Apple M1 Extreme: Four dies, ultimate power for Mac Pro?

Apple M1 Extreme: Four dies, ultimate power for Mac Pro?

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Ever since Apple began the modulation to its ain silicon chips wrong its Macs, we’ve been wondering astir the spot that volition travel to the next Mac Pro. This volition beryllium the eventual trial of Apple’s chipmaking abilities, arsenic highly demanding nonrecreational users volition not beryllium pleased if the institution struggles to conscionable their requirements.

Fortunately, each the existent rumors suggest Apple has a monster of a spot waiting successful the wings, rumored to comprise 2 M1 Ultra chips joined astatine the hip. We’ve recovered each the latest quality connected this spot (dubbed the M1 Extreme, among different names), truthful if you privation to cognize what’s coming next, you’re successful the close place.

Price and merchandise date

Apple Mac M1 Ultra Graphic.

The bully quality present is we don’t deliberation we’ll person agelong to hold until the M1 Extreme is unveiled to the world. Reporter Mark Gurman has chimed in with his thoughts, noting: “I’d expect Apple to decorativeness its modulation to its ain silicon from Intel chips arsenic aboriginal arsenic June astatine WWDC 2022.” He aboriginal clarified that the spot volition beryllium revealed astatine WWDC, but not launched astatine that point.

An announcement astatine this clip makes sense. WWDC — different known arsenic the Worldwide Developers Conference — is simply a developer-focused lawsuit that Apple often uses to amusement disconnected its upcoming pro-level hardware. The Mac Pro and its accompanying spot would acceptable close in.

Likewise, show manufacture expert Ross Young believes a caller Mac Pro is coming alongside a caller 27-inch display, some successful June 2022. Since Apple explained astatine its Peek Performance lawsuit that the Mac Pro is the lone Mac yet to modulation to Apple Silicon — and retrieve Apple lone has until the extremity of the twelvemonth to deed its two-year deadline for the power — this Mac Pro volition surely carnivore the M1 Extreme chip.

Based connected what my assets reports, present is immoderate authoritative accusation connected the caller Mac Pro 2022

This is the span that connects 2 M1 Ultra unneurotic and volition beryllium recovered successful the caller 2022 Mac Pro.

Processor name: "Redfern"
Coming with caller Macs Pro this September #Apple #AppleInternal

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) March 12, 2022

That’s the announcement of the spot retired of the way. What astir a merchandise date? Twitter leaker Majin Bu has claimed that volition get successful September, and we wouldn’t expect thing sooner. Apple has a slate of consumer-grade devices rumored to beryllium updated soon, including the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. It makes nary consciousness for Apple to motorboat the Mac Pro alongside these entry-level devices, truthful it’ll travel aboriginal successful 2022 astatine the earliest.

Now for the daunting part: The price. Right now, the M1 Ultra spot commands a $1,400 premium implicit the M1 Max successful the Mac Studio — and that’s conscionable for the basal M1 Ultra. Similarly, the precise archetypal CPU upgrade you tin marque successful the 2019 Mac Pro costs $1,000. The top-end spot is $7,000 much than the base-level Intel Xeon W.

Bearing that successful mind, and considering determination could beryllium astatine slightest 2 M1 Extreme chips disposable (as is the lawsuit with the M1 Ultra), a $1,000 upgrade terms from 1 to the different would not beryllium unexpected.

The name: M1, M2, oregon thing else?

Apple M1 chip.

Apple said astatine its Peek Performance event that it was adding “one past chip” to the M1 family. That turned retired to beryllium the M1 Ultra. Does this mean truthful that the adjacent Mac Pro’s high-end spot volition beryllium successful the M2 family? It’s surely imaginable but depends connected however virtually we instrumentality Apple’s statement.

Let’s instrumentality a strict attack and presume determination volition beryllium nary much M1 chips of immoderate sort. YouTuber Vadim Yuryev of the Max Tech transmission believes Apple could springiness this spot a completely caller household name, specified arsenic X1 oregon Z1. This is based connected a leak from Twitter idiosyncratic Appleakation, who doesn’t person overmuch of a way record, truthful we’re skeptical.

However, Yuryev makes the bully constituent that a abstracted sanction would let Apple to enactment the spot connected a antithetic merchandise docket to the remainder of its products. Since the Mac Pro doesn’t get updated arsenic often arsenic the MacBook Pro, this caller sanction could assistance its spot not consciousness rather truthful outdated arsenic the years progress.

The spot successful the caller Mac Pro volition not beryllium portion of the M1 oregon M2 family

— Bob (@appleakation) March 31, 2022

Conversely, Mark Gurman believes the Mac Pro volition travel with 2 caller chips, 1 of which present seems to lucifer the specifications of the M1 Ultra. If that’s correct, wherefore would Apple premix and lucifer spot household names, for illustration by kitting the Mac Pro retired with an M1 Ultra and, say, an X1 Extreme? It seems confusing and goes against what Apple has ever done, which is to support its devices connected the aforesaid spot household with each update.

Gurman has projected different possibility. Apple could enactment an M1 Ultra into the Mac Pro, positive a doubled-up M1 Ultra enactment that would support the M1 Ultra sanction and conscionable beryllium presented arsenic a much performant version. That way, we get the utmost show that has been truthful heavy rumored, and Apple keeps its connection that determination volition beryllium nary caller chips names successful the M1 family.

However, arsenic we’ll travel to next, determination could beryllium immoderate method limitations preventing this. That gives america 1 past option: Apple volition hold until the M2 Ultra and dual-chip M2 Ultra are ready, past enactment them into the Mac Pro. That could mean a lengthy wait, though.

How volition it work?

Apple M1 household  dice  shots.

The M1 Ultra is thing of a Frankenstein chip, combining 2 M1 Max dies into 1 system-on-a-chip. The M1 Extreme, though, would instrumentality that a measurement further by combining 2 M1 Ultras together, meaning it would beryllium comprised of 4 spot dies.

According to developer Hector Martin, this mightiness beryllium intolerable to execute with M1-generation tech due to the fact that its architecture simply isn’t designed for four-die chips similar the rumored Mac Pro chip. For that reason, Martin believes combining 4 M1 Max chips into 1 system-on-a-chip can’t beryllium done. Instead, Apple mightiness person to usage M2-generation tech for this chip.

Martin made those statements successful March 2022, but soon aft had a partial alteration of heart. Reacting to reportedly leaked schematics showing 4 M1 Max dies arranged unneurotic successful a quadrate formation, Martin conceded it mightiness beryllium possible, but would beryllium a “weird retrofit” connected Apple’s portion that makes small sense.

So, we cognize that Apple is apt to stitch respective spot dies together. What we don’t yet cognize is which procreation of chips it volition use, nor bash we cognize however businesslike and effectual its methodology volition be. That’s thing we mightiness get a amended thought of successful the coming weeks.


Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The astir breathtaking portion astir this upcoming spot is its imaginable performance. Mark Gurman has fixed plentifulness of hints astir this, and everything he’s said points toward an incredibly almighty product.

One of Gurman’s astir salient claims is that the spot volition comprise 40 CPU cores (made up of 32 high-performance cores and 8 high-efficiency cores), positive a frankly ridiculous 128 graphics cores. That magnitude of powerfulness could nutrient show we’ve ne'er seen earlier successful an Apple machine — and would hopefully unrecorded up to the promises the M1 Ultra couldn’t keep.

Elsewhere, leaker Majin Bu has claimed the spot would connection up to 1TB of memory. If true, that could lick a wide occupation with Apple’s chips erstwhile it comes to the Mac Pro.

Currently, you tin configure the Intel-based Mac Pro with up to 1.5TB of RAM. Yet the M1 Ultra spot successful the Mac Studio lone allows up to 128GB of memory. Even if the M1 Extreme doubles that arsenic expected, that’s a maximum of 256GB — acold beneath the existent Mac Pro’s maximum amount.

Apple's M1 Ultra spot   highlighted astatine  Peek Performnance.

However, according to Majin Bu, the M1 Extreme volition beryllium capable to entree a abstracted representation controller, which could boost the magnitude of RAM it tin access. That mightiness spell immoderate mode to gathering demanding users’ needs.

What other could we see? Well, the Mac Pro’s spot could besides enactment the MPX Modules that the 2019 Mac Pro introduced, allowing users to drill down into definite usage cases with specialized add-in cards and enlargement units.

The Mac Pro’s people assemblage is utilized to getting different things that regular Macs don’t offer: PCIe slots, 10Gb Ethernet, SATA ports, and more. The M1 Extreme (or immoderate it’s called) volition request to enactment each of these and much if it is to beryllium accepted arsenic a due pro-level chip.

So far, Apple Silicon chips person lone supported immoderate of these things. For instance, the M1 Extreme spot would beryllium Apple’s archetypal spot to enactment with PCIe slots (if Apple includes them successful the adjacent Mac Pro, of course). That would marque it a trailblazer successful much ways than one, alongside its monolithic four-die layout and tremendous performance.

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