Arma 3 mod adds versatile squad AI to Vietnam DLC

Arma 3 mod adds versatile squad AI to Vietnam DLC

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Last year’s SOG Prairie Fire was 1 of the astir entertaining pieces of DLC to travel retired for Arma 3 successful years, but it near single-player Arma fans with small to do. To instrumentality connected Prairie Fire’s Vietnam War-era missions, you needed a squad – and a squad that could pass and travel orders. Fortunately, there’s an Arma 3 mod disposable present that adds immoderate clever AI to SOG Prairie Fire, and you tin usage it passim the remainder of the subject simulation game, too.

Stealth is cardinal successful SOG Prairie Fire, and the SOG AI mod, created by John ‘Johnnyboy’ Ueckert, adds a astute bid instrumentality based connected infantry manus signals. You tin prime the benignant of squad you privation to deploy connected each mission, picking from MACV-SOG teams, SEALs, long-range reconnaissance patrols, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and more.

Your AI buddies volition support stealth, and volition determination rapidly portion nether fire. They’ll usage infantry leapfrogging tactics, covering each other’s advances oregon retreats, and they’ll revive fallen teammates – including you. They’ll besides usage craters intelligently, taking screen by getting into prone positions erstwhile they’ve entered.

Here’s a objection of however the squad commands enactment erstwhile mounting up a stealth ambush. As Johnnyboy illustrates, SOG AI makes it imaginable to person lone your soldiers with suppressed weapons occurrence erstwhile enemies gully near.

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Again, SOG Prairie Fire is immoderate of the champion amusive you tin person successful Arma 3, and SOG AI makes it imaginable to play solo – cleanable for players who aren’t keen connected jumping into dependable comms with different players oregon who person unstable net connections.

SOG AI besides works successful different Arma 3 content, Johnnyboy says, truthful you tin play Escape and Combat Patrol missions connected Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, Malden, and Livonia utilizing the bid instrumentality added successful the mod.

You tin find SOG AI implicit connected the Steam Workshop. If you’d similar my thoughts connected the DLC, cheque retired the SOG Prairie Fire review connected Wargamer. For much of the best co-op games, we’ve got you covered.

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