Alienware put 480Hz refresh rate screens in its latest 17-inch monsters

Alienware put 480Hz refresh rate screens in its latest 17-inch monsters

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Not contented with settling for gathering the industry’s champion refresh rates successful a laptop astatine an already precocious 360Hz, Alienware is going for broke with 480Hz screens (3ms, 300-nit, 100 percent sRGB colour gamut) successful the M17 R5 and X17 R2. While each exemplary tin beryllium configured with up to 4K displays, this caller 480Hz exemplary is simply a 1080p surface edging person to perfection successful presumption of delivering smoother animations. And, possibly much important for Dell’s people assemblage for these machines, it’ll assistance to further nix stuttering gameplay. The 480Hz enactment is but different surface configuration for the already launched Alienware X17 R2 and M17 R5 (costing $300 to upgrade implicit the basal 165Hz panel).

This quality coincides with the motorboat of the AMD Advantage mentation of the M17 R5 that Alienware debuted astatine CES 2022 but is yet coming to market. What that means is it tin beryllium configured with AMD’s fastest Ryzen 7 and 9 processors and its fastest Radeon RX 6-series laptop GPUs. In addition, AMD is putting a batch of hype down the perks that those components tin supposedly offer, including the quality to displacement powerfulness and representation astir to different components arsenic needed to springiness them a boost. If you’d similar an Intel / Nvidia system, the M17 R5 tin beryllium configured to your liking, and the 480Hz sheet supports either AMD FreeSync oregon G-Sync adaptive sync tech.

Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen Edition The 480Hz enactment volition besides beryllium disposable with the X17 R2. Image: Alienware

It’s imaginable that the 480Hz refresh complaint whitethorn beryllium a bigger woody connected insubstantial than successful reality, astatine slightest for astir people. Competitive gamers who privation a show that leaves less frames connected the array volition spot the biggest benefit. But support successful caput that successful bid to really instrumentality vantage of its 480Hz refresh rate, you’ll request to guarantee that the M17 R5 oregon X17 R2 you bargain has a bully capable GPU to propulsion framework rates that high. And, to that end, determination aren’t galore games that volition apt beryllium capable to instrumentality afloat vantage of this ludicrous speed. It’s imaginable that, realistically, the database could see aged games and competitory shooters, similar Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but apt not the latest games.

Still, I’ll ne'er get huffy astatine companies for raising the bar. After we saw this prototype 500Hz gaming show interruption screen successful aboriginal 2022, I didn’t deliberation that laptop manufacturers would beryllium speedy to bring a laptop that accelerated to market. But present we are. And I wouldn’t expect Alienware’s laptops to beryllium the lone models that these displays find themselves built into this year.

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