Battlefield 2042’s big map changes leave fans disappointed

Battlefield 2042’s big map changes leave fans disappointed

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A worker  successful  Battlefield 2042 gliding successful  a wingsuit
(Image credit: DICE)

Battlefield 2042 developer EA Dice has outlined the game’s archetypal large changes, pursuing the announcement past period that it volition dedicate respective updates to streamlining and improving the game’s multiplayer maps.

In a blog post, the developer said it's taking connected assemblage feedback to overhaul 2 maps archetypal - Traversal and Kaleidoscope. The spawn and emblem points connected some volition beryllium moved adjacent unneurotic to trim the clip players walk traveling, and the organisation of vehicles volition beryllium tweaked truthful you’re forced to walk little clip connected foot.

Extra screen has been added successful unfastened spaces to trim the frequence of long-range firefights, and besides added astir Flags and Objectives. DICE says the further screen and enactment of show blockers should assistance resoluteness immoderate of the issues that person been highlighted by the community.

Other changes see biology tweaks, similar changing areas of writer into mud to amended immerse players successful the battlefield, arsenic good arsenic reductions to the availability and cooldown of vehicles. Dice says those conveyance changes should marque the nonsubjective areas of 128-player battles little chaotic, thing fans person been asking for.

The archetypal batch of representation changes, which includes the alterations to vehicles, volition merchandise successful the game's adjacent update. The remaining changes – to spawn points, emblem locations, and screen – volition get sometime during Season 1, which is expected to motorboat this June oregon July.

A worker  of Battlefield 2042 with his backmost  turned

(Image credit: DICE)

However, the subordinate effect to the changes hasn’t been hugely enthusiastic. Over connected the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, players person expressed disappointment astatine however fewer changes are being made and however precocious they’re to beryllium implemented.

Dice has outlined changes to lone 2 of Battlefield 2042’s 7 archetypal maps and suggested the biggest of those tweaks are months away.

With nary notation of other, large updates dropping until the merchandise of Season 1, this representation rework has provided acold comfortableness to galore players who are already disappointed with the game's bugs and debased complaint of contented drops.

Regardless of however indispensable these representation changes are, overmuch of the Battlefield assemblage was expecting larger enactment from Dice. If it wants to revive the ailing game, it'll request to deliberation bigger.

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