80% of organizations will have hyperautomation on their technology roadmap by 2024

80% of organizations will have hyperautomation on their technology roadmap by 2024

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The request for automation from concern teams has accrued implicit the past 2 years. 


Demand for automation has surged crossed each industries, but existing architectures are slowing progress, and 80% of organizations are acrophobic astir supporting automation programs, according to caller probe from Salesforce and Vanson Bourne. To recognize however IT is approaching these automation demands and challenges, Salesforce commissioned a planetary survey of 600 CIOs and IT decision-makers. 

Here are immoderate of the cardinal findings from Salesforce 600 CIO and IT enactment automation survey research: 

  • 91% of organizations accidental that request for automation from concern teams has accrued implicit the past 2 years.
  • The highest request for automation came from probe and improvement (39%), administrative/operations (38%), lawsuit work (33%), and selling (26%) teams.
  • Nearly each (96%) of respondents said that modifying and rebuilding automation is simply a situation arsenic systems and concern requirements change. 
  • 80% of organizations accidental it is apt they volition compound method indebtedness erstwhile restructuring applications and information landscapes to enactment automation.
  • Only 44% of organizations are afloat utilizing integration and API absorption capabilities to assistance automate concern processes.
  • Hyperautomation is simply a cardinal precedence for CIOs. The survey reveals that 80% of organizations volition person hyperautomation connected their exertion roadmap wrong the adjacent 24 months. What is hyperautomation? Hyperautomation is simply a business-driven, disciplined attack that organizations usage to rapidly identify, vet, and automate arsenic galore concern and IT processes arsenic possible. Hyperautomation involves the orchestrated usage of aggregate technologies, tools oregon platforms.

Automation is astatine the bosom of integer transformation. Businesses contiguous are burdened by silos, aggregate process automation tools, and disconnected systems. Research shows that worker restitution increases arsenic a effect of automation successful the workplace. Research besides shows that hyperautomation unlocks integer value and productivity, accelerates time‑to‑market, and transforms worker and lawsuit experiences. The probe besides identified the value of composable architectures. As the unit to innovate faster continues to rise, organizations volition question adjacent greater agility, starring to an accrued thrust to composable and event‑driven architectures.

The businesses that are capable to leverage low-code oregon no-code technologies for workflow automation are capable to admit the powerfulness of integer translation arsenic an enabler for greater efficiency, velocity to value, little outgo of development, and summation successful organizational output. The operator for much automation successful concern is based connected the request to empower employees to amended service customers and partners; this is achieved by automating simple, repetitive tasks -- and successful truthful doing, powering palmy experiences, some virtually and in-person, crossed ever-expanding touchpoints. The companies that volition win and triumph successful a digital-first system are businesses that are afloat committed to advancing their automation capabilities crossed each lines-of-business