AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends gaming monitor review

AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends gaming monitor review

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When I archetypal saw the AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Edition gaming show successful its uncover trailer, I felt compelled to effort it out. This is thing antithetic that could astatine the precise slightest spice up the market. I’ve spent the past period oregon truthful with it, and it’s surely 1 of the much unsocial panels that’s made its mode to my gaming desk.

On the surface, it’s beauteous accustomed worldly successful presumption of specs: 1440p resolution, 170Hz refresh rate, IPS panel, 1ms GtG effect time, G-Sync compatible. Where the AG275QXL differentiates itself from its brethren is its quality to dynamically set game-integrated RGB LEDs and respond to your in-game actions portion playing League of Legends.

As idiosyncratic who’s played League of Legends since 2012, this surely piqued my interest. Could this beryllium the best gaming monitor for fans of LoL, oregon would it yet consciousness arsenic gimmicky arsenic a crippled of URF? The reply is simply a spot much complicated.

Assembling the AG275QXL was easy, with the sheet slotting and locking onto the basal via respective sturdy metallic pegs. While I didn’t trial this myself, AOC says the show is compatible with a modular 100×100 VESA partition mount, should you privation to usage one. However, successful doing so, you’d bounds the display’s quality to respond to your in-game League of Legends inputs and frankincense region a batch of its unsocial appeal. Still, it’s bully to person successful a pinch.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Editiong gaming monitorCheck Prices
AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL LG 27GP850-B Gigabyte M27Q-X MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD Panel Resolution Refresh rate Response time HDR Price
IPS (27″) Nano IPS (27″) IPS (27″) IPS (27″)
2560×1440 2560×1440 2560×1440  2560×1440
170Hz 180Hz 240Hz 165Hz
1ms 1ms 1ms 1ms
VESA DisplayHDR 400 VESA DisplayHDR 400 VESA DisplayHDR 400 N/A
$480 $500 $500 $400

Having swapped my aged show with the AG275QXL, it surely conjured the tendency to deed Summoner’s Rift and play a crippled oregon 2 of League of Legends. I find the Hextech-inspired golden coloured lines connected the achromatic chin of the sheet to beryllium a bully subtle motion to the game, and bask taking successful the somewhat much intricate designs connected the rear chassis earlier mostly forgetting astir them arsenic they look the wall.

The basal design, however, doesn’t triumph maine implicit arsenic much. While I deliberation the achromatic and golden colour strategy and Hextech enactment enactment nicely evoke the MOBA’s aesthetics, the ample ‘League of Legends’ logo smack bang successful the centre somewhat spoil the effect. I recognize that AOC and Riot Games nary uncertainty privation to flaunt the brand, but thing similar the ‘L’ icon you’ll find successful the game’s lawsuit and connected the monitor’s speedy power keypad would’ve made a little distracting, much tasteful middleground.

Plugging successful and routing cables is straightforward, and I tin rapidly swap retired thing I request by rotating the sheet up to 90-degrees. Getting the AG275QXL into the close presumption for my gaming PC setup is grip-free too, with plentifulness of tallness and tilt adjustment. However, there’s sadly nary swivel to talk of.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Editiong gaming monitor

The AG275QXL boasts a well-rounded I/O, with 4 USB 3.2 ports arsenic good arsenic 3.5mm stereo and microphone inputs, with video connectivity taken attraction of by 2 DisplayPort 1.4 and 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. It’s a shame that HDMI 2.1 is absent present arsenic this means you’ll request to usage DisplayPort if you privation to marque afloat usage of the monitor’s 170Hz refresh rate, with HDMI 2.0 topping retired astatine 144Hz.

Word to the wise: don't acceptable up the AG275QXL precocious astatine night

When powering it on, the AG275QXL comes to beingness with a ‘League of Legends x AGON by AOC’ splash surface and an unexpectedly large LoL-themed footwear up dependable that took maine by surprise. Word to the wise: don’t acceptable it up precocious astatine night. While this diagnostic whitethorn entreaty to some, I opted to promptly crook it disconnected via the monitor’s OSD, but not earlier falling prey to an arsenic large shutdown dependable that ignores immoderate measurement you’ve acceptable the speakers to.

The LEDs successful some the translucent basal and connected the backmost of the AG275QXL besides erupt successful a glow of orange-gold light, but my attraction was unluckily rapidly diverted from my eyes to a grating high-pitched sound successful my ears. I rapidly remedied this by turning down the strength of the LEDs down from ‘Strong’ to ‘Low’, and aboriginal recovered that the strength of this occupation tin alteration depending connected the colour the lights are acceptable to.

I’m peculiarly delicate to things similar coil whine, but this sound whitethorn not beryllium arsenic bothersome to others. With this successful mind, portion I recovered the sound to beryllium peculiarly irritating during wide use, I was capable to artifact it retired portion utilizing the monitor’s speakers oregon portion wearing the best gaming headset.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Editiong gaming monitor

Having addressed that issue, I took a heavy dive into the AG275QXL’s OSD which is made conveniently accessible via the nipple fastener connected the rear-right of the chassis oregon the included speedy power keypad. It’s present that you’ll find assorted audio and ocular settings, with a assortment of presets successful summation to finer controls to tune the show much precisely.

Should you prime up the AG275QXL, my proposal is to permission astir settings acceptable to their default values prevention for the ‘Boot Sound’ that I mentioned earlier. You tin customise the display’s lighting effects via this menu, but I’d sooner urge doing this via the GMenu bundle that you’ll request to instal anyhow to marque usage of its League of Legends integration.

The AG275QXL is simply a large out-of-the-box performer, with beardown colour accuracy and gamut

The crushed that I urge leaving these settings unsocial is due to the fact that the AG275QXL is simply a large out-of-the-box performer, with beardown colour accuracy and gamut. In my testing, I recovered that the show exhibited an mean Delta-E of 0.67, topping retired astatine 1.03, some of which are imperceptible to the quality eye. I was besides impressed with however intimately it adhered to an close Gamma 2.2 curve, with minimal deviation. And it boasts 128% sum of the sRGB colour space, each of which amounts to a large viewing acquisition for SDR content.

However, the AG275QXL besides supports HDR and comes with a DisplayHDR 400 certification. VESA describes DisplayHDR 400 arsenic the “first genuine introduction constituent for HDR” but I’d reason that this truly isn’t the case. All you’re getting erstwhile you bargain immoderate show with this badge is 1 that’s susceptible of pushing a higher highest luminance than SDR panels, which is what enables specular item details specified arsenic the sun, torches, oregon the airy from a weapon barrel. You’re inactive constricted to the 16.7 cardinal colours of an 8-bit sheet versus much than 1 cardinal recovered connected a 10-bit panel, and the deficiency of section dimming zones means the show simply can’t supply localised points of beardown contrast.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Editiong gaming monitor

While I surely enjoyed playing astir of my trial suite of games specified arsenic Doom Eternal and Elden Ring with HDR enabled, I can’t urge anyone bargain the AG275QXL for its precocious dynamic scope capabilities whether for gaming oregon contented consumption. Its specs simply don’t connection a due HDR experience, and those looking for 1 volition either request to summation their fund oregon hold for amended implementations of the exertion to marque their mode to the lower-end of the market. That said, I’d springiness the aforesaid proposal for fundamentally each gaming show astatine this terms point, and fixed that the AG275QXL’s SDR show is truthful strong, this amounts to a tiny but important blemish.

The lighting connected the AG275QXL peculiarly hypes you up erstwhile you get aggregate kills

Now, let’s speech astir however it feels to play League of Legends connected the AG275QXL. For the astir part, it’s a beauteous chill acquisition but it’s not wholly without country for improvement. You’ll request to download AOC’s GMenu bundle successful bid for the show to activate its responsive lighting features. Activating the mode is arsenic elemental arsenic selecting LoL from the ‘Game’ tab, which tin beryllium done anterior to oregon during a match.

For the bulk of the lucifer arsenic you’re farming creeps, placing wards, oregon muting (strikethrough) communicating with your teammates, the AG275QXL’s LEDs volition participate a ‘breathing’ mode, rapidly shifting from an off-state to a afloat agleam orange-gold. However, arsenic you prime up kills, propulsion towers, and implicit objectives, the show volition respond to your in-game actions with assorted colours and effects.

I recovered the flash of achromatic light, with a achromatic way encircling the basal peculiarly heightened my hype during squad fights wherever I picked up respective kills. This was besides existent whenever my squad and I claimed a mates of objectives successful speedy succession, with the LEDs concisely changing to the colour of the squad whose operation had been pushed for example. The show besides acknowledges whenever you deed level six, 11, oregon 18, which players volition cognize are the moments successful which you’d typically summation the powerfulness of your strongest ability.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Editiong gaming monitor

Despite enjoying these dynamic interactions, I truly bash privation AOC offered immoderate power implicit these effects via its GMenu software. For instance, I would emotion to alteration the default breathing mode to static oregon conscionable disconnected altogether, arsenic I recovered it could beryllium precise distracting astatine times (particularly successful a acheronian room). I would besides admit the quality to alteration colours based connected the champion I use, swapping retired the gold-orange for a violet worthy of The Void, a Bilgewater blue, oregon a shadiness of sickly greenish evoking The Shadow Isles.

I truly bash privation AOC offered immoderate power implicit these effects via its GMenu software

While I admit customisation of crippled integrations successful competing bundle similar Razer Synapse oregon Corsair iCue isn’t truly a thing, the AG275QXL truly made maine privation it was. Furthermore, I was disappointed to spot that it wasn’t imaginable to sync up AOC peripherals specified arsenic a gaming keyboard oregon rodent with the show portion it was successful LoL mode. All successful all, I thought the diagnostic was bully but I’m yet near wondering wherefore Riot Games and AOC haven’t implemented this connected a peripheral-level.

At $480 USD, the AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Edition gaming show comes astatine a tiny premium, and its entreaty volition yet beryllium connected however overmuch you play the titular MOBA and whether its lighting features entreaty to you much than higher specs. For me, I’d astir apt wage different $20 and opt for thing similar the LG 27GP850-B with its Nano IPS sheet oregon the Gigabyte M27Q-X for a 240Hz refresh rate. Alternatively, you could forgo HDR altogether and prevention $80 by picking up the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD.

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The dynamic lighting features make an undeniably unsocial selling constituent for the AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL League of Legends Edition gaming monitor, but I don’t judge they’re beardown capable to urge the show implicit its competitors. To beryllium clear, I deliberation anyone who picks it up volition beryllium blessed with their acquisition but it’s hard to disregard the higher worth options disposable successful this highly competitory information of the gaming show market.