Apple AirTag 2: what we want to see

Apple AirTag 2: what we want to see

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Apple AirTag attached to a keyring
An Apple AirTag (Image credit: Future)

The AirTag mightiness not look similar it’s crying retired for a successor – aft all, it lone landed backmost successful 2021, and there’s lone truthful overmuch an point tracker similar this tin do. So it hardly needs yearly updates, yet Apple mightiness beryllium readying an AirTag 2.

A reputable expert has suggested arsenic overmuch – and we’ll get much into the details of that below. This nonfiction volition besides beryllium utilized to location immoderate further quality and rumors astir the AirTag 2 erstwhile we perceive thing more.

But for now, arsenic good arsenic the tiny magnitude of accusation we’ve heard truthful far, we’ve included a privation database of things that we privation from an AirTag 2, to marque it worthy buying.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The adjacent procreation of AirTag
  • When is it out? Probably not earlier 2023 astatine the earliest
  • How overmuch volition it cost? Unknown for now

Apple AirTag 2 merchandise day and price

Right present we don’t adjacent cognize if determination volition beryllium an AirTag 2, but according to Ming-Chi Kuo – an expert with a large way grounds for Apple accusation – the institution mightiness make an AirTag 2 if shipments of the existent AirTag proceed to grow.

Kuo’s nonstop phrasing is that they “believe Apple volition make the 2nd generation” nether those circumstances, truthful it sounds similar this mightiness conscionable beryllium an sentiment alternatively than immoderate wrong information, and besides similar improvement mightiness not really person started yet.

So we wouldn’t number connected seeing an AirTag 2 astatine all, and if we bash it astir apt won’t get earlier 2023 astatine the implicit earliest.

There’s nary quality connected what the Apple AirTag 2 mightiness cost, but for notation the archetypal AirTag retails for $29 / £29 / AU$45 if you bargain one, oregon $99 / £99 / AU$149 if you bargain a battalion of four. We’d deliberation the AirTag 2 would astir apt person a akin price, but it mightiness not depending connected what upgrades it has.

Apple AirTag attached to a keyring

(Image credit: TechRadar)

News and leaks

Other than a vague proposition that Apple mightiness marque an AirTag 2, there’s nary quality astatine each astir it yet. We’ll capable retired this conception arsenic soon arsenic that changes.

What we privation to see

The AirTag arrived afloat formed, truthful there’s not a immense magnitude of country for improvement, but determination are a fewer things that Apple could bash with an AirTag 2, specified arsenic the following.

1. Android support

This is Apple we’re talking about, truthful it’s nary astonishment that AirTag doesn’t enactment with Android, but it would beryllium a acold much desirable and fashionable instrumentality if it did.

Obviously, that would unfastened it up to Android users, of which determination are acold much globally than iPhone users. But it would besides marque it much appealing to those who ain an iPhone now, but who don’t needfully program to ever bash so.

And AirTag isn’t the benignant of happening that would person idiosyncratic to power to iPhone for, truthful there’s truly nary evident crushed to fastener retired Android. So portion we’d beryllium incredibly amazed if AirTag 2 did enactment Android, we truly anticipation it does.

2. A much durable design

an Apple AirTag successful  a brownish  leather cardinal  fob holder, attached to immoderate   keys connected  a woody  surface

The AirTag is casual to scuff (Image credit: TechRadar)

While we don’t consciousness the AirTag is overly fragile, our reappraisal noted that it did go easy scuffed successful conscionable a fewer days of use, truthful for the AirTag 2 we’d similar a plan that’s easier to support pristine.

Given the quality of the AirTag that mightiness beryllium tricky, peculiarly if you’re attaching it to a bag, oregon immoderate different happening wherever it’s exposed to the extracurricular world, but we’re definite Apple tin negociate it.

3. Better waterproofing

The archetypal Apple AirTag has an IP67 rating, meaning that it’s splash and h2o resistant to a extent of up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. That should astir apt beryllium plenty, but it’s little than immoderate phones (such arsenic the iPhone 13 line), and fixed that your AirTag mightiness beryllium much exposed to the elements, we’d similar to spot an betterment here.

At a minimum past we privation the AirTag 2 to person an IP68 rating, matching astir flagship phones, but the much waterproof it is the better.

One useful diagnostic of immoderate rival determination trackers specified arsenic Tile is the quality to springiness different radical (such arsenic household members) entree to them, truthful that they tin assistance you way down your misplaced item.

This could beryllium particularly useful if, for example, you’re retired and deliberation you near the point you’re tracking astatine home. In that situation, giving a household subordinate oregon housemate entree to your AirTag could velocity up the process of locating it. So we’d similar to spot this added for the AirTag 2.

5. A little price

In the satellite of Apple devices and tech successful general, an AirTag isn’t wildly expensive. In fact, it carries a akin terms to astir rival trackers. But if you privation to acquisition 1 of Apple’s cardinal fobs oregon straps successful bid to really connect the AirTag to thing past the terms rockets up, with these accessories often costing much than the AirTag itself.

So for the AirTag 2 we privation either the instrumentality itself to beryllium cheaper oregon for these accessories to be. Or amended yet, both.

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