Amazon Pharmacy partners with health plans for discount drugs

Amazon Pharmacy partners with health plans for discount drugs

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Amazon Pharmacy is offering a medicine cause discount paper to Blue Cross Blue Shield security customers successful 5 states, Nworah Ayogu, main aesculapian serviceman for Amazon Pharmacy, said successful an interview astatine a wellness exertion league this week.

So far, the programme includes partnerships with Blue Plans successful New Jersey, Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, and Kansas.

The concern lets program customers get discounts done a MedsYourWay paper erstwhile they usage Amazon Pharmacy to bargain their medications — and the outgo of those drugs inactive counts towards their security deductibles. Typically, radical with medicine discount cards person to take betwixt buying a cause out-of-pocket with the discount but not having the outgo spell towards their deductible oregon buying a cause done their security but without the discount. This programme sidesteps that choice.

“They tin beryllium escaped to take whatever’s cheapest and not person to interest astir what applies to their out-of-pocket maximum oregon the deductible due to the fact that some apply,” Ayogu said astatine the conference.

MedsYourWay is offered done the pharmacy payment manager Prime Therapeutics, which is owned by implicit a twelve Blue Cross Blue Shield wellness plans. Prime Therapeutics started offering location transportation to immoderate customers done Amazon Pharmacy in autumn 2021.

Customers tin lone usage the MedsYourWay paper astatine Amazon Pharmacy. Most medicine discount cards enactment astatine a web of pharmacies.

Amazon launched Amazon Pharmacy in 2020, 2 years aft acquiring cause transportation startup PillPack. The institution continues to grow into healthcare: it has a now-nationwide telehealth program called Amazon Care, a fittingness band, and has integrated Alexa into healthcare settings.

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