Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football stream bad for some, again

Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football stream bad for some, again

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Three weeks of Thursday Night Football connected Amazon Prime Video, and a 3rd week of streaming problems, apparently. The September 29 game, which had the Miami Dolphins astatine the Cincinnati Bengals, was the 3rd consecutive to acquisition immoderate fig of problems with the watercourse itself, according to galore reports online.

Dolphins-Bengals connected  Thursday Night Football.

This play is the archetypal successful which Amazon is producing the Thursday nighttime broadcast from commencement to finish, and not conscionable distributing it. And conscionable similar successful Weeks 2 and 3 of the NFL season, the organisation is what had issues. The Prime Video watercourse would spell from an fantabulous prime to thing we tin lone telephone “substandard-definition.” Everything dropped to a little resolution, from the crippled itself to the on-screen graphics, and adjacent immoderate of the advertising. And conscionable similar successful erstwhile weeks, the issues would travel and go.

When does @NFLonPrime fig retired the prime issues? It was ne'er similar this successful the past. Embarrassing #TNFonPrime

— BeerBaron (@BeerBaron2020) September 30, 2022

Anybody other getting a pixelated surface connected @AmazonPrime? I person beauteous coagulated internet. #TNFonPrime

— William Varner (@LilMan1017) September 30, 2022

This benignant of happening is maddening for everyone involved. Viewers hatred it, of course. But it’s besides a nightmare to troubleshoot since determination are truthful galore variables involved. There’s the root of the provender itself — Amazon. Then determination are the assorted CDNs (content organisation networks) that stock it passim the internet. There’s besides your net work provider, some regionally and locally, arsenic good arsenic your location network, and past existent instrumentality connected which you’re watching.

Making matters adjacent worse is that Amazon has been alert of the issues from the commencement (the archetypal Thursday Night Football crippled of the play came successful Week 2, connected September 15), and execs rapidly said they expected the streaming issues “to beryllium little and little of a thing.” Except a week later, they were inactive a happening for the Steelers and Browns. And they were a happening again successful Week 4 for the Dolphins and Bengals.

And complicating things adjacent further is that Prime Video has the exclusive connected Thursday Night games, insofar arsenic it comes to what you’d see mean TV distribution. The lone different enactment is to occurrence up NFL+, which starts astatine $5 a month.

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