Android’s iOS-friendly emoji reactions officially launch in major Google Messages update

Android’s iOS-friendly emoji reactions officially launch in major Google Messages update

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We’ve known for months that Google has been moving to marque its Messaging app decently show emoji reactions sent by iPhone users. Now Google is making the diagnostic disposable to all arsenic portion of a big of caller and updated features for its Messages app that are rolling retired implicit the coming weeks.

The beta already gave america a beauteous bully thought of however Google Messages translates emoji reactions sent by iOS users, decently formatting them connected Android alternatively of appearing arsenic a confusing substance connection that arrived separately.

Despite Google’s capitulation, it inactive says it wants “Apple to articulation the remainder of the mobile manufacture and follow RCS” for a amended semipermanent solution.

The Google Photos sharing nexus and emoji reactions successful action. Image: Google

Google is besides gathering a Google Photos sharing nexus straight into Messages to connection users a mode of sending photos and videos to non-RCS (read: iPhone) users to debar representation prime degradation. Google Messages volition besides present nudge you to respond to a connection if it’s been sitting successful your inbox for a portion (much similar Gmail’s been doing for years), arsenic good arsenic prompting you to privation idiosyncratic a blessed day if you’ve got the day successful your contacts app. Oh, and links to YouTube videos shared successful Messages volition present show a preview for iOS users arsenic well, which is nice.

Messages volition present benignant your idiosyncratic and nonrecreational correspondence, and nudge you to respond to messages. Image: Google

Finally, a brace of Messages features Google archetypal debuted successful India past year are getting a planetary release. The astir absorbing of these is an enactment to automatically delete one-time passcodes aft 24 hours, to debar your inbox getting cluttered with useless six-digit codes. There’s besides a caller enactment to person Google’s bundle automatically benignant your messages, and fto you filter them by “Personal” and “Business.”

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