Back to the office? This laptop briefcase bag is premium but practical

Back to the office? This laptop briefcase bag is premium but practical

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man with a leather laptop lawsuit  implicit    his shoulder

Somewhere betwixt a laptop lawsuit and a messenger bag, Harber calls this a laptop briefcase.

Image: Mary Branscombe

If you're venturing backmost to the bureau for a mates of days a week, you mightiness beryllium looking for a caller laptop container that's not the accustomed backpack: thing with tons of compartments for each the cables, chargers, powerfulness banks and pens you privation to transportation betwixt your location bureau and your occasional enactment desk. 

Or if you're backmost doing the afloat commute, you mightiness privation to marque it much bearable with thing much efficient.

If you privation to splurge connected thing premium, capacious but besides practical, Harber London's Everyday Leather Briefcase is each of those – but you are going to wage premium, Apple-level prices, astatine £349 for the benignant that takes a 15" oregon 16" laptop. (There's a smaller container designed for 13" and 14" laptops but it's the aforesaid price.)

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What you're paying for present is the materials and quality, and you get a applicable plan arsenic well. The leather is some brushed and sturdy and, portion it volition astir apt amusement a small deterioration implicit time, it's inactive going to look bully and springiness you galore years of travel. This tin easy outlast galore laptops.

It's besides amazingly capacious for thing truthful slim and compact: we were capable to acceptable successful a 15" Surface Book 3, a Surface Laptop Studio and a Surface Pro X astatine the aforesaid time, truthful a laptop and iPad volition acceptable easily.

Three laptops seen successful  the Harber briefcase

The Surface Book 3, Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro X acceptable neatly into the padded pockets.

Image: Mary Branscombe

The interior has aggregate pockets made retired of sturdy fabric twill. Haber has added much padding and switched retired the benignant of the interior compartments from erstwhile designs, leaving much country for your laptops and making them much protected. On 1 broadside determination are 2 heavy pockets, some padded, that tin instrumentality a laptop and iPad broadside by side, with a snap-on leather strap to clasp them successful spot truthful you tin scope down to the 2 stretchy mesh pockets that are ample capable for your charger, powerfulness cablegram oregon thing other you don't privation escaped successful the bottom.

interior pockets

There are other pockets connected the broadside of some the laptop pockets: these 2 are stretchy to incorporate untidy things similar chargers and powerfulness cables.

Image: Mary Branscombe

On the different broadside is different heavy pocket, besides with padding, and this has a magnet to clasp it closed. Reach down and determination are 3 level pockets (small, mean and large) with a wide leather strap sewn implicit the extracurricular and attached astatine varying intervals truthful you tin tuck pens, cables and different smaller accessories successful neatly.  

a Surface pen and USBC cablegram  successful  organizer pockets

Keep cables and pens organized oregon worldly them into the pockets.

Image: Mary Branscombe

There's besides a keyring with a metallic clip and a leather fob that rotates if you conscionable privation to propulsion it to a much convenient space to unclip your keys, oregon a magnet that lets you detach it and past drawback it backmost into place. This is secure; it's not going to unsnap by accident. But you person to rotate it to propulsion it disconnected and it is fiddly until you enactment it out.

If you're besides backmost to long-distance travel, the briefcase has an other strap connected the backmost that lets you descent it implicit the grip of a suitcase oregon carry-on. If you haven't had a container that does that before, it makes an tremendous quality erstwhile you're juggling bags done the airport.

The 2 handles are sturdy and ample capable to gaffe implicit your elbow, though astir apt not your shoulder

The enarthrosis strap is much disappointing; it's a sturdy woven cloth but alternatively constrictive and excessively agelong for anyone who isn't highly gangly oregon possessed of peculiarly wide shoulders and the buckle is the incorrect mode circular for you to tuck the excess into the enarthrosis pad truthful it hangs down implicit the zip. The enarthrosis pad itself isn't really padded, conscionable 2 layers of leather. And portion the metallic hooks connected the extremity of the strap are highly sturdy, the unobtrusive leather loops they descent into enactment up with the handles alternatively than the corners of the briefcase which gives it a bully equilibrium but means the agelong strap is adjacent longer. There are 4 loops truthful you tin take which mode the strap angles implicit your enarthrosis (and you tin tuck a luggage tag done 1 of the spares).

Although the briefcase comes successful tan, acheronian brownish oregon black, the interior is ever black: that looks stylish connected the brownish colourways but alternatively drab with the achromatic exterior. Harber has missed a instrumentality by not picking thing much striking for the wrong similar scarlet, turquoise oregon lime that would truly popular against the achromatic and marque the container consciousness adjacent much peculiar (like the Maroo leather slipcase lined with lime microfiber I've been utilizing for laptops for galore years).

A achromatic  container  adjacent  to a man's leg

The leather looks large but the achromatic interior could beryllium much striking.

Image: Mary Branscombe

The metallic zip besides looks little matched to the achromatic leather, though again it's highly sturdy and has agelong leather tags that are casual to drawback connected the 2 zipper pulls (so you tin unfastened it from whichever broadside is convenient, but it doesn't unfastened connected each 3 sides similar a laptop case, conscionable partway down each side). The basal is flat: not truly wide capable to basal up connected its ain but it's not awkward to equilibrium connected a array erstwhile you're putting your laptop distant oregon grabbing it out.

hands opening   the bag

Having the strap clip connected implicit the handles gives you equilibrium erstwhile you're carrying the container but isn't arsenic casual for getting things out.

Image: Mary Branscombe

All successful all, this is some premium and practical; thing of an investment, but durable capable to beryllium a agelong word investment.