Alien: Isolation studio is making a shooter about stealing Sega merch from the rich

Alien: Isolation studio is making a shooter about stealing Sega merch from the rich

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Sega has announced Hyenas, a flashy, caller sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter that comes courtesy of European developer Creative Assembly, the creator of Total War and Alien: Isolation.

Hyenas stole the amusement astatine IGN’s Summer of Gaming showcase connected Wednesday, showing disconnected a trailer packed with gunfights connected the crushed and successful zero gravity — arsenic good arsenic immoderate Sega Easter eggs. The crippled pits 5 teams of 3 against each different arsenic they sprout and bargain their mode to go the champion abstraction pirates successful the universe.

In Hyenas, billionaires instrumentality disconnected for Mars, destroying Earth successful the process and taking each the uncommon pop-culture merchandise with them successful their spaceship buying malls filled with the merch stolen from Earth’s remains, leaving mean people citizens drifting done abstraction successful a slum called the Taint. Players are tasked with assembling their unit of uniquely skilled and equipped criminals to interruption into the Plunderships, exploit their environments, bargain each the nostalgic merch that’s rightfully theirs — similar the Rubix cube and a Sonic the Hedgehog keychain — and flight with their haul without getting caught by security.

To guarantee that Hyenas is the champion shooter crippled it tin be, Sega launched the archetypal question of nationalist alpha tests for players to sign up for aft the game’s announcement.

“We judge the cardinal to modern shooter occurrence is knowing what players privation to spot and wherever they privation to instrumentality their experience. We cognize we’ve got thing absorbing connected our hands, but we besides cognize the likelihood are stacked against us,” Hyenas enforcement shaper David Nicholson said successful a property release. “To instrumentality connected the biggest games successful the industry, we request to perceive what players think, close upfront and early. If you’re in, we privation to instrumentality you on for the ride.”

Since destroying capitalism is simply a moving taxable of Hyenas, the crippled won’t person immoderate microtransactions. Any different details astir what the crippled volition see volition beryllium revealed successful owed time.

Hyenas volition merchandise connected PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S,  Xbox One, and PC successful 2023.

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