AMD Radeon RX 6000 series: Everything you need to know

AMD Radeon RX 6000 series: Everything you need to know

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AMD’s RX 6000 graphics cards are an inflection point, allowing Team Red to yet standard up and gain immoderate spots successful our roundup of the best graphics cards. Powered by the RDNA 2 architecture, these cards travel with features similar ray tracing and ace sampling to powerfulness the latest games.

Now that each of the cards are here, we rounded up everything you request to cognize astir the latest from Radeon, including pricing, specs, performance, and a spot astir the mobile GPUs.

AMD RX 6000: Price and merchandise date

AMD RX 6600 among different   graphics cards.

There are present astir a twelve RX 6000 GPUs available, with the archetypal cards arriving successful November 2020 and the past showing up successful May 2022. Here are each of the cards available, arsenic good arsenic their database prices:

  • RX 6950 XT — $1,100
  • RX 6900 XT — $1,000
  • RX 6800 XT — $650
  • RX 6800 — $580
  • RX 6750 XT — $550
  • RX 6700 XT — $480
  • RX 6650 XT — $400
  • RX 6600 XT — $380
  • RX 6600 — $330
  • RX 6500 XT — $200
  • RX 6400 — $160

Out of the 11 cards successful the RX 6000 range, 10 of them are available. The lone oddball is the RX 6600 XT, which AMD replaced with the RX 6650 XT. That said, we inactive recovered respective RX 6600 XT models available, and though AMD won’t proceed to nutrient them, determination should beryllium immoderate inventory for a while.

GPU prices person been highly high, but they’re dropping. And that’s particularly existent for RX 6000 graphics cards. Although AMD is nary longer selling notation models, you tin find astir third-party cards for their database price. Keep successful caput that third-party cards are often a small much costly than database price. The RX 6700 XT, for example, sells for anyplace from $480 to $600 depending connected the exemplary you prime up.

Unlike Nvidia’s RTX 30-series graphics cards, AMD RX 6000 cards are readily available. At the clip of writing, we recovered each exemplary for each paper disposable astatine database price. The lone objection is the RX 6800 XT, which sells for astir $100 to $150 supra database price.

AMD RX 6000: Specs

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

AMD has 11 cards successful its RX 6000 range, though the RX 6650 XT technically replaces the RX 6600 XT. Compared to Nvidia’s RTX 30-series GPUs, AMD’s cards thin to tally astatine higher timepiece speeds and connection much representation for mid- to high-end cards. However, RX 6000 cards are much constrained by memory, utilizing GDDR6 representation alternatively of the GDDR6X featured connected Nvidia’s flagship cards.

Cores Game clock Memory Power draw Price
RX 6950 XT 5,120 2,100MHz 16GB GDDR6 335W $1,100
RX 6900 XT 5,120 2,015MHz 16GB GDDR6 300W $1,000
RX 6800 XT 4,608 2,015MHz 16GB GDDR6 300W $650
RX 6800 3,840 1,815MHz 16GB GDDR6 250W $580
RX 6750 XT 2,560 2,495MHz 12GB GDDR6 250W $550
RX 6700 XT 2,560 2,424MHz 12GB GDDR6 230W $480
RX 6650 XT 2,048 2,410MHz 8GB GDDR6 176W $400
RX 6600 XT 2,048 2,359MHz 8GB GDDR6 160W $380
RX 6600 1,792 2,044MHz 8GB GDDR6 132W $330
RX 6500 XT 1,024 2,610MHz 4GB GDDR6 107W $200
RX 6400 768 2,039MHz 4GB GDDR6 53W $160

On the flip side, AMD’s paper consumes overmuch little power. Even the RX 6950 XT tops retired astatine 335 watts, which compares to the 450W the RTX 3090 Ti tin draw. Overall, AMD’s current-gen offerings are overmuch much efficient, with the RX 6400 sipping down lone a measly 50W of power.

The important cards to telephone retired are the RX 6X50 XT refreshes: The RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT, and RX 6650 XT. These cards are updated versions of their respective basal models, and they transportation 2 differences. Each of the cards features a flimsy boost successful timepiece velocity (up to 4.2% connected the RX 6950 XT) and 18Gbps GDDR6 memory, which improves bandwidth.

These newer models don’t connection a important show payment based connected our testing, arsenic they transportation the aforesaid fig of cores and the aforesaid magnitude of representation arsenic their respective basal models. However, you whitethorn find these refreshes much readily disposable due to the fact that they launched acold aft the archetypal lineup.

AMD RX 6000: Performance

AMD RX 6950 XT graphics paper  connected  a pinkish  background.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Although AMD’s graphics cards person usually played 2nd fiddle to Nvidia’s, that’s not the lawsuit with RX 6000 cards. In galore cases, they spell toe-to-toe with Nvidia’s champion portion coming successful astatine a importantly little price. There are immoderate outliers, however.

The flagship RX 6950 XT was capable to deed 68 fps astatine 4K successful Assassin’s Creed Valhalla based connected our tests, outpacing Nvidia’s RTX 3090. At 1440p, the RX 6700 XT competes good with the RTX 3070, matching Nvidia’s paper in Fortnite with a 121 fps mean astatine 1440p with the Ultra graphics preset.

The lower-end models amusement immoderate differences. The budget-focused RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT are large for 1080p gaming, though they vie with Nvidia’s RTX 3060. The lone atrocious enactment retired of the scope is the RX 6500 XT, which struggles to supply playable framework rates owed to terrible bottlenecks successful the PCIe transportation and representation (read our RX 6500 XT review for more).

AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics cards execute great, but they person a large weakness: Ray tracing. Based connected our testing, RX 6000 GPUs nutrient astir fractional of the framework complaint of Nvidia’s GPUs erstwhile ray tracing is turned on. This comes down to however RX 6000 GPUs are designed, packing successful a ray tracing accelerator successful each compute portion alternatively of dedicated ray tracing cores similar Nvidia uses.

AMD RX 6000: Laptop GPUs and APUs

A laptop playing a video game.

AMD started its RX 6000 mobile scope with 3 cards: The RX 6600M, RX 6700M, and RX 6800M. The lineup has grown a batch since then. Here are each of the laptop RX 6000 graphics cards available:

Compute units Game clock Infinity cache Memory
RX 6850 XT 40 2,463MHz 96MB 12GB GDDR6
RX 6800M 40 2,300MHz 96MB 12GB GDDR6
RX 6700M 36 2,300MHz 80MB 10GB GDDR6
RX 6650M XT 32 2,162MHz 32MB 8GB GDDR6
RX 6650M 28 2,222MHz 32MB 8GB GDDR6
RX 6600M 28 2,177MHz 32MB 8GB GDDR6
RX 6500M 16 2,191MHz 16MB 4GB GDDR6
RX 6300M 12 1,515MHz 8MB 2GB GDDR6
RX 6800S 32 1,975MHz 32MB 8GB GDDR6
RX 6700S 28 1,890MHz 32MB 8GB GDDR6
RX 6600S 28 1,881MHz 32MB 4GB GDDR6

We had a accidental to test the flagship RX 6800M. AMD claimed that it could bushed the mobile RTX 3080 successful games similar Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Resident Evil: Village, but the results are a small much complicated. The RX 6800M tin so bushed Nvidia’s champion successful games optimized for RDNA2, but it tin conflict successful definite configurations based connected our testing.

AMD besides offers its RX 6000S graphics cards, which aren’t rather arsenic almighty arsenic their M-series counterparts. They lucifer the specs, but these GPUs are designed for thin and airy laptops.

In summation to discrete cards, AMD has enactment its RDNA 2 architecture to usage successful Ryzen 6000 integrated graphics. Although integrated graphics volition ne'er lucifer discrete, the powerfulness of RDNA 2 helps Ryzen 6000 laptops deed playable framework rates without a dedicated GPU, astatine slightest successful little demanding games.

AMD RX 6000: Ray tracing and FidelityFX features

A screenshot of next-generation visuals.

With RDNA2, AMD present offers afloat hardware-accelerated ray tracing, though it does it successful a somewhat antithetic manner to Nvidia. It doesn’t person dedicated RT cores similar RTX 20- and 30-series cards, but incorporates a ray accelerator into the modular Radeon compute units.

AMD besides expanded its room of FidelityFX features to enactment hand-in-hand with ray-tracing compute and shader effects to bring amended ocular fidelity to games. Denoiser and adaptable complaint shading algorithms assistance to accommodate representation prime based upon luminance and motion, and a suite of compute-based effects is besides disposable to developers.

One of those effects is FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). FSR is simply a supersampling method that tin summation show without a important nonaccomplishment successful representation quality. It works by feeding an algorithm with a low-resolution interior render. The algorithm past takes that accusation and expands the pixels into a larger grid, starring to what looks similar a high-resolution image.

We’re now connected FSR 2.0, which goes toe-to-toe with Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Although FSR is simply a diagnostic of RX 6000 graphics cards, the diagnostic isn’t exclusive to them. FSR works connected Nvidia and AMD GPUs going backmost to 2016.

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