Ansel Elgort is a man in a new land in Tokyo Vice trailer

Ansel Elgort is a man in a new land in Tokyo Vice trailer

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Next month, HBO Max is taking viewers into Japan’s transgression underworld successful Tokyo Vice. This caller transgression play is based upon writer Jake Adelstein’s 2009 nonfiction publication Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter connected the Police Beat successful Japan. Ansel Elgort is portraying Adelstein successful the series, and if the archetypal trailer is immoderate indication, helium isn’t precisely invited successful Japan.

In the trailer, Jake is belittled by galore of his colleagues, who disregard him arsenic a “foreigner.” However, helium does find a mentor of sorts successful Hiroto Katagiri (Ken Watanabe), a detective successful the Tokyo Police Department’s organized transgression division. Hiroto knows each of the ins and outs of this world, but Jake whitethorn beryllium biting disconnected much than helium tin chew, particularly erstwhile Hiroto warns him not to constitute astir definite events.

It besides appears that Jake volition marque immoderate headway connected the different broadside of the instrumentality portion speaking with a fewer members of the yakuza. The criminals besides look to beryllium amused by Jake’s presence, but there’s lone truthful overmuch they are consenting to tolerate. And if helium throws a spotlight connected their clandestine activities, it astir apt won’t spell good for him.

Aside from Hiroto, the lone idiosyncratic who offers Jake immoderate benignant of invited is Samantha (Rachel Keller), an American hostess who besides has ties to the yakuza. She whitethorn adjacent beryllium 1 of Jake’s accusation sources, and perchance his person arsenic well. The 1 happening they look to truly enslaved implicit is the realization that going location to America isn’t an enactment for either of them.

Ken Watanabe and Ansel Elgort connected  the poster for Tokyo Vice.

Ella Rumpf besides stars successful the bid alongside Rinko Kikuchi, Hideaki Ito, Show Kasamatsu, Tomohisa Yamashita, Shun Sugata, Masato Hagiwara, Ayumi Tanida, and Kosuke Toyohara.

J.T. Rogers adapted the bid for HBO Max. The archetypal 3 episodes of Tokyo Vice volition premiere connected Thursday, April 7. Following that, 2 caller episodes volition debut each Thursday until the play finale.

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