Alan Wake gets an AMC show, Switch port, and sequel update

Alan Wake gets an AMC show, Switch port, and sequel update

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Remedy Entertainment released a heap of Alan Wake quality today, successful solemnisation of the series’ 12th anniversary. For starters, Alan Wake Remastered will travel to Nintendo Switch aboriginal successful 2022. In addition, the workplace has announced a concern with AMC for the Alan Wake TV show, and revealed that it volition not beryllium releasing a trailer for Alan Wake 2 this summer.

Alan Wake Remastered — which launched for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC successful 2021 — is successful improvement for Nintendo Switch and volition motorboat digitally for the level successful autumn 2022. Remedy explains the crippled volition tally connected the console natively (as opposed to via the cloud). The institution said it volition supply an update connected the Switch mentation “in the coming months.”

Happy 12th day to #AlanWake!

We got some halves of Alan Wake and @SamLakeRMD unneurotic to speech astir the past and aboriginal Mr Wake, and bring you updates connected Alan Wake Remastered and Alan Wake 2.

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— Alan Wake (@alanwake) May 12, 2022

When Alan Wake 2 was announced successful December 2021, Remedy confirmed it would amusement much of the upcoming crippled during the summertime of 2022, providing an update connected its development. However, the institution volition nary longer people a trailer oregon demo for the forthcoming sequel this summer, explaining that it needs much clip to get it right.

“Everything with Alan Wake 2 improvement is going truly well,” said Creative Director Sam Lake. “To make a proper, polished demo oregon a trailer takes a batch of effort, and it’s respective months of enactment that could instrumentality distant from development,” Lake added. It’s unclear erstwhile the developer volition amusement disconnected much of Alan Wake 2, but it’s imaginable we’ll spot much by the extremity of the year.

Finally, Remedy provided an update successful regards to the upcoming Alan Wake TV show, announcing a concern with AMC Network. The web — champion known for Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead — has acquired the rights to the Alan Wake TV series. “There’s inactive a agelong mode to spell for the bid to go a reality, but we are excited, to accidental the least, astir this latest development,” Remedy said.

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