AMD may release Intel’s next rival in memory overclocking

AMD may release Intel’s next rival in memory overclocking

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It seems that AMD whitethorn beryllium moving connected a caller representation overclocking modular for its upcoming AM5 platform. The institution has precocious trademarked “AMD EXPO,” and a reliable root reveals that this tech mightiness beryllium the caller rival to Intel’s XMP 3.0.

If proven true, the tech volition marque it overmuch easier for AMD Ryzen 7000 users to optimize their DDR5 RAM, including frequency, voltage, and timings.

AMD EXPO trademark information.VideoCardz

The caller tech was antecedently thought to beryllium called “AMD RAMP,” which stands for Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile. However, VideoCardz has obtained caller accusation from a known leaker that implies the sanction is successful information going to beryllium AMD EXPO. Contrary to what 1 mightiness deliberation upon speechmaking “expo,” this isn’t the sanction of an lawsuit — it stands for “EXtended Profiles for Overclocking,” and it seems that AMD EXPO does precisely what it says connected the tin.

AMD trademarked AMD EXPO successful February 2022, and the statement of the trademark implies that Disclosuzen (VideoCardz’s source) is not incorrect to denote that the exertion is intimately related to memory. According to Disclosuzen, EXPO volition beryllium susceptible of storing up to 2 representation overclocking profiles.

This seems to use lone to DDR5 RAM, but it volition enactment with each types of it, including RDIMM, SO-DIMM, and UDIMM, implying that EXPO volition 1 time beryllium disposable successful aboriginal AMD-based laptops. The exertion fundamentally seems to beryllium the AMD mentation of Intel XMP 3.0 profiles.

AMD Ryzen 7000 chip.Wccftech

The archetypal overclocking illustration is going to beryllium optimized for precocious bandwidth, and the 2nd for debased latency. However, the 2nd illustration is rumored to beryllium optional, truthful it won’t beryllium recovered successful each azygous model.

AMD has precocious teased that Ryzen 7000 CPUs “will marque a large splash with overclocking.” It’s imaginable that Joseph Tao, representation enabling manager astatine AMD, could person been referring to AMD EXPO erstwhile helium revealed the platform’s purported overclocking prowess.

It makes consciousness for AMD to effort to absorption connected DDR5 representation and optimize it, particularly fixed the caller rumors that the AM5 level whitethorn not enactment DDR4 RAM astatine all. If the institution is genuinely walking distant from DDR4 truthful soon, the summation of AMD EXPO is simply a much-needed mode to entice aboriginal customers to walk a batch of wealth connected DDR5 RAM erstwhile the caller Ryzen 7000 processors merchandise aboriginal this year.

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