6 Quick Ways To Find And Open Downloads on Android

6 Quick Ways To Find And Open Downloads on Android

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Let’s beryllium honest…

The ubiquity of mobile devices these days – particularly Android devices which relationship for astir 90% of each mobile devices worldwide – means that much and much radical are jumping onto Google’s mobile operating system.


For these caller users – and so adjacent for immoderate older users arsenic good – seemingly finding wherever downloaded files go is simply a precise existent problem.

The worst portion is…

It’s not automatically evident for newer users however to entree these downloaded files and successful fact, wherever they spell successful the record system.

Smartphone ProblemsLocating wherever your downloaded files spell tin beryllium confusing astatine first.

As you tin see…

Older users whitethorn privation to clean up their files and escaped up retention abstraction connected their Android devices but find retired that they don’t cognize wherever to spell to unfastened oregon delete downloaded files.

Don’t worry! I recognize the problem.

So I’ve enactment unneurotic this usher to assistance constituent you successful the close absorption of opening your downloads and accessing them. Check retired these 6 methods I’ve listed down for you.

But first…


Where Are My Downloaded Files?

You tin find and unfastened downloads connected your Android phones successful these ways.

  1. Notifications
  2. File Manager app
  3. Third enactment app
  4. Chrome
  5. Windows
  6. Google Drive

Most of the caller Android versions, starting from Marshmallow up to the astir existent (Android 10 and Android 11), person a default “Download” folder. This is your download folder.

The operating system, and adjacent astir apps, are programmed to usage this folder arsenic the default download location.

Downloads FolderMost Android versions volition person a default Download folder.

So Android has made it truthful that virtually each of your downloads volition automatically spell to the default “Download” folder; it’s conscionable a substance of locating this folder. I’ll constituent you to 6 ways you tin bash this.

Ways to find   and unfastened  downloads connected  Android6 methods to find and unfastened downloads connected Android

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1. Find downloads from notifications

If you’ve precocious downloaded a record and you don’t cognize wherever it went, Android volition usually make a notification of whether your download is inactive presently downloading oregon if it has finished doing so.

Download NotificationAndroid volition usually notify you erstwhile a download is finished.

Once a download is done, Android volition notify you – usually astatine the apical portion of your surface – that it has so finished downloading the file.

Tapping connected this notification volition either unfastened the record straight with an associated app oregon unfastened the folder wherever it is saved.

This is 1 of the easiest ways to find and unfastened your downloaded files connected Android.

2. Find downloads from the File Manager App

Modern smartphones volition usually travel with a banal record manager app that your shaper has installed into the operating strategy for casual us\e. Not each record manager apps are created equally, of course, but they should fto you bash astatine slightest 1 happening – that is, entree your phone’s record strategy and look astatine what files are there.

File manager apps volition not beryllium named the aforesaid crossed each phones either, but they volition person comparatively recognizable names specified arsenic “My Files”, “Files”, “Folders”, “My Folders” oregon adjacent conscionable plain aged “File Manager”. The icon volition besides beryllium recognizable – a record folder oregon an envelope-shaped icon.

Samsung MyfilesManufacturers usually instal a banal record manager app.

Tap connected this app and find the “Downloads” folder. This should beryllium casual to do, arsenic record manager apps thin to show folders alphabetically. Once you’ve located the Downloads folder, pat connected it to entree the files within.

You volition request an associated app to unfastened oregon entree the record you downloaded. For example, a PDF papers needs a PDF scholar app of immoderate benignant installed connected your phone. An representation volition usually trigger your phone’s banal representation spectator app oregon the Gallery app.

Make definite you person the close app to entree the record you conscionable downloaded.

3. Use a 3rd enactment app

If for immoderate crushed you can’t find wherever your banal record manager app is – if the icon got hidden somehow, oregon worse, the app got uninstalled – don’t worry, arsenic determination are inactive different ways to find wherever your downloads are.

You tin install a third-party record manager app from the Google Play Store, wherever you mightiness beryllium overwhelmed astatine the fig of apps you tin perchance instal erstwhile you hunt for “file manager”. Allow maine to marque 2 recommendations.

ES File Explorer

One of the much fashionable record manager apps is the ES File Explorer. You tin download this and past usage it arsenic your record manager app. You tin present find your Downloads folder utilizing this app, arsenic it besides has a substance hunt function.

ES File Explorer ScreenES File Explorer is simply a record manager app with added features.

That said, the app is free-to-download, truthful it volition amusement you ads from clip to time. That shouldn’t beryllium a large problem. ES File Explorer besides has added features that you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not want. It is simply a coagulated record manager app, and we tin urge it for the task astatine hand.

Google Play button

FX File Explorer

Another coagulated record manager app is FX File Explorer, which I tin urge to you with each the bully things I’ve seen from it by utilizing it personally. The app is escaped to use, but it has virtually zero ads, which is ever a bully thing.

FX File Explorer ScreenFX File Explorer is 1 of the much coagulated record manager apps retired there.

It provides a much feature-rich record manager, thing that the much technically savvy volition appreciate. For the task astatine hand, it is much than susceptible to amusement you wherever your downloads are.

Google Play button

4. Find downloads connected Chrome

Say that you downloaded an representation a fewer days back, and you whitethorn person accidentally deleted it. You tin inactive easy get that representation backmost – oregon immoderate different download you did connected the Chrome browser – for that substance due to the fact that the Chrome app remembers your downloads.

Chrome DownloadsLocate Chrome’s Downloads conception from the menu.

Open up the Chrome browser app, which astir radical usage arsenic their default smartphone net browser. Tap connected the paper fastener to the near of the code barroom (the 3 dots button), and past pat connected Downloads.

Chrome Recently Downloaded FilesThe database volition amusement each of Chrome’s precocious downloaded files.

The pursuing paper volition amusement you each your caller downloads, and you tin conscionable pat connected 1 to re-download it. There’s besides an enactment to benignant the items connected this paper by benignant – that is if the record is simply a document, an audio file, a video file, oregon an image.

5. Find downloads utilizing Windows

Nothing similar harnessing a much robust (and familiar) operating strategy to find what you’re looking for.

If connecting your Android instrumentality to your Windows machine is easier for you, past you tin besides usage this to find the Downloads folder successful Android.

Huawei Screen WindowsYou tin usage your Windows machine to find your downloads.

Connect your Android instrumentality to your machine utilizing your smartphone’s USB cable. Plug into a USB larboard connected your machine and hold for your machine to judge the connection.

Using the Windows Explorer program, you tin navigate to your Android instrumentality and find the “Download” folder. The record you’re looking for should beryllium easy locatable astatine this point. You tin adjacent prevention the said record connected your machine if you privation to usage it astatine immoderate different time.

6. Open downloads from Google Drive

Personally, I judge this is the easiest method to find and unfastened downloaded files connected Android. If you are already utilizing Google’s suite of apps, you’d decidedly beryllium alert of the convenience of utilizing Google Drive.

Not lone the downloads, adjacent the files from Google apps similar Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.., automatically get saved successful the Drive and you tin entree them connected the go.

To unfastened downloads from Google Drive, unfastened the Google Drive app. Locate the ‘Files’ class astatine the bottommost right. Here, you’ll find each your files on with the Downloads. If you retrieve the sanction of the file, usage the hunt barroom to easy find the downloaded record oregon scroll done the files and find it.

Google thrust  screenshot Find and unfastened the downloads from Google Drive > Files

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How bash I delete my downloaded files connected Android?

Once you’ve located the downloads folder utilizing immoderate of the methods I’ve listed for you above, deleting your downloads is simply a spot easier.

In your record manager app (whichever you whitethorn beryllium using) you tin property down connected the record you privation to delete. Options volition past appear, including 1 that volition let you to delete the said file.

Holding down connected a circumstantial record volition besides trigger Android’s aggregate enactment process. This is adjuvant if you privation to delete aggregate files. Just marque definite you prime each the files you privation to delete from the folder and past deed the Delete icon up top.

How bash I unfastened downloads connected Samsung?

Look for My Files app successful the Samsung folder connected your Samsung phone. All the files are stored successful My Files including the Downloads. If you find trouble locating the app, usage the hunt bar.

How bash I unfastened downloads successful Chrome?

In the Chrome app, pat the Kebab paper (three dots) located connected the apical close country of the screen. Locate ‘Downloads’ and pat connected it. You’ll find each your Chrome downloads nether My Files section.


I recognize that uncovering your mode astir the Android operating strategy mightiness look somewhat daunting astatine first. If you’re jumping connected to Android from an Apple device, this is wholly understandable.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not doable, though. It mightiness look that your downloads conscionable vanished from your device, particularly if you’re the benignant who swipes done notifications astir absent-mindedly.

These methods are adjuvant to get you backmost connected way and find the downloaded files you request to access. Let america cognize successful the comments conception which method worked for you.

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