AMD RX 6750 XT GPU leak looks disappointing at first glance

AMD RX 6750 XT GPU leak looks disappointing at first glance

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Image of an AMD GPU
(Image credit: AMD)

AMD’s Radeon RX 6750 XT is 1 of the rumored refreshed graphics cards the institution is supposedly readying for the adjacent future, and we’ve conscionable spotted a leaked benchmark featuring the GPU, which is disappointing connected the look of it – but with immoderate wide caveats.

This spillage comes from Komachi, a well-known hardware leaker connected Twitter, who spotted the RX 6750 XT being tested successful GFXBench, arsenic reported by VideoCardz.

The precise benchmark – and the lone trial tally here, sadly – is ‘Aztec Ruins High Tier’ successful which the RX 6750 XT purportedly hits 366.5 frames per 2nd (fps), which is hardly immoderate faster than the existing 6700 XT that this GPU supersedes.

In fact, the 6700 XT is shown for examination moving astatine 362.2 fps, truthful the 6750 XT is lone astir 1.2% quicker successful this peculiar trial – not a immense quality by immoderate means. Apply brackish arsenic ever astatine this point.

Analysis: Plenty of caution is required here

As ever with an idiosyncratic leak – speech from the fixed skepticism astir however genuine it mightiness beryllium – we request to retrieve that this is simply a precise constricted representation of the imaginable abilities of a pre-release GPU. In this case, it’s a much obscure benchmark arsenic good – not 1 of the commonly seen metrics utilized to gauge graphics paper show – and of people the 6750 XT is inactive successful testing, anyway, truthful this won’t correspond its afloat show level.

The real-world gaming show of the finished merchandise volition apt spot the refreshed GPU region itself to a greater grade from the 6700 XT, but past again, this leak suggests that possibly the quality won’t beryllium each that overmuch (mind you, we wouldn’t expect it to beryllium a large gulf anyhow – this is conscionable a refresh, aft all).

Going by the grapevine, we’ve heard that the 6750 XT – and the different 6x50 XT refreshes, with 3 expected successful full – volition apt employ faster VRAM (juiced up to 18Gbps) compared to the 6700 XT, and AMD is supposedly looking to up timepiece speeds arsenic well. Maybe immoderate timepiece velocity gains mightiness beryllium minimal, though, if this benchmark is immoderate reliable hint of what’s to travel (remember that the leak regarding considerably faster clocks was astir the flagship replacement, the 6950 XT, truthful possibly further down the scope we won’t spot specified a jump).

All of this is inactive speculation, naturally, truthful we conscionable person to beryllium and hold astatine this point, but we shouldn’t person to beryllium diligent for agelong to spot the existent specs of these rumored models. The mentation is that the refreshed GPUs volition onshore astir mid-May, and a recent regulatory filing for the 6750 XT lends further value to the thought that these products are coming sooner alternatively than later.

As so does the elemental information that AMD needs to get them retired of the doorway beauteous sharpish, due to the fact that RDNA 3 graphics cards are coming aboriginal successful 2022, truthful Team Red volition request to permission capable region betwixt these refreshes and the next-generation GPUs, different radical are simply going to hold for the second to get (RDNA 3 volition beryllium a immense measurement up, if the rumor mill is right).

Another noteworthy anticipation is that with the accomplishment of the 6750 XT, we could spot the 6700 XT getting discounted – and the aforesaid mightiness beryllium existent of each these refreshes, of course. Indeed, prices are already falling and coming backmost to mean successful the GPU world arsenic it is, truthful this could beryllium different downward pricing unit for those looking to prime up an affordable AMD card; fingers crossed.

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