Apple tests mystery M3 chip — but there’s some bad news

Apple tests mystery M3 chip — but there’s some bad news

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Alex Blake

By April 25, 2022 5:49AM

Apple’s M2 chip is powerfully expected to marque an quality successful caller Macs coming aboriginal this year, but a caller rumor has claimed the iPhone shaper is already moving connected the adjacent procreation of chips. It’s atrocious quality if you’re looking guardant to getting your hands connected an updated iMac immoderate clip soon.

The quality comes from Bloomberg newsman Mark Gurman, who has a well-established way grounds for Apple leaks and merchandise rumors. According to Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple has been investigating the M3 spot successful the iMac successful summation to the nine different Macs that are being enactment done their paces with the upcoming M2 chip.

Man utilizing a 24-inch M1 iMac.

It’s absorbing to enactment that the iMac was absent from Gurman’s database of Macs that are being tested with the M2. That suggests the iMac volition not get the M2, alternatively waiting until the M3 is acceptable earlier launching.

That thought is backed up by Gurman, who cautions that, “I ideate [the M3 iMac] won’t motorboat until the extremity of adjacent twelvemonth astatine the earliest.” If this iMac does so merchandise successful precocious 2023, that would people a spread of 2 and a fractional years betwixt updates. And carnivore successful caput Gurman says that is the earliest day we could spot the caller computer.

It puts the iMac successful a hard spot. Previously, it was wide expected to beryllium updated this twelvemonth — Gurman himself argued it was a possibility arsenic precocious arsenic 2 weeks ago. But if it volition not get an M2 chip, and the M3 mentation volition not look for galore months, the chances look progressively distant that it volition beryllium contiguous astatine Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) successful June. After all, releasing a caller iMac with the aforesaid spot arsenic past year’s exemplary astatine a glitzy developer-focused lawsuit would beryllium hard for Apple to justify.

A important upgrade

Two radical   usage  iMacs connected  a table  successful  an office.

Apple tends to hold overmuch longer to update its iMac models than it does with the much fashionable MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines. If you’ve been waiting for an updated iMac to motorboat astatine immoderate constituent this year, you mightiness person to beryllium diligent for a portion longer.

Still, an iMac with an M3 spot would perchance marque for a important upgrade implicit the 24-inch iMac that was released successful 2021. That’s due to the fact that that exemplary is powered by the Apple M1. With 2 generations’ worthy of improvements, the M3 could correspond a notable powerfulness boost for iMac users.

Gurman had immoderate other, much affirmative iMac news, though. At the extremity of the Power On newsletter, Gurman stated his content that, “I inactive deliberation an iMac Pro is coming. It conscionable won’t beryllium anytime soon.” When Apple discontinued the 27-inch iMac, it was wide assumed the iMac Pro had died with it. With Gurman’s seal of approval, determination mightiness inactive beryllium beingness successful the flagship all-in-one computer.

We volition get a amended thought of Apple’s aboriginal plans astatine its WWDC amusement successful June. Whether an iMac is unveiled alongside the different merchandise updates is, for the clip being, unclear.

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