Apple is starting to remove mask requirements for its workers

Apple is starting to remove mask requirements for its workers

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Apple is opening to alteration its disguise requirements for employees, according to Bloomberg. Vaccinated firm staffers volition not person to deterioration a disguise astatine offices wherever “local indoor-mask mandates person been eliminated,” portion masks volition beryllium optional for retail workers astatine “a tiny fig of locations” opening Friday, the work says.

Just past week, Apple began to driblet disguise requirements for Apple store customers successful respective states. At the time, employees were inactive required to deterioration masks, but it appears Apple is opening to unbend those rules for some. Apple had antecedently dropped disguise requirements for immoderate stores and offices in June, but brought them backmost in July.

Apple didn’t instantly reply to a petition for remark from The Verge.

It’s inactive unclear erstwhile Apple plans to afloat reopen its firm offices. The institution indefinitely delayed a planned February 1st reopening in December, with CEO Tim Cook telling staffers successful a memo that the instrumentality to enactment day was “yet to beryllium determined.” When that February 1st day was announced, Cook outlined a hybrid enactment aviator wherever astir workers would astatine archetypal enactment 1 oregon 2 days successful the office, and aboriginal beryllium asked to enactment successful the bureau connected Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Google’s Bay Area employees volition instrumentality to its Bay Area offices in April, besides moving successful a hybrid model. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has informed staffers its offices volition afloat reopen on March 15th, and Meta plans to bash the aforesaid on March 28th. Microsoft afloat reopened its office on Monday.

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