Alibaba is turning its mountains of data into a whole new business

Alibaba is turning its mountains of data into a whole new business

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(Image credit: Alibaba)

Chinese ecommerce behemoth Alibaba has spun retired a subsidiary, called Lingyang Intelligent Service Company, which it says volition connection “enterprise integer quality services”.

The caller concern portion could perchance vie with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP successful the business intelligence space.

Though it’s online retail part whitethorn beryllium amended known successful the west, it’s not the archetypal clip that Alibaba has laid its sights connected conquering parts of the IT world; its unreality computing part is among the astir palmy successful the world.

What volition the caller concern do?

Lingyang volition “focus connected the customer's position and assistance enterprises thrust businesslike decision-making and beforehand maturation done information quality successful multi-platform operations”, according to reports from Chinese work DoNews.

What Lingyang wants to do, explained Peng Xinyu, VP of Alibaba Group and CEO of the caller entity, is "not software-as-a-service (SaaS), but data-as-a-service (DaaS) ", contrasting this attack with different SaaS solutions, astir of which helium said are aimed astatine solving “single constituent problems” and “are constricted to workflow transformation”.

With good implicit a cardinal users worldwide, Alibaba has plentifulness of existing information that’s acceptable to leverage.

Lingyang undertakes “the important task of transforming the integer capabilities accumulated by Alibaba Group successful the fields of depletion into intelligent products and services”, said Zhang Yong, Alibaba CEO.

Lingyang volition person 5 large merchandise lines - Analysis Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Production and Sales Cloud, Customer Service Cloud and Development Cloud - and 11 halfway products, including Dataphin, Bizphin, Quick Audience, Quick BI, Business Advisor, and Operation Advisor.

Alibaba said the caller division’s squad has been integrated and upgraded from wrong aggregate halfway departments wrong the organization.

The squad has seemingly antecedently worked connected integer quality projects specified arsenic Alibaba's Double 11 Data Big Screen and 88VIP members, and has served LVMH and Hyundai Doosan, arsenic good arsenic companies specified arsenic Star Macalline, Xiaopeng Motors, Robam Electric and Haidilao.

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