Best places to land in Warzone

Best places to land in Warzone

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There’s nary casual mode to triumph successful Warzone, but you tin vastly amended your likelihood by picking an perfect spot to onshore close disconnected the bat. The land of Caldera representation is massive, and determination isn’t needfully a close oregon incorrect spot to onshore — but depending connected your accomplishment level and wherever the state is, you’ll privation to person a program successful your backmost pouch that suits your needs.

In this guide, we’ll spell done immoderate basal landing tips, arsenic good arsenic immoderate large places to land, successful general, crossed Caldera and Rebirth Island.

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Basic tips for picking a spot

Flying implicit    crushed  successful  Warzone.

The archetypal happening you’ll privation to bash earlier picking your landing spot is to measure the plane’s way close astatine the beginning. You tin really spot it earlier the lucifer starts portion you’re successful the pre-game lobby. Take the clip to propulsion up your representation astatine this constituent to spot the plane’s trajectory truthful you’ll cognize wherever you’re going. You won’t beryllium capable to spot the state (or declaration spawns) rather yet, but checking the plane’s way arsenic aboriginal arsenic imaginable volition travel successful handy. Before you’re acceptable to prime a spot, determination are a fewer things to instrumentality into consideration.

Ideally, you should person a bully grasp of your ain accomplishment level. This volition assistance erstwhile picking a spot. For instance, we wouldn’t urge for a beginner to onshore successful high-traffic areas similar Peak oregon Airfield. Likewise, adept players volition astir apt beryllium bored if they onshore excessively acold distant from the action. At this point, look astatine the map, the absorption of the plane, the gas, and each of the contracts astir Caldera.

Some players — careless of the state — volition onshore successful the aforesaid spot each game. If this works for you, much powerfulness to you, but we highly urge picking a spot based connected the state and the plane’s path. The astir effectual strategy is to onshore adjacent to a declaration truthful you tin initiate it and hopefully gain immoderate cash, loot, and a sneak peek astatine the presumption of the state (you get this for completing Recon contracts).

Following the Vanguard integration, Loadout Drops were lone accessible aft the archetypal circle, but aft the mediocre reception of this feature, Raven Software reverted it backmost to the aged mode — allowing you to acquisition a Loadout Drop arsenic soon arsenic you person the currency for it. This means it pays to implicit large wealth contracts close away, truthful you tin bargain your loadout ASAP.

For beginner players, it’s recommended to onshore by Recon (denoted by a emblem icon) oregon Scavenger (denoted by a magnifying glass) contracts. These don’t necessitate you to prosecute successful immoderate combat and volition reward you with utile goodies. Recon contracts tin beryllium risky since they necessitate you to seizure a constituent that shoots a flare successful the sky, revealing your determination to the enemies. Though, from our experience, this doesn’t usually marque overmuch of a quality successful the aboriginal stages of the game. As for Scavenger contracts, these are the riskiest, arsenic they’re often contested astir instantly since players privation the rewards.

The different contracts similar Most Wanted, Supply Drops, and Bounties are a batch tougher since they’ll effect successful firefights with different players. If you consciousness assured successful your skills, spell up and drawback 1 of these contracts — but otherwise, we urge staying away. It’s worthy noting that the earlier you commencement a Most Wanted oregon Bounty contract, the easier they are to implicit since the players you travel crossed apt won’t person almighty extremity crippled cogwheel (usually).

Be unfastened to changing your way connected the alert depending connected different players. For instance, if you’ve got a spot successful mind, but spot tons of players heading to the aforesaid location, it’s champion to alteration your way to a antithetic determination if you privation to beryllium safe. If possible, effort to onshore astatine a antithetic declaration you consciousness assured with, similar a Recon oregon Scavenger.

It’s besides a large thought to onshore adjacent a Buy Station, truthful you’ll beryllium capable to acquisition items close away. Having a UAV during the aboriginal stages of a lucifer tin acceptable you up for success. And being adjacent to a Buy Station volition besides let you to acquisition your ain Loadout Drop alternatively of visiting the escaped 1 that drops — which volition apt beryllium contested.

The last extremity is to prime a spot based connected your squad size and skill. If you’ve got a squad of four, it’s easier to past successful higher-traffic spots, particularly if you’re each connected the aforesaid leafage with determining a route. If you’re playing solo, it’s a small antithetic since you won’t person anyone to prime you up if you spell down, truthful support each of that successful mind.

Using the state and level to your advantage

Caldera representation  successful  Warzone.

We’ll beryllium referencing the representation supra to assistance you prime a large spot to land. There’s a batch to instrumentality successful erstwhile looking astatine the map, but the main happening is to look astatine the ellipse (which represents the presumption of the deadly gas) and the enactment that represents the plane’s path. As you tin spot connected the representation above, the plane’s way goes from northeast to southwest, but this volition alteration each match. Regardless, you’ll find a batch of players who’ll thin to onshore on the enactment that denotes the plane’s path. With that successful mind, if you privation to enactment distant from the action, landing distant from the way mightiness beryllium a bully idea. In this case, Airfield and Mines are apt to beryllium busier — simply due to the fact that of their proximity to the commencement of the plane’s path.

To the southeast of this way are a fewer areas including Capital, Resort, and Sub Pen. These are large locations due to the fact that they’re acold capable distant from the action, portion inactive being wrong the circle. Again, if your accomplishment allows it, you tin purpose for the busier areas similar Airfield, but for caller oregon inexperienced players, we counsel against that. Based connected the representation above, immoderate spot to the southeast is bully since they’re each acold capable from the starting way and extracurricular of zone, meaning you’ll brushwood less players there. You’ll conscionable request to beryllium alert of the state truthful you don’t get caught.

In short, we urge landing by a declaration connected the borderline of the circle, distant from the plane’s way to debar combat and to guarantee you’re grabbing goodies on the way. If you’re a much skilled player, you tin somewhat tweak that look and onshore person to the halfway of the circle, but you’ll privation to beryllium cautious of your opponents. All of that being said, let’s spell done immoderate large spots for each accomplishment levels.

Best places to onshore connected Caldera


Landing astatine  colony   successful  Warzone.

Kicking things disconnected with a low-key spot is Ruins, an country to the acold northwest of Caldera. This is simply a decent country to sojourn if you’re little assured successful your skills and privation to loot up with fewer chances of encountering different players — particularly if this determination is retired of zone. There are tons of small nooks and crannies to fell in, but our favourite spot is the wrecked vessel connected the westbound side.

It has aggregate floors with a batch of loot and is comparatively casual to get successful and retired of, with respective antithetic routes you tin instrumentality erstwhile you’re finished. There are besides astatine slightest a mates of antithetic Buy Stations around, truthful if you tin clasp your ground, you should beryllium good connected your mode to winning the lucifer if you onshore successful this spot.

Power Plant

Landing astatine  Power Plant successful  Warzone.

Next, you should see visiting Power Plant, a spot that is large for much precocious players. It’s not a highly contested location, but you’ll astir ever brushwood astatine slightest 1 different squad if you determine to visit. The Power Plant itself has a boatload of loot crossed its assorted floors (including the extortion area), truthful marque definite you’re thorough arsenic you explore. Then, it’s a bully thought to deed each the adjacent buildings, on with the transformer conception to the south, which contains adjacent much loot.

After you’ve prepared, you’ll beryllium successful a large spot since you tin either commencement making your mode to the northbound to the Airfield oregon to the westbound to Capital. This is simply a safer country that volition let you to hole efficaciously for the precocious crippled portion keeping you adjacent to the action.


Flying implicit    Peak successful  Warzone.

Some players privation to leap straight into the action, and if that’s you, Peak is wherever you’ll privation to be. This is Caldera’s mentation of Superstore, with a highly concentrated magnitude of loot to find throughout. The apical information of the Peak is usually the busiest, but you tin marque your mode down galore floors to find adjacent more. Then, there’s an full underground cave strategy beneath, which is afloat of adjacent much goodies — conscionable don’t get mislaid portion you’re there.

This is wherever the pro players similar to land, arsenic it’s a high-risk/high-reward determination and is successful the halfway of the map, making it casual to rotate to the adjacent spot. We counsel against landing present if you’re a beginner, arsenic it’s communal for upwards of 5 oregon much teams to onshore astatine Peak.


Landing astatine  Capital successful  Warzone.

The adjacent spot is Capital, and it’s surely different engaged conception of the map. However, determination are respective things you’ll privation to beryllium alert of if you take to onshore here. For starters, Capital is comprised of galore buildings, which are casual to navigate to cod loot. Much similar Downtown from Verdansk, this country is highly concentrated, featuring tons of vantage points and intricate layouts that reward exploration. However, this is the southernmost conception of the map, which often places it extracurricular of the circle.

Even if this determination is wrong portion astatine the commencement of a match, you’ll often person to task distant from Capital, and getting retired tin beryllium tricky if you aren’t acquainted with the layout. To the northbound is simply a monolithic cliff that is astir intolerable to standard if an force squad is astatine the top, truthful you’ll privation to find a antithetic way if you program connected leaving this location. Still, determination is simply a large woody of loot to cod present truthful it’s good worthy visiting, arsenic agelong arsenic you person an flight plan.


Landing astatine  Runway successful  Warzone.

Planes are 1 of the caller features introduced alongside Caldera, and portion they’re amusive to pilot, getting into the cockpit tin beryllium tricky. Most players volition onshore astatine Airfield to snag a plane, but you’ll person an easier clip acquiring 1 if you spell to Runway connected the northeastern conception of the map. This is simply a low-traffic determination that has decent loot, astatine slightest 1 Buy Station, and entree to planes, which makes it casual to rotate away.

Much similar Ruins and Capital, Runway is connected the outskirts of the island, truthful it tin beryllium pugnacious to onshore present depending connected the plane’s way astatine the beginning. But if you marque it here, you’ll usually person the spot to yourself, with plentifulness of contracts and items to collect. Then, hop successful a level and marque your mode to the adjacent spot with your squad. Or play it harmless and instrumentality to the extracurricular of the map.

Best places to onshore connected Rebirth Island

Characters moving  connected  Rebirth Island successful  Warzone.

Though Caldera is the main Warzone map, the smaller-scale Rebirth Island is immensely popular. This is due to the fact that matches are overmuch much fast-paced and tin beryllium completed successful astir 15 minutes. In addition, matches diagnostic a respawn mechanic, allowing you to travel backmost arsenic agelong arsenic 1 subordinate connected your squad is alive. The representation is simply a fraction of Caldera’s size, but selecting a landing spot works similarly. Following the play 2 Reloaded update successful March, Rebirth Island has plentifulness of further features specified arsenic caller POIs, representation changes, and different features.

Living Quarters


One of our favourite landing spots is Living Quarters, which is connected the southbound broadside of the island. This country has a fistful of buildings with tons of loot, on with galore opportunities to outplay your opponents if you’re acquainted with the layout. There’s astir ever a Buy Station to the northbound conscionable earlier you get to Headquarters, which is important since you’ll privation to rapidly get your Loadout. The different large happening astir this country is its positioning.

It’s casual to infiltrate the adjacent areas with ease, particularly if you did a bully occupation of looting astatine first. You tin either spell to Nova, Control Center, oregon Security Area from present — each of which are worthy visiting. The bully happening astir Living Quarters is that it’s comparatively casual to revisit aft respawning since you tin onshore connected the rooftops oregon the tents, which springiness you galore opportunities to fell and enactment harmless from opponents. This conception tin beryllium engaged astatine times, but it’s often not arsenic contested arsenic Prison oregon Control Center.



After that, you should see visiting Stronghold, which replaced the aged Security Area connected the southernmost conception of the map. It’s littered with loot, is casual to clasp down, and often features a Buy Station connected the southbound side. However, since it’s a caller location, it volition apt beryllium overmuch much contested than it utilized to beryllium earlier play 2 Reloaded. Nonetheless, it’s inactive worthy visiting to get looted up, particularly if you’re bully astatine maneuvering done buildings quickly.

You should beryllium alert that anyone astatine Living Quarters oregon the tents to the westbound has a wide vantage constituent of players astatine Stronghold, but typically, this isn’t excessively overmuch of an issue. But it’s a bully thought to propulsion your Loadout Drop down screen truthful you can’t get sniped portion collecting your weapons. Just beryllium speedy and usage the adjacent chopper to flight if needed. You tin besides marque usage of the caller Redeploy Balloon astatine this location, provided you person $500 successful cash.

Bioweapons Labs


Bioweapons Labs is simply a spot of a blistery drop, but if you tin survive, it’ll presumption you for success. The multi-floored gathering has a ton of loot and is often adjacent a Buy Station, truthful you tin hole for the remainder of the lucifer effectively. Make definite you instrumentality with your team, arsenic it tin beryllium casual to get separated and picked disconnected by opponents.

The constrictive stairway is tricky to navigate erstwhile determination are enemies contiguous since the dependable of footsteps mightiness beryllium overbearing, truthful effort to get a grip connected your teammates’ positions erstwhile moving up and down floors. After you’ve looted up, you tin either caput to Decon Zone oregon Chemical Engineering Office depending connected the zone.

Control Center


If you’re looking for a engaged driblet but don’t consciousness similar dealing with Prison Block, you mightiness beryllium funny successful Control Center connected the westbound broadside of the map. This country is similar, with rooftops that volition astir ever beryllium contested, but it besides features aggregate floors that are apt to incorporate enemies arsenic well. It’s a smaller standard country that is amusive to overtake but tricky to survive, particularly if you don’t instrumentality with your team.

This is different country with aggregate Buy Station spawns and tons of loot, on with an ammo container connected the bottommost beneath the span that connects the 2 buildings. From here, it’s casual to caput northbound to Shore, northeast to Prison, oregon adjacent southbound to Living Quarters, truthful you’ve got plentifulness of options to rotate.

Great landing spots are ones that person tons of cogwheel and contracts and are adjacent to utile hubs that are harmless to bent around. Though, support successful mind, a bully landing spot is lone arsenic bully arsenic the player. If you’re inexperienced, adjacent landing adjacent tons of loot won’t prevention you from players who person spent dozens of hours successful Warzone.

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