Azur Lane: Brand New Event Darkness Within Dawn and More

Azur Lane: Brand New Event Darkness Within Dawn and More

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This lawsuit volition necessitate you to stitchery Intel Points to decrypt pieces of intel and beryllium capable to unlock passcodes to summation corresponding Azur Lane in-game rewards. The decryption surface item volition fto you spot your existent decryption attempts connected the near broadside of the screen.

 Brand New Event Darkness Within Dawn and More

By tapping the knobs connected the close broadside of the screen, you tin alteration the displayed intel connected the screen. You tin decrypt intel by tapping the noise-like squares successful the mediate of the show screen. You tin entree passcodes by tapping the fastener connected the bottommost close of the screen. Then, you tin cod the rewards aft completing intel decryption connected the near broadside of the screen.

Darkness Within Dawn

Curious to cognize much astir however you play this lawsuit and gain points? Here are each the details you volition need. 

Earn Intel points by completing the Darkness Within Dawn lawsuit missions. For each 200 Intel points you earn, you volition summation 1 decryption attempt. Tap connected the undecrypted parts of the surface to decrypt it and walk 1 decryption effort successful the process.

After each the panels person been decrypted, the intel is considered wholly decrypted and you tin alteration the decryption people by tapping connected the knobs connected the right-hand broadside of the screen. When each intel has been decrypted, the passcode leafage astatine the bottommost right-hand broadside of the surface volition beryllium unlocked. Opening the passcodes leafage shows you each the passcodes you person decrypted.

The airy connected the apical near broadside of the surface volition glow greenish erstwhile you person entered the close codes successful the close order. Once you person correctly input 3 passcodes, you tin assertion a reward from the bottommost near broadside of the screen. 

These are the items that you volition beryllium capable to assertion successful bid based connected the fig of grids you person decrypted:

  • 10 grids = 1,000 Coins
  • 20 grids = 5 times T3 Universal Retrofit Materials
  • 30 grids = different 1,000 Coins
  • 40 grids = 2 times T3 Offensive Skill Books
  • 50 grids = 2 times Random T3 Retrofit Blueprints
  • 60 grids = 2 T3 Support Skill Books

These are the regular quests you tin implicit to beryllium capable to cod the Intel Points. All of these quests person 2 goals each day:

  • Log successful erstwhile and decision 3 brag fleets successful sortie.
  • Enhance 5 ships and discontinue 2 ships.
  • Conduct tactical grooming 2 times and resupply the dorm with snacks 5 times.
  • Defeat 20 enemies and physique 2 ships.
  • Open a tech container and heighten 5 ships.
  • Resupple the dorm with snacks 5 times and implicit 2 commissions.
  • Enhance cogwheel 2 times and sortie past get 10 cleanable victories.

Call to Arms: Northern Parliament Phase 1

 Brand New Event Darkness Within Dawn and More

Just similar the erstwhile Call to Arms events, this lawsuit is simply a pre-event to Call to Arms: Phase 2, which is the main event. You tin unlock a uncommon chat framework erstwhile a large lawsuit starts. The lawsuit for present volition lone buff immoderate ships for the mentation phase. Here are the ships that volition beryllium buffed during this event:

  • Light Cruiser Avrora
  • Battleship Mikasa
  • Destroyer Vampire
  • Light Cruiser Pamiat Merkuria

Once the mentation signifier ends, the cognition signifier volition past commencement wherever respective missions volition beryllium featured that includes the ships mentioned above. Once a definite magnitude of points is reached, you volition past beryllium capable to assertion the lawsuit reward chat framework Seal of the Polar Star.

Blueprint Completion Plan – Seattle

You tin get up to 30 bonus strengthening units for the vessel Seattle for each probe you implicit successful the probe lab. The bonus is constricted and separated from the imperishable bonus with 300 max capacity. The lawsuit that is associated with this is yet to beryllium announced.

System Optimizations

 Brand New Event Darkness Within Dawn and More

Details nether Fleet Technology to set bonus stats person been added. You tin pat the fastener connected the precocious close country of the details to entree this caller feature. Categories of bonus stats that tin beryllium adjusted are varied depending connected vessel types.

This crippled is astir battleships but alternatively of playing existent battleships, you are going to play arsenic an anime waifu. That sounds similar a weird operation but it’s besides unsocial — perceive america retired first! If you person not tried to play this unsocial crippled of ships yet, you tin play the crippled consecutive to your PC. You tin work our blog connected how to instal and registry for Azur Lane connected PC here.

This is an antithetic spot for Azur Lane due to the fact that the developers didn’t diagnostic immoderate characters to rerun truthful we tin expect a batch of rerun characters successful the adjacent update. What are your thoughts connected this patch? Let america cognize successful the comments below!