7 Video Ad Ideas for your Graduation Marketing Campaign

7 Video Ad Ideas for your Graduation Marketing Campaign

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Graduation play is an breathtaking clip for grads and their families; the graduation enactment invitations travel flooding in, grads are flooded with tense excitement, and their families are filled with pride. In 2022, it’s projected that implicit 3.8 cardinal students successful the US unsocial are expected to postgraduate with a Bachelor’s, Associate’s, oregon Master’s grade and different 3 cardinal students are projected to postgraduate from precocious school. Not lone are students looking to footwear disconnected their collegiate years with a decked-out dorm and marque caller laptop, household members are connected the hunt for cleanable acquisition to congratulate their grads.

No substance your industry, graduation play is simply a selling accidental that you won’t privation to miss. Keep speechmaking for graduation selling ideas to assistance you scope caller grads and the radical looking to congratulate them with a gift.

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Making the lawsuit for graduation marketing

For galore marketers, graduation advertizing isn’t connected the radar. Graduation ceremonies usually instrumentality spot from precocious May to aboriginal June. While the graduation ceremonial play is pinned betwixt Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, graduation parties hap each passim the summertime into mid-August.

According to the National Retail Federation, the magnitude consumers are consenting to walk connected graduation gifts continues to rise. In 2021, consumers spent an mean of $119.44 connected a azygous gift, and 2022’s full spending is expected astatine $5.9 billion. Cash continues to beryllium the astir commonly talented item, but acquisition cards, apparel, and electronics are rising to the occasion.

While different holidays are constricted to a azygous day, graduation play is, well, a season. Though it’s champion to commencement your selling run earlier commencement day, you tin easy reuse contented and spot it successful betwixt different summertime holidays erstwhile your calendar is empty. You tin archer a stronger communicative and amusement each the ways that your merchandise volition travel successful useful for caller grads with video. Continue speechmaking for 7 graduation video ideas and easy-to-use templates to assistance you get started.

Graduation Marketing Ideas

1) Share the details of graduation promos

Have a promo conscionable for grads? Share it with the Promo Offer for Graduation template. This template is simply a large acceptable for promotions immoderate clip passim the graduation season. Simply adhd your merchandise photos and customize the substance to marque it your own.

2) Say congrats to the people of ‘22

Build up the anticipation for graduation time with footage of tassles turning and caps flying! The Class of 2022 template is casual to customize for an upcoming promotion. Make a beardown entreaty with the almighty euphony and graduation footage successful the video past extremity it with a congratulation, promo code, oregon hashtag from your graduation selling campaign.

3) Grow your assemblage with a grads-only giveaway

Giveaways are a large mode to scope a caller assemblage and summation your engagement successful a abbreviated magnitude of time. According to a survey by Tailwind, “Instagram contests get 3.5 times arsenic galore likes and 64 times much comments connected mean than regular posts.” Create a giveaway for caller grads and stock the quality with the Giveaway Offer template.

4) Stop shoppers mid-scroll with a trendy promo video

As graduates commencement to cod each their graduation checks, drawback their attraction with the Short Trendy Promo template. With agleam colors, upbeat music, and plentifulness of opportunities to stock merchandise shots, this video volition halt anyone mid-scroll. This video works good successful Instagram and Facebook stories, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

5) Promote gift-worthy gifts for grads

Have a merchandise that would marque a large acquisition for a grad? Get much eyes connected your merchandise with the Bite-sized Product Intro template. Customize it with your merchandise photos and videos and see a beardown call-to-action truthful customers tin get their gifts successful clip for the grad party.

6) Tell your assemblage astir acquisition paper options

In 2021, acquisition cards were the 3rd astir fashionable acquisition for caller grads. Use the Simple Gift Card Ad template to fto your assemblage cognize astir acquisition paper options and amusement each the products grads tin acquisition with them.

7) Make your own

Have different thought successful caput for the people of ‘22? Start from scratch to marque a video that is 100% unsocial to you and your brand. You tin incorporated immoderate of the themes from supra portion choosing the animations, colors, fonts, music, and transitions that champion archer your story. Click the “Start from scratch” fastener connected the templates page oregon ticker the video beneath to commencement creating from quadrate one.

Get started now

While different brands whitethorn place graduation season, determination are plentifulness of reasons wherefore it should instrumentality up abstraction connected your selling calendar. With Animoto, you tin physique a graduation selling strategy that’s definite to drawback the attraction of caller grads and each their grad enactment invitees.

Check retired what different businesses are doing this graduation play and stock your videos successful our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.