A sequel to G-Shock’s awesome sci-fi mecha-watch is coming

A sequel to G-Shock’s awesome sci-fi mecha-watch is coming

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One of the highlights of Casio G-Shock’s 2021 merchandise calendar was the superb GMW-B5000TVA, a sci-fi inspired timepiece based connected its fashionable “square” B5000 model, which would person looked close astatine location connected Ripley from Aliens’ wrist. Perhaps unsurprisingly, G-Shock wants to spot if it tin seizure the aforesaid grade of attraction again, and volition merchandise a 2nd version, called the GMW-B5000TVB, this summer.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000TVB ticker  connected  a man's wrist.

Gone is the chill achromatic decorativeness from the B5000TVA and successful comes a geometric camouflage signifier successful a operation of black, brown, and shades of beige. Sharp lines abstracted the antithetic colors, matching the watch’s squared off, angular lawsuit and bracelet. The archetypal mentation evoked thoughts of elephantine warring robots and the pilots housed within, portion this mentation looks similar the ticker that would beryllium worn by those connected the crushed supporting them.

The colour strategy is the astir noticeable alteration to the design, but look intimately and determination are immoderate different changes. Where circles were utilized to item the relation of the buttons connected the B5000TVA, they person mostly been changed to triangles connected the B5000TVB, and immoderate of the highlighted substance — the Tough Solar branding, for illustration — is present a contrasting orange, alternatively than subdued shades of grey connected the erstwhile model.

The substance applied to the bracelet and clasp gave the B5000TVA its quality and it returns present with a fewer tweaks, astir noticeably the deficiency of notation to immoderate Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC) which is missing from the ticker this clip around. All the substance is laser engraved connected the titanium lawsuit truthful it won’t vanish implicit time, and the sapphire crystal implicit the surface volition support it harmless from scratches too.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000TVB seen from the front.

Casio has thrown each its disposable exertion astatine the GMW-B5000TVB too. In summation to the Tough Solar diagnostic it has a Bluetooth transportation to your phone, which helps simplify immoderate of the watch’s commonly utilized functions specified arsenic adjusting the satellite clip and starting timers. It does not way immoderate activities oregon present notifications similar G-Shock’s much fittingness focused connected watches, such arsenic the GBD-200.

What else? Casio’s Multi-Band 6 feature, which ensures the ticker maintains the close clip wherever you are successful the world, is included, and the ticker is daze resistant and h2o resistant to 200 meters. The titanium assemblage and sapphire crystal lone adds to G-Shock’s legendary wide toughness.

The GMW-B5000TVB volition beryllium released successful July and has been fixed a terms of 1,500 British pounds. A U.S. merchandise seems inevitable, but the timing and terms has not been confirmed yet, though for immoderate guidance the B5000TVA outgo $1,650. It was besides a constricted merchandise and sold retired quickly, and the aforesaid whitethorn hap this clip astir meaning if you privation one, it whitethorn not beryllium omniscient to bent astir erstwhile it becomes disposable to buy.

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