Amino App Review: Don’t Download Without Reading!

Amino App Review: Don’t Download Without Reading!

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After utilizing the Amino app for a fewer days, I deliberation it’s harmless to accidental I’m obsessed with it. As idiosyncratic who has a just magnitude of planetary friends, I find the Amino app to beryllium the cleanable beverage clip spot to sermon our obsessions together. My favourite happening astir this app is that we tin ticker videos/movies unneurotic online portion chatting simultaneously. That mode you’ll get to sermon each small item with your online friends similar you’re together.

Still not impressed? What if I archer you, it has a wide scope of interests for you to take from? To database some; art, anime, fashion, music, movies, sports, literature, K-pop, and overmuch more. You sanction it, it has it. 

You tin besides make your ain assemblage with your interests similar gamer groups and creation communities. Not lone that, you tin make thing you privation with the customized building.

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The Good

Amino app is genuinely an astonishing prime if you’re looking for like-minded radical who stock akin interests. You tin explicit yourself genuinely with oregon without revealing your existent identity. Most similar to enactment anonymous, I volition urge you bash the aforesaid arsenic well.

You tin marque countless friends successful it to stock your thoughts and ideas with. It lets you spell live, instrumentality portion successful events, votes, polls, chat and truthful overmuch more. With the Amino app, you tin support up with aggregate fandoms simultaneously and obsess implicit them. No substance however lesser-known your fandom/ creator is, you tin find your people here. 

The Bad

The app seems to person loads of glitches that are conscionable straight-up annoying. And don’t adjacent get maine started connected the atrocious magnitude of ads I person to ticker to gain coins. It conscionable makes the app consciousness much cluttered and shady. It is highly laggy arsenic well. On apical of that, the bugs are taking the barroom for me. 

There utilized to beryllium a disabling diagnostic for ads, but conjecture what? Not anymore. You person to ticker the full happening that pops up each present and then. Despite disabling the ads, it inactive pops up astatine the little screen, making utilizing the app precise irksome.

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Verdict connected amino App

The amino app is simply a large spot to find radical of akin interests and marque friends with them; however, it comes with its ain consequences. Even though the app is rated 12+, I don’t deliberation it’s for idiosyncratic who has not yet been successful their teens. And I’d similar to adhd that it’s not for each teen, arsenic it whitethorn incorporate aggravated mature content, trigger factors similar self-harm, and unsafe/ amerciable content. 

The guidelines database that the idiosyncratic should beryllium astatine slightest 13 oregon supra successful the U.S and 16 years of property successful the European Union countries. But I would accidental it truly depends connected the person’s maturity oregon quality to devour mature content, and it’s wholly alright for immoderate to not beryllium acceptable yet.


amino appAmino App – Installation Page

The size of the amino app is 96 MB. You tin download it from the Play Store, to which I’ll beryllium attaching the nexus down here. It takes conscionable a infinitesimal to instal depending connected your WiFi speed.

The adjacent measurement is to signup/login. You person the enactment to motion up via Google oregon Facebook.

You tin download the Amino app here.


After logging in, you volition beryllium asked to take your interests, to which you tin either commencement picking oregon skip for later. It asks for your sex first, past makes you take astatine slightest 3 interests to personalize the contented you see. You tin prime topics similar food, pets & animals, speechmaking & literature, spirituality & belief, art, and overmuch more.

Once you person finished, the interface volition look thing similar this:

amino appAmino App – User Interface


Amino’s main diagnostic is the quality for users to articulation communities dedicated to a circumstantial topic.

Users tin besides interact with different members of a assemblage via text, voice, oregon screening room, which enables users to ticker videos portion dependable chatting.

Some amusive features of the app include:

Lives: Just similar fashionable societal media apps, the Amino app besides has the enactment to spell live. You tin spell unrecorded by yourself oregon articulation immoderate unrecorded amusement with this feature. 

Polls: You tin big oregon ballot for your favored choices successful the polls held there.

Blog post: Just similar Tumblr, you tin station blogs present arsenic well. You tin read/write immoderate you’re into successful a blog post.

What You Need to Look For?

It whitethorn dependable discouraging, but you cannot forestall unnecessary, strange, oregon toxic radical from joining the app. You whitethorn besides go addicted rapidly since this allows you to explicit yourself freely and stock your passions, which you whitethorn not beryllium capable to bash successful existent life. Raiders and spammers often nonstop inappropriate images to radical who ne'er asked for them via backstage messages, chatrooms, and posts. 

The contented connected the app, for the astir part, is not due for children and young adolescents, contempt the information that these property groups represent a sizable demographic of Amino users.

Here is simply a database of questionable items recovered connected the Amino app.

Mature content: On the app, determination are respective communities devoted to intimate topics. You whitethorn beryllium exposed to nudity, and encouraged to enactment successful roleplay and online intimate activities.

Cyberbullying: The Amino app, similar astir societal media, has cyberbullying. You whitethorn beryllium bullied astatine school, which whitethorn proceed erstwhile you get location and usage the app. Cyberbullying tin pb to intelligence wellness issues.

Foul language: Teens nowadays often usage expletives and lowbrow humor. Your kid is exposed to the ugliest aspects of the net erstwhile they usage an app similar Amino. They whitethorn go insensitive to foul connection implicit time.

Drugs: Amino, similar immoderate different societal media app, has communities centering connected the usage and notation of drugs.

Violence: On the app, children could beryllium subjected to realistic, cartoon, and phantasy violence. This could scope from 2 cartoon characters massacring each different to petty crimes conscionable for attention, and chat groups wherever unit is the main theme.

How Can You beryllium Safe Around There?

By educating yourself and the children connected net safety, you tin mitigate the imaginable harm. This includes not sharing your afloat ineligible name, address, telephone number, oregon immoderate different idiosyncratic accusation with strangers.  Knowing what each your trigger factors are and staying distant from them. Be capable to dependable retired your interest and scope retired for assistance if you consciousness unsafe oregon blackmailed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Amino app safe?

Amino is conscionable similar immoderate different societal media app, depending connected your property and maturity level the reply varies. It evidently has immoderate aggravated contented that tin beryllium triggering to immoderate and past determination are radical who are having amusive successful it. So it depends.

What property is Amino for?

Amino is lone disposable to members aged 13 and up (and 16 and up successful the EU).

Does deleting Amino accounts delete everything?

If you deactivate your amino account, each the information volition beryllium deleted permanently aft 7 days. 

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Saying Goodbye

Like the 2 sides of the coin, societal media has its bully and atrocious sides. Everyone has antithetic interests and trigger factors, truthful it’s important to beryllium alert of what we are getting ourselves into first. One past happening I’d similar to adhd is conscionable due to the fact that each your friends person this app, doesn’t mean you should besides conscionable for the involvement of it. Don’t autumn prey to adjacent pressure. Always prioritize your intelligence wellness and online safety. I would urge you download it lone if you’re 16 oregon above. 

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