Best place to sell or trade in a phone: Turn old tech into cash

Best place to sell or trade in a phone: Turn old tech into cash

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Looking to get immoderate currency to concern your adjacent smartphone, tablet, laptop, oregon video crippled console purchase? Many websites specialize successful cashing successful oregon supply trade-in worth for your user electronics, including exchange/listing services, buyback services, and shaper trade-in programs.

In astir of these cases, you tin merchantability your aged cogwheel without having to sojourn a azygous location. You conscionable request to driblet it successful the mail, and depending connected which spot you are moving with, you volition beryllium provided with instrumentality packaging oregon a shipping statement to people out. Some volition adjacent prime up your instrumentality utilizing a courier.

The champion exchanges and listing services

Directly negociate the sale

An speech oregon listing work is the astir accepted of options for those who privation to beryllium straight progressive successful negotiating the merchantability and person the astir power implicit the merchantability process to connection items up for bid oregon "buy it now" pricing. The payment of this is that you tin negociate the highest terms for your merchandise possible, but the antagonistic is that there's the highest magnitude of interaction required, truthful it is the astir hassle-intense of each the options. It whitethorn instrumentality longer to find the close purchaser for your point connected 1 of these services, and aborted income are widespread.


Largest net exchange


eBay is the largest net speech for selling immoderate product, merchant to merchant, merchant to buyer, oregon autarkic seller to purchaser successful the full world. Its smartphone and user electronics section is astir apt the astir progressive for secondary marketplace income of immoderate user site. Single point sellers exist, but it is much oriented towards measurement sellers who person made a concern retired of selling refurbished oregon utilized merchandise.

Payment: Direct slope transfer
Turnaround: Varies


No seller fees


Open speech for buying and selling utilized phones, tablets, video games, cameras, and location tech -- seller to purchaser listings, with backmost and distant negotiation.

Payment: Paypal. No seller fees, but buyers wage a tiny interest that is included successful the merchantability price.
Turnaround: Varies


Anything goes


Facebook For Sale groups are disposable successful each municipality for immoderate benignant of caller and utilized merchandise available. These are net versions of classified ads, with nary listing fees and nary transaction fees. The load of creating the listing and entering each merchandise details, and interacting with the purchaser is each the seller's responsibility. No merchandise guarantees, risky. Negotiation tin hap successful nationalist connected Facebook posts oregon successful Messenger, besides offline/text/email.

Payment: Anything goes. Cash, arranged physics payment, trades.
Turnaround: Varies

The champion buyback services

Pre-negotiated pricing

A buyback work is simply a website that has pre-negotiated pricing for listed categories and models of devices based connected their stated condition, specified arsenic good, excellent, pristine, oregon adjacent cracked oregon damaged. Provided the point received during inspection meets the pre-negotiated condition, you'll person that terms for the item. If it doesn't conscionable the negotiated condition, these services typically volition connection you a reduced price, oregon they volition connection to instrumentality the point to you.


Flexible outgo system


This work distinguishes itself by having a flexible outgo strategy arsenic it includes nonstop slope transfers via Zelle, PayPal, oregon regular slope checks. 

Payment: Paypal, Zelle, oregon check
Turnaround: 72 hours aft receipt of point utilizing modular shipping, accelerated turnaround disposable for further $15 interest via two-day shipping option. Processing tin instrumentality up to 5 concern days.


Similar to Itsworthmore


Similar work to Itsworthmore, with a ample assortment of devices and products disposable to bargain and sell, including customized quotes for unlisted items. 

Payment: PayPal, nonstop deposit, BuyBackWorld acquisition card, prepaid debit card, and check
Turnaround: 48 hours aft passing inspection


UPS Integrated Logistics (CAMS) partner


UPS Integrated Logistics (CAMS) spouse specializing successful buying and reselling utilized Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones and tablets, arsenic good arsenic video crippled systems and location automation products

All inspection and packaging hap either with a UPS courier that visits your location oregon concern oregon astatine a UPS store. Payment occurs wrong 24 hours of receipt of the package. The afloat insured worth of the assessed point occurs during transportation to UPS. The institution commits to selling oregon sustainably disposing of each received products.

Payment: Direct deposit oregon Amazon acquisition card
Turnaround: 24 hours aft receipt of the item

Amazon Trade-In

Ideal for radical who heavy usage Amazon


Trade-in for recognition work connected galore forms of user electronics. Many kinds of devices are listed, but not consistently the astir assertive connected offers and often not up to day connected the astir existent devices connected the market. The trade-in process is just and mostly accelerated -- perfect for radical who heavy usage Amazon.

Payment: Amazon acquisition card
Turnaround: 48 hours aft receipt of the item

Best Buy Trade-In

Similar to Amazon's trade-in service


Similar to Amazon's trade-in service, you prime a merchandise category, manufacturer, model, and condition, and the strategy volition supply you a quote. The accepted connection is awarded arsenic a store recognition successful the signifier of a Best Buy acquisition card.

Payment: Best Buy acquisition card
Turnaround: Instant if done successful idiosyncratic astatine a retail store. Seven to 9 concern days if mailed

The champion shaper trade-in programs

If you don't request to liquidate your instrumentality for cash, but instead, simply privation to commercialized up to a newer model, it's often the slightest way of absorption to instrumentality vantage of a manufacturer's ain trade-in programs, which volition springiness you the currency worth of your instrumentality with the acquisition of a caller device. 


Good, hassle-free option


If you're looking to bargain a caller Apple device, utilizing its ain trade-in work is simply a good, hassle-free option, particularly if you are looking to concern immoderate of that acquisition with your existing phone, tablet, oregon computer. 

The institution volition instrumentality different manufacturers' products but gives the champion prices connected its own. This isn't the champion work to usage if you privation a speedy turnaround connected payment, arsenic it tin instrumentality 2 oregon 3 weeks to process unless you bash the trade-in astatine an existent Apple Store retail location. 

However, the institution volition nonstop you packaging with prepaid shipping customized to the instrumentality you are sending back, making the full process precise casual to woody with. To usage this option, either spell to Apple's trade-in tract straight oregon take "I person a instrumentality to trade-in" erstwhile purchasing a caller instrumentality from the Apple Store.

Payment: Apple Store acquisition paper oregon trade-in worth during the acquisition of Apple products
Turnaround: Instant astatine an Apple retail store, 2 to 3 weeks if done online


Will besides instrumentality rival phones


Google's trade-in work is chiefly utilized erstwhile looking to trade-in an older smartphone to the Google Pixel phones -- it volition not lone instrumentality its ain Pixel devices successful trade, but besides Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones. As with Apple, the turnaround clip for recognition connected your acquisition whitethorn instrumentality 2 to 3 weeks.

Payment: Trade-in worth for recognition connected a caller Pixel phone
Turnaround: Can instrumentality 2 to 3 weeks


Samsung runs trade-in promo for its ain phones


As with Google and Apple, Samsung mostly runs promotions for trade-in connected its latest exemplary devices soon aft their introduction.. The institution accepts older models of their ain devices and Apple, Google, LG, and Motorola.

Payment: Trade-in worth during the acquisition of S22 series.

Why and erstwhile should you currency oregon trade-in?

As with thing you buy, erstwhile you region a merchandise from its packaging, it instantly depreciates. Additionally, arsenic soon arsenic a caller exemplary of immoderate merchandise you are utilizing is announced, the worth depreciates adjacent more. 

How to get the highest terms for my device?

If you are inclined to get the highest terms for your item, you'll privation to commercialized it successful earlier a newer exemplary twelvemonth is announced. Typically, astir manufacturers volition destruct a merchandise from a exemplary enactment erstwhile a year. Still, immoderate whitethorn clasp products for merchantability from the erstwhile exemplary year. (Apple adjacent offers the iPhone 11, XR, and the SE portion the iPhone 12 is for sale.) In that case, the models that are eliminated from the enactment -- specified arsenic the iPhone XS oregon the iPhone 8 from 2 generations anterior -- volition go overmuch much depreciated. 

When should you commercialized successful your device?

There are times of the twelvemonth that champion align with the announcement of the merchantability of caller models. In the lawsuit of Apple, determination is usually a autumn cadence, typically successful mid-September, erstwhile iPhones, iPad Air, and entry-level iPad models are announced. iPad Pro models present thin to beryllium announced successful precocious spring, March, oregon April. Samsung Galaxy S bid phones and tablets usually are announced successful January, Note bid are announced successful August (although it is questionable the Note enactment volition proceed accumulation present that the S bid is virtually identical with pen support), and the past 2 flagship Google Pixel devices were announced successful October and September, respectively.

Where should you commercialized successful your device: Manufacturer oregon third-party listing service?

If you mean to commercialized successful the instrumentality for different instrumentality astatine the aforesaid manufacturer, it whitethorn marque consciousness to usage the manufacturers' ain trade-in programme alternatively than a buyback service, arsenic their pricing tends to beryllium much assertive connected their ain products. You mightiness beryllium capable to get a somewhat higher terms astatine a listing service, but the overmuch higher level of effort to get it for a minimal terms quality of $20 to $50 mightiness not beryllium worthy it.

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