AMD acknowledges TPM bug causing stuttering issues

AMD acknowledges TPM bug causing stuttering issues

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AMD has acknowledged a stuttering issue connected Ryzen systems caused by its firmware trusted level module (fTPM), arsenic reported by TechPowerUp (via Windows Central). A imperishable fix, which volition travel arsenic a BIOS update, isn’t expected until May.

A signifier of TPM 2.0 is required to tally Windows 11 (although immoderate users person inactive recovered a mode astir this requirement). It’s utilized to make a cryptographic cardinal to footwear your device, helping support it from hackers who mightiness effort to tamper with the delicate accusation stored connected your computer. While fTPM is embedded successful your system’s firmware, a dTPM, oregon discrete trusted level module, is simply a carnal spot installed connected your motherboard that serves the aforesaid function.

Some AMD users have been reporting show issues for months now, with one user describing it arsenic a speedy driblet successful framework rates and sometimes adjacent “robotic” sounding audio. The institution has lone present responded to complaints and has traced the contented backmost to “extended fTPM-related representation transactions successful SPI flash representation (“SPIROM”) located connected the motherboard.” AMD says this tin origin “temporary pauses successful strategy interactivity oregon responsiveness until the transaction is concluded” — or, successful simpler terms, stuttering.

In presumption of a impermanent workaround, AMD says you’ll person to power to utilizing a hardware-based dTPM instead, which whitethorn not beryllium worthy it, considering a hole isn’t excessively acold off. If your motherboard comes with a compatible TPM 2.0 header, it’ll outgo astir $20 to $60 for a TPM chip, depending connected your motherboard make. Before swapping to a dTPM, AMD says to disable TPM-backed encryption systems, similar BitLocker Drive Encryption, and marque definite to backmost up your system’s data.

If you don’t privation to spell done the process of buying and installing a TPM chip, you tin simply hold for AMD’s “flashable lawsuit strategy BIOS files” to go disposable successful aboriginal May. AMD says the timing of its availability volition alteration depending connected the motherboard exemplary you have.

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