All the new Chromebook features quietly announced at Google I/O

All the new Chromebook features quietly announced at Google I/O

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At the yearly Google I/O developer conference, Google announced respective caller features coming to Chrome OS aboriginal this year. The bulk are designed to bring Android phones and Chromebooks person unneurotic with cross-device synergies similar connection and app streaming.

As discussed successful a 23-minute-long breakout league video, 1 of the apical talked-about features coming to Chrome OS soon is Camera Roll. With this one, you tin unfastened and stock caller photos from your Android telephone connected your Chromebook. It volition beryllium coming “later this year” and volition unrecorded successful the Chrome OS Phone Hub. From there, you tin simply resistance and driblet the listed photos arsenic needed.

The Chrome OS Camera Roll Feature.Google

The different large Chrome OS diagnostic Google discussed is connection and app streaming. Coming “later this year,” this is simply a caller mode to entree messaging and different connection apps from an Android 13 telephone connected each Chromebooks without reinstalling the app connected a Chromebook.

When describing the feature, Google said that if you’re penning an email connected your Chromebook, you’ll beryllium capable to respond to messages by opening your telephone chat app connected your device. Your Chromebook volition reflector that app, successful an unfastened model from Phone Hub, and amusement you the contented precisely arsenic you person it connected your phone.

Capping retired the database of large features is 1 known arsenic Fast Pair. As the sanction suggests, it is designed truthful your Chromebook tin seamlessly observe and link to compatible headsets, headphones, and earbuds with 1 tap. Google believes this diagnostic tin assistance you debar losing audio and debar going done further setup erstwhile moving betwixt antithetic audio devices.

The connection  app streaming connected  a Chromebook.Google

As for app developers, Google is moving connected a caller app find service. This has 3 goals: Elevated app discovery, accordant app experiences, and unchangeable app fidelity. For you, this means uncovering apps much easy done curated collections, including Linux, Android, and accepted web apps. The app find work volition beryllium powered by instrumentality learning and volition beryllium tailored to factors similar idiosyncratic preferences, benignant of device, signifier factors, and computing power, according to Chrome Unboxed.

Google’s developer video besides dives into immoderate absorbing Chromebook stats, with Google claiming that Chromebooks are the fig 1 instrumentality successful K-12 education. Other stats revealed that determination were 20% much monthly progressive Chromebook endeavor users than successful 2021. There are besides much than 75 caller Chromebook models planned for merchandise successful 2022, per Google’s data.

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