Alleged Pixel 7 prototype hits eBay months ahead of the phone’s official release

Alleged Pixel 7 prototype hits eBay months ahead of the phone’s official release

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An alleged prototype of Google’s upcoming Pixel 7 smartphone has been posted connected eBay, giving america our archetypal look astatine the caller telephone successful the chaotic months up of its scheduled autumn merchandise (via Android guru Mishaal Rahman).

Google conscionable revealed the telephone a fewer weeks agone astatine Google I/O, and what we tin spot successful the prototype matches up with what Google has already shown. The distinctive camera barroom is back, and this twelvemonth it’s an aluminum barroom with cutouts for the cameras. And the alleged prototype’s casing is simply a heavy achromatic that looks conscionable similar 1 of the colors Google showed disconnected astatine I/O.

One of Google’s authoritative Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro images — including that heavy black. Image: Google

The eBay listing includes a fewer photos of the front, back, and sides of the device, though there’s not overmuch to spot that you can’t already spot connected Google’s authoritative renders. A photograph of the telephone turned connected shows it has 128GB of storage, which suggests Google volition erstwhile again beryllium offering a 128GB exemplary arsenic an enactment for the last phone. A screenshot says that the phone’s exemplary is GVU6C. And 1 photograph indicates that this eBay seller whitethorn person gotten their hands connected a Pixel 7 Pro arsenic well, arsenic you tin drawback the reflection of what looks to beryllium the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera barroom connected the backmost of the Pixel 7 prototype.

We’ve collected images from the eBay listing into the assemblage below, if you privation to scrutinize them for yourself:

In messages with The Verge, the seller claims they bought the Pixel 7 prototype from a wholesaler without knowing what it was. The seller says they realized it was a Pixel 7 aft doing probe and seeing pictures that seemed similar the telephone they had. They besides accidental they had a Pixel 7 Pro, but sold it already.

The listing has been closed, truthful you won’t beryllium capable to drawback up this instrumentality for your collection. There were nary bids for the prototype, and the starting bid was $450. Google didn’t instantly reply to a petition for comment.

This Pixel 7 listing is conscionable the latest large pre-release leak of a Pixel device, which has a past of astonishment appearances dating backmost to the precise archetypal telephone to transportation the name. A prototype of a Pixel Watch was seemingly recovered astatine a edifice soon earlier the smartwatch’s announcement astatine I/O. A notation of the Pixel 6A appeared successful a coloring publication each the mode backmost successful January. Somebody filmed what appeared to beryllium a Pixel 6 Pro trial unit a fewer weeks earlier Google officially launched the device. I could go on.

Unfortunately, we’ll apt beryllium waiting a fewer months earlier Google shares much astir the Pixel 7. The phones aren’t acceptable to get until the fall, and if past years are immoderate indication, we should expect immoderate benignant of motorboat lawsuit successful October. Until then, these photos from eBay mightiness beryllium our champion look astatine the upcoming phone... well, until it inevitably leaks again.