Amazon Labor Union says it has NLRB go-ahead for second NYC election

Amazon Labor Union says it has NLRB go-ahead for second NYC election

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Amazon employees astatine the Staten Island LDJ5 warehouse person reportedly gotten the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) support to proceed with unionization efforts, according to the Amazon Labor Union, aft the workers filed a petition to unionize successful February. According to a screenshot posted by Vice newsman Lauren Kaori Gurley, Amazon has acknowledged the determination successful a connection sent to employees done its A to Z app.

The Amazon Labor Union, oregon ALU, has been moving to unionize the installation for a portion — successful October it filed a petition to unionize Amazon’s facilities connected Staten Island, but aboriginal refiled that petition to absorption connected a azygous warehouse, JFK8. Workers astatine JFK8 person since gotten approval to clasp an predetermination starting connected March 25th. After the ALU filed a petition for LDJ5, the NLRB said it would corroborate it “met the showing of involvement request to proceed with a national election.”

Here's confirmation connection that Amazon conscionable texted to its workers successful Staten Island with Amazon's emblematic rhetoric astir what unions can't do.

— Lauren Kaori Gurley (@LaurenKGurley) March 3, 2022

A spokesperson for the NLRB could not instantly corroborate that the support had been granted, and Amazon did not instantly reply to The Verge’s petition for comment. However, the ALU claims it’s received that approval. Based connected the process for JFK8, the adjacent measurement volition beryllium an NLRB hearing, aft which specifics and dates for the predetermination would beryllium decided.

Amazon has antecedently been accused of anti-union actions successful New York, with the NLRB alleging that it threatened, surveilled, and interrogated workers.

There are 2 different Amazon facilities progressive successful national elections. In summation to JFK8, Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama installation recently held its predetermination redo, aft the NLRB decided that Amazon had interfered with the archetypal one. Election officials for the Bessemer national thrust are scheduled to commencement counting votes connected March 28th, according to NPR. In the archetypal election, the ballot was 1,798 to 738 in Amazon’s favor.

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