Amazon has officially filed its objections to the union win in New York

Amazon has officially filed its objections to the union win in New York

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Amazon has officially filed its objections to the Amazon Labor Union’s win successful Staten Island, New York, and is asking the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to bid a caller election. The objections grow upon a papers the institution precocious submitted that signaled its intent to combat the predetermination results — the institution present says that ALU members “intimidated employees,” “recorded voters successful the polling place,” and “distributed marijuana to employees successful speech for their support,” according to an excerpt posted by Financial Times reporter Dave Lee.

The afloat ailment was not instantly disposable from the NLRB connected Friday. The Amazon Labor Union didn’t instantly reply to The Verge’s petition for comment.

In a connection emailed to The Verge, Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said: “Based connected the grounds we’ve seen truthful far, arsenic acceptable retired successful our objections, we judge that the actions of the NLRB and the ALU improperly suppressed and influenced the vote, and we deliberation the predetermination should beryllium conducted again truthful that a just and broadly typical ballot tin beryllium had.”

Amazon was not capable to supply The Verge with a transcript of its objections. The institution precocious requested that the NLRB springiness it much clip to stitchery evidence, which it was granted — it volition person to supply documentation to the bureau by April 22nd.

In the complaint, the institution says that the NLRB “failed to support the integrity and neutrality of its procedures,” according to Bloomberg. In the papers filed Wednesday, Amazon objected to “frivolous unfair labour signifier charges against Amazon.” The NLRB has filed respective complaints and lawsuits against Amazon, claiming that the institution fired workers successful retaliation for organization and that representatives for the institution intimidated and surveilled workers.

“The NLRB is an autarkic national bureau that Congress has charged with enforcing the National Labor Relations Act. All NLRB enforcement actions against Amazon person been accordant with that Congressional mandate,” said Kayla Blado, a spokesperson for the NLRB, successful an email to The Verge.

Amazon cites precedent successful its petition to overturn the predetermination results. In its filing, the institution says: “The actions of some the Region and the ALU are substantially much egregious than the installation of a mailbox by the United States Postal Service that the Board concluded destroyed and interfered with laboratory conditions successful Amazon’s landslide predetermination victory” during the national thrust successful Bessemer, Alabama. The institution continues, saying “the Region and ALU’s improper actions present warrant astatine slightest the aforesaid result.”

Last year, aft workers astatine Amazon’s Bessemer installation voted against unionization astir 2 to one, the NLRB ruled that the institution had broken labour instrumentality during the election. The regulator said that Amazon’s “unilateral determination to origin the United States Postal Service... to instal a generic unlabeled message postulation container little than 50 feet from the main entranceway to its facility” “usurped the [NLRB’s] exclusive relation successful administering Union elections.”