AMD could soon launch its cheapest ever RDNA 2 graphics card

AMD could soon launch its cheapest ever RDNA 2 graphics card

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Image of an AMD GPU
(Image credit: AMD)

AMD could unleash a caller RDNA 2 budget GPU, an RX 6400 paper which mightiness get arsenic soon arsenic April, according to the latest speculation.

You whitethorn callback that the RX 6400 graphics paper has already been launched by Team Red astatine the commencement of 2022, but arsenic an OEM-only GPU, meaning that AMD is conscionable supplying them to strategy builders, and you tin lone get 1 successful a prebuilt PC (or resold, perhaps). However, that’s acceptable to alteration adjacent month, astatine slightest if this VideoCardz study is correct.

The tech tract has spotted a filing for a Gigabyte RX 6400 Eagle graphics paper made successful South Korea (with the National Radio Research Agency).

The mentation truthful is that caller standalone RX 6400 GPUs could beryllium coming alongside AMD’s different large graphics card launches that the rumor mill has indicated are happening successful April. Indeed, we person a rumored motorboat day of April 20 for the RX 6950 XT, 6750 XT and 6650 XT, which are supposedly pepped-up refreshed versions of the 6900 XT and different respective GPUs presently retired determination from Team Red.

Analysis: Growing grounds for a merchandise extracurricular the OEM market

While these kinds of regulatory filings being flagged up tin bespeak the upcoming motorboat of a product, and so person done precisely that successful the past, we can’t instrumentality this South Korean sighting arsenic immoderate benignant of cast-iron guarantee.

However, this done enactment up with a erstwhile rumor that arsenic good arsenic the stopgap refreshes for existing RDNA 2 models mentioned above, AMD intends to determination the RX 6400 from being conscionable OEM to an existent merchandise that’s connected shelves disposable for consumers to purchase. So, successful short, there’s increasing grounds that this is Team Red’s plan.

Whether the spec of this would-be RX 6400 rotation mightiness beryllium identical to the OEM variant of the graphics card, we evidently don’t know, but the grapevine has antecedently theorized that it whitethorn beryllium slightly antithetic – though immoderate changes would beryllium minor. Indeed, past rumors person suggested the GPU whitethorn adjacent beryllium renamed (perhaps arsenic the RX 6500), adjacent though it would stay overmuch the same, but with this sighting, it looks similar the sanction volition stay arsenic is. Take each of this with a bully woody of skepticism, naturally.

The RX 6400 is simply a low-profile paper (and moreover needs nary powerfulness hook-up from the PSU), and it’d bring pricing down to little than ever levels for an RDNA 2 exemplary – though precise overmuch temper expectations erstwhile it comes to performance, of course. Pricing would, arsenic ever, beryllium key, and AMD could easy marque this a robust summation to the wallet-friendly extremity of the GPU spectrum.

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