing that with each its developers and resources. But, you tin instrumentality a fewer precautionary measures that volition alteration the level of the risk.

Firstly, debar installing immoderate unnecessary apps. Often radical support a batch of apps connected their phones that they seldom oregon ne'er use. Not lone bash these apps springiness hackers an enactment to get into your phone, but they tin besides incorporate malware. You should cheque the reviews of the apps, the full fig of downloads, and immoderate support that you assistance to an

You tin besides incorporated different basal information measures. A reputable VPN (Virtual Private Network) app and antiviruses tin assistance summation the information of your device. It adds a furniture by encrypting the device’s web connection. Thus, securing your telephone from immoderate poorly secured app.

Also, you should debar utilizing the aforesaid password for galore accounts and alteration two-factor authentication wherever possible. You indispensable support each your apps updated, arsenic they mightiness person immoderate information updates that volition assistance with making your instrumentality much secure.

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