Activision Blizzard board votes to re-elect Bobby Kotick as CEO

Activision Blizzard board votes to re-elect Bobby Kotick as CEO

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During a shareholder meeting, the committee astatine Activision Blizzard voted to re-elect Bobby Kotick arsenic CEO.

As elaborate successful the authoritative filing for the yearly gathering of stockholders, 1 of the proposals voted connected was connected which directors would beryllium elected to service different term, including Bobby Kotick successful the relation of CEO. Despite the controversies and ongoing litigation concerning workplace harassment centered astir him, Kotick received implicit 533,000,000 votes successful favour of re-election with little than 63,000,000 voting against him.

Activision Blizzard and Kotick person been nether occurrence for galore allegations regarding workplace harassment, with galore shareholders and employees calling for his resignation. This quality besides comes conscionable aft an interior probe by the company’s ain committee recovered “no evidence” of executives ignoring worker harassment.

This ballot volition let Kotick to service 1 much twelvemonth arsenic the company’s CEO unless helium resigns oregon is removed, which whitethorn beryllium imaginable erstwhile the buyout from Microsoft is finalized and CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer takes control.

Along with Kotick’s re-election, the committee volition besides clasp a ballot connected creating a study connected their investigations of harassment successful their company. However, adjacent if shareholders bash ballot for specified a report, Activision Blizzard is nether nary work to really nutrient one.

After truthful galore individuals person spoken retired astir the systemic issues wrong Activision Blizzard, galore of which name Kotick and different high-ranking members of Activision Blizzard specifically, seeing Kotick getting re-elected is simply a large stroke for those who hoped to spot the CEO held accountable for what reportedly transpired astatine the institution nether his leadership.

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