Android 12L: Everything you need to know about the big screen update

Android 12L: Everything you need to know about the big screen update

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Google has yet released Android 12L, an operating strategy aimed astatine gathering retired the Android 12 acquisition for large-screen devices, including foldables and tablets. Even Chromebook users volition besides payment from the update, though Google isn’t wide connected how.

Up until now, Android tablets person conscionable tally an overblown mentation of the mobile OS connected a larger screen. Whether it beryllium an 8-inch tablet oregon a 12-inch slate, determination person been nary optimizations for larger screens successful Android different than that made manually by the likes of Samsung and Huawei. All of it is acceptable to alteration with Android 12L. It volition yet bring features to instrumentality afloat vantage of a larger display. Here’s what to expect from the update.

 L stands for larger screens

Android 12L shown for a larger display.

Android 12L refines the strategy UI to instrumentality vantage of the further abstraction connected a tablet. It makes it easier to usage a ample surface for tasks specified arsenic notifications, speedy settings, fastener screen, overview, the location screen, and more. Instead of a space-wasting single-panel notification center, Google adds a caller dual-panel notification halfway connected foldables and tablets. It allows users to spot and interact with their notifications portion besides looking astatine Quick Settings simultaneously.

The fastener surface volition present usage a larger two-column layout to item notifications and the clock. Other apps including Settings are besides optimized. Google is besides making it easier to interact with its OS connected larger screens. For instance, the fastener surface signifier and PIN controls connected tablets are present displayed astatine the broadside of the surface for easier access. You tin pat the different broadside of the surface to bring the PIN/pattern controls implicit to that side.

There are besides immoderate changes for foldables arsenic well. The institution is optimizing the location surface grid and polishing the fold-unfold modulation successful a bid to let users to determination seamlessly from a azygous exterior surface to the larger unfolded screen.

Intuitive multitasking and much productivity

App scaling UI crossed  each  kinds of screens.

Larger screens mean much country for multitasking, allowing you to beryllium much productive. For years, Android tablets person lacked the productivity chops disposable connected the iPad. Android 12L allows you to beryllium much productive connected foldables and tablets, with features that marque multitasking almighty and intuitive.

The update snags Chrome OS’s taskbar to marque things easier to navigate. Google is besides adding enactment for gestures connected the taskbar to bash things similar resistance and driblet to participate split-screen mode and swipe up to spell home. You besides get a quick-switch motion that lets you flip done caller apps, and you tin fell oregon unhide the taskbar astatine immoderate clip with a agelong press.

With Android 12L, it is easier than ever to tally 2 apps simultaneously connected a azygous screen. You tin resistance and driblet your favourite apps into split-screen straight from the taskbar. If that’s not your style, you tin usage a caller Split enactment successful the overview to commencement split-screen mode with a tap. Google says it volition let each apps to participate multi-window mode, careless of whether they are resizable.

Compatibility improvements

Android 12L 2  file  layout successful  settings.

Whatever Google mightiness say, Android apps person ne'er been rather optimized for larger screens. Sure, determination person been a fewer outliers present and there, but the immense bulk aren’t arsenic optimized arsenic an equivalent iOS app would be. This isn’t needfully a atrocious happening — Google has done a batch of enactment to marque definite that adjacent if a developer doesn’t physique a tablet app, it inactive looks beauteous bully anyway. While it can’t unit developers to physique amended apps, it tin marque those apps that already beryllium easier to usage connected large-screen scenarios.

There’s newfound enactment for multi-window mode, continuity crossed surface size and instrumentality posture changes, and more. Google’s adjacent going to unit apps to marque usage of these scenarios by default with a caller compatibility mode, whether the developers privation to oregon not. It’s gotten rather a spot of acquisition doing this with Android apps connected Chrome OS, aft all.

As with each things Android, it volition fto instrumentality manufacturers marque their ain changes, including configuring the default app facet ratio, use rounded corners to the app window, and acceptable the presumption barroom transparency. It’s apt to appease large companies similar Samsung and Xiaomi who person their ain One UI Tab 4 and MiUI 13 Pad operating systems based connected Android already.

Android 12L merchandise date

Android 12L was released to the Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 6 bid of devices alongside the March 2022 Pixel Feature Drop arsenic Android 12.1. Without tablet hardware, we can’t rather trial retired Android 12L’s slayer features, but Google promises it’ll beryllium coming to devices from Lenovo, Samsung, and Microsoft successful the future. Samsung, for its part, has already confirmed that it would beryllium bringing Android 12L to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Ultra, though it is unclear what changes — if immoderate — the update volition adhd to One UI’s already robust tablet interface.

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