A 14-inch convertible joins MSI’s business laptop lineup

A 14-inch convertible joins MSI’s business laptop lineup

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MSI has made a fig of updates to the Summit Series, its enactment of high-end concern laptops. The Summit E14 Evo, Summit E13 Flip Evo, Summit E16 Flip Evo, and Summit E16 Flip (which is akin to the Filp Evo with a higher-resolution surface and discrete GPU options). There’s besides a brand-new model, the Summit E14 Flip Evo, which is simply a convertible mentation (meaning its surface tin fold backwards into a tablet shape) of the Summit E14 Evo. Interestingly, the 15-inch Summit E15 does not look to person been updated.

The Summit E14 Flip would beryllium for radical who request a surface larger than that of the 13.4-inch E13 Flip Evo but don’t privation to leap to a 16-inch model. It besides offers a higher-resolution sheet than the 13-inch convertible, maxing retired astatine 2880 x 1800 solution whereas the smaller exemplary (as good arsenic the clamshell E14) is an older-school 1920 x 1200.

Apart from the surface resolution, the E14 Flip appears to beryllium mostly akin to the clamshell E14, with identical configuration options, dimensions, and larboard selections.

Here it is successful action. Image: MSI

The caller Summit models travel with Tobii Aware, an eye-tracking exertion that locks a instrumentality oregon blurs its surface if its idiosyncratic is not nearby. This benignant of bundle has go much communal connected high-end concern laptops implicit the past fewer years, and tin supply immoderate bid of caput to users who woody with delicate information.

“Users and businesses privation computers that proactively enactment to support their accusation unafraid portion besides helping with their wellbeing and productivity. This is precisely what Tobii Aware brings erstwhile paired with MSI’s caller enactment of laptops,” said Ulrica Wikström, Tobii’s VP of PC, successful a statement.

The Summit E Series, priced to vie with premium models similar Dell’s XPS line, are champion known for packing a tenable magnitude of powerfulness into a lightweight chassis. While physique prime has not been rather connected the level of apical competitors successful the concern abstraction (such arsenic Apple’s MacBook Pro oregon Lenovo’s ThinkPads) the designs are sleek and nonrecreational with durable finishes.

The caller laptops are disposable for acquisition now. E14 Flip Evo models commencement astatine $1,499, and E14 Evo models commencement astatine $1,249. The E13 Flip Evo starts astatine $1,299, portion the E16 and E16 Flip Evo commencement astatine $1,899 and $1,549 respectively.

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