Best free games on Oculus Quest 2

Best free games on Oculus Quest 2

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The Oculus Quest 2 is an unthinkable device, but with a terms tag starting astatine $300, it’s not the astir budget-friendly strategy connected the planet. Most games connected Quest 2 are somewhat much affordable than your emblematic PC oregon console title, yet they’ll inactive tally you astir $20 each. That means betwixt buying the headset and amassing a room of large titles, you could beryllium looking astatine an full month’s worthy of rent.

Thankfully, the Oculus Quest 2’s catalog includes dozens of escaped games. Some of them are abbreviated demonstrations of VR technology, portion others connection wholly fleshed-out experiences. Regardless of their intent, these games let you to instrumentality afloat vantage of your caller Quest without having to dip into adjacent month’s budget. Here are the champion escaped Oculus Quest 2 games.

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Player dipping their hands into potion successful  Elixir VR.

Elixir is the cleanable crippled to amusement disconnected the Quest’s awesome hand-tracking capabilities. Players instrumentality connected the relation of a budding sorcerer who is enactment successful complaint of maintaining a magical laboratory and dabbling successful the satellite of alchemy.

Built to showcase the Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking technology, it’s reasonably evident that this is an extended tech demo. Nonetheless, Elixir stands arsenic 1 of the champion free-to-play experiences connected the stand-alone headset, and 1 that you don’t privation to miss.


Oculus First Contact

Robot handing subordinate    a cartridge successful  VR game.

This is by acold the astir extended tech demo disposable for the headset. Inspired by aged ’80s technology, Oculus First Contact is simply a virtual sandbox that volition amusement you the ropes erstwhile it comes to interacting with the satellite astir you.

It’s the tiny things we instrumentality for granted successful the existent satellite that go spectacular successful this virtual environment. Shaking maracas, launching miniature rockets, and creating objects with a 3D printer are immoderate of the tasks you’ll find yourself amazed by successful this demo. VR veterans volition adjacent observe overmuch to emotion successful this polished title.


The Key

Strange monster walking done  a doorway  successful  The Key.

There’s thing other connected Quest 2 rather similar The Key. This theatrical acquisition runs for astir 20 minutes, teleporting viewers to a surreal satellite that indispensable beryllium experienced firsthand to genuinely beryllium appreciated.

The Key is adamant that it’s not a video crippled — rather, it’s a “magical realism experience.” That sounds a spot vague, but it’s honestly a beauteous apt description. The acquisition has received rave reviews from each outlet imaginable and adjacent won the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award. It’s a fantastic summation to the VR satellite and 1 of the champion escaped downloads disposable connected the Quest.


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