Amazon's Proteus robot is fully autonomous and ready to move your Prime Day purchases

Amazon's Proteus robot is fully autonomous and ready to move your Prime Day purchases

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Proteus warehouse robot
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's caller warehouse robot looks similar a Roomba, but lifts similar an Olympian.

The company's archetypal fully-autonomous robot arrives a decennary aft Amazon bought robot coordination and fulfillment institution Kiva (opens successful caller tab) and made its archetypal astir billion-dollar stake connected robotic automation.

Amazon present employs astir 200,000 robots (opens successful caller tab) crossed its 1,137 fulfillment centers (opens successful caller tab) but, up until now, the bots person ne'er worked freely alongside quality Amazon workers.

Proteus, though, is different. In a merchandise connected the caller bot (opens successful caller tab), Amazon explained that Proteus was built for autonomy and to enactment astir employees.

Amazon besides released a video showing Proteus successful action. Looking similar a elephantine iRobot Roomba, but with friendly, monochrome eyes blinking successful the front, the level robot rolls nether an Amazon GoCart stuffed afloat of products (basically a merchandise cage). The robot rolls to what 1 assumes is the halfway abstraction nether the cart, does a 90-degree spin, and past lifts the full cart disconnected the ground. Amazon doesn't accidental the robot's max assistance capacity, but it's intelligibly lifting a dense value similar it's truthful overmuch particulate connected the floor.

The cargo is besides perfectly balanced truthful that erstwhile Proteus rolls forward, the cart doesn't extremity oregon topple over. Later, it navigates to a charging presumption and plugs itself in.

To show Proteus' cooperative nature, the robot casually stops erstwhile a quality idiosyncratic crosses its path. They look to respect each different for a infinitesimal earlier each continues connected its way. 

All of this is imaginable acknowledgment to, Amazon notes, the company's proprietary, precocious safety, perception, and navigation technology.

For now, Proteus is confined to Amazon warehouses with GoCart handling areas but the retail elephantine plans to grow Proteus passim its inventory and fulfillment network.

Proteus won't beryllium the lone caller Amazon robot connected the floor. The institution besides unveiled Cardinal (opens successful caller tab), a single-arm robot that, utilizing AI and machine vision, tin identify, lift, and benignant dense packages (up to 50 lbs).

Land of the bots

Our reliance connected Amazon exploded implicit the past fewer years arsenic we struggled with the limits placed connected america each by COVID-19. Even arsenic the pandemic subsides, Amazon is inactive cardinal to our buying habits.

The institution raked successful $470B past year (opens successful caller tab) and is intelligibly applying immoderate of that nett to transforming its organisation halfway workforces into much automated spaces. Perhaps not coincidentally these efforts travel arsenic Amazon is grappling with the emergence of unionized workers (opens successful caller tab) astatine immoderate of its warehouses.

Amazon's robots aren't intended to regenerate workers, but surely immoderate of that volition hap arsenic Cardinals instrumentality implicit for lifting and sorting dense boxes and Proteus manages transporting thousands of GoCarts afloat of the products we each bid each day.

One happening that is definite is that everyone and each robot astatine Amazon are astir to displacement into precocious cogwheel for Amazon Prime Day

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