Amazon Opens First 'Just Walk Out' Whole Foods Store in D.C.

Amazon Opens First 'Just Walk Out' Whole Foods Store in D.C.

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Amazon has brought its Just Walk Out exertion to a Whole Foods store successful Washington, D.C.

Just Walk Out is simply a cashierless strategy that uses a assortment of sensors to support way of each merchandise a imaginable lawsuit picks up and either puts down oregon decides to purchase. Amazon said successful September 2021 that it would present the exertion successful 2 stores this year, and present it's disposable astatine the Glover Park Whole Foods connected Wisconsin Ave. successful D.C.

The strategy is technically a small much progressive than conscionable picking things up and walking retired with them. Amazon explains that shoppers person to scan a outgo method of choice—including a recognition card, Amazon One, oregon the Amazon and Whole Foods apps—when they participate and exit.

That's inactive faster than going done a checkout line, however, assuming the strategy is close capable that shoppers won't person to navigate Amazon's byzantine lawsuit work to quality a charge. (Woe unto the idiosyncratic charged for a fancy food alternatively than a fewer slices of American.) This video shows Just Walk Out successful enactment astatine Resorts World Las Vegas:

Whole Foods says that Just Walk Out "provides customers the prime to skip the registry for a faster, much convenient buying acquisition portion offering the aforesaid high-quality products and exceptional work from Team Members arsenic different Whole Foods Market stores."

Amazon says that a Just Walk Out-compatible Whole Foods is "coming soon" to Los Angeles. In the meantime, Amazon reportedly holds conscionable 2.4% of the market market, adjacent though it's spent tens of billions of dollars introducing market services and, you know, buying Whole Foods.