AMD's next-gen processors might have a major disadvantage against rival Intel

AMD's next-gen processors might have a major disadvantage against rival Intel

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An AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor seated into a achromatic  motherboard
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AMD's next-gen Zen 4 processors are expected aboriginal this twelvemonth on with full caller motherboards, but the imaginable nonaccomplishment of DDR4 enactment mightiness marque the caller upgrade a precise costly proposition for a batch of users hoping to upgrade to the platform.

With AMD's caller Zen 4-based "Raphael" 7000-series processors expected to beryllium released aboriginal this year, the institution is looking to determination connected from its aging AM4 socket, which it has utilized for the past fewer Ryzen bid releases, and it looks similar DDR4 enactment volition beryllium dropped on with the older socket.

The quality comes from our friends implicit astatine Tom's Hardware, who spoke to respective sources successful the proviso concatenation who accidental that DDR5 volition beryllium the lone representation supported connected X670 and B650 AM5 motherboards expected to motorboat alongside the Raphael processors aboriginal this year.

Nothing has been officially announced yet, and it's ever imaginable that AMD volition find a mode to support DDR4 enactment connected different motherboard bid too X670 and B650, but that isn't wide astatine this point. We've reached retired to AMD for remark and volition update this communicative if and erstwhile we perceive backmost from the company.

Analysis: volition AM5 beryllium a much expansive upgrade than Intel Alder Lake?

The large interest present is that DDR5 RAM modules are precise costly astatine the moment, and this isn't apt to alteration immoderate clip soon. While the representation modules volition inevitably travel down successful price, they are lone conscionable present starting to rotation out, and for present lone to Intel's 12th-gen Alder Lake processors.

While the Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i5-12600K are 2 of the biggest selling processors retired determination close now, they aren't moving successful astir capable numbers to thrust down the terms of DDR5 connected their own, truthful prices volition inactive apt beryllium precise precocious erstwhile Zen 4 processors driblet from AMD toward the extremity of the year. 

If so, past anyone wanting to upgrade to the caller Ryzen 7000-series processors would request a caller motherboard and much costly RAM, not to notation a perchance upgraded cooling solution arsenic well. At slightest with immoderate Intel Alder Lake motherboards, you tin inactive usage DDR4 RAM, taking immoderate of the sting disconnected the outgo of the upgrade. 

Whether AMD finds a mode to support DDR4 enactment could beryllium a large origin successful however galore radical opt to upgrade to the caller AMD platform, oregon whether – for erstwhile – they find Intel a much affordable upgrade option.

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