Apple Music and the iOS App Store are having problems

Apple Music and the iOS App Store are having problems

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If you’re an Apple user, past you mightiness beryllium seeing immoderate problems successful the App Store oregon with Apple Music. Apple’s system presumption page lists issues affecting “all users” for some services noticed since 11:41AM ET without going into item astir what the problems are. In our tests, the App Store and Apple Music are some mostly operational, but users person noticed problems for a fewer hours.

Posters connected Reddit person seen problems with Apple Music missing lyric information, Dolby Atmos, and lossless audio from songs wherever it should person those features, portion immoderate study they’re incapable to play euphony adjacent if it’s downloaded to their section retention for offline listening. Some users said logging successful and logging retired fixed the missing lossless audio features for them, but not the missing lyrics. We were capable to corroborate the contented with lyrics arsenic shown below.

Apple Music lyrics failing to load   for Taylor Swift’s medium  ‘Lover’ Apple Music lyrics failing to load Image: Mitchell Clark / Apple

9to5Mac reported earlier that Apple’s Privacy Labels aren’t appearing connected galore App Store listings and cited a root confirming it was a bug that would beryllium fixed soon. There’s nary authoritative connection connected solutions oregon workarounds, oregon ETA for erstwhile the problems whitethorn beryllium resolved.