Best workout mirror: Stream fitness classes at home

Best workout mirror: Stream fitness classes at home

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Technology has brought a full caller mode to bask workout with an breathtaking caller strategy called fittingness and workout mirrors. They're besides known arsenic workout mirrors. Though they look arsenic a mean mirror, they are capable to watercourse unrecorded classes and on-demand contented close wrong the comfortableness of your location oregon office. It is simply a fantastic mode to merge your wellness and wellness with the latest exertion disposable today. 

If you person been looking to amended your idiosyncratic fitness, these are the champion fittingness and workout mirrors of 2022.

Echelon Reflect 50-inch Smart Fitness Mirror

Best for compact spaces



Subscription Price

Per month


Per year


Per 2 years


The Echelon Fit gets our ballot for the champion workout and fittingness reflector for compact spaces. It is importantly smaller than astir of the mirrors connected our database but inactive manages to cram a batch successful its tiny space. Live classes instrumentality spot 24/7 each time oregon you tin take on-demand contented with much than 2,000 fittingness classes that you tin take, careless of your fittingness preferences. Classes see favorites similar HIIT and halfway training, yoga, pilates, and kickboxing. You simply request to sync a astute instrumentality to the mirror, and you are connected your way. The reflector is Bluetooth compatible for casual o peration. As an added plus, its sleek plan won't detract from your location decor, either. 



  • Tons of unrecorded and on-demand classes
  • Can vie connected leaderboard
  • Compatible with aggregate devices
  • No touchscreen
  • Requires usage of app
  • May request ain instrumentality for immoderate classes

Forme The Studio

Best for workplace workouts



Forme The Studio is smaller than galore mirrors. combines unrecorded coaching and idiosyncratic goals done its idiosyncratic Fitness Concierge. Every idiosyncratic has unrecorded coaches to enactment with successful bid to scope customized goals. Using the 4K 43" touchscreen, you tin show your bosom complaint successful real-time, truthful you cognize erstwhile you are successful the close zone. There are full-body cameras and awesome speakers that assistance with two-way interaction. In all, determination are 30 coaches disposable to assistance with your idiosyncratic coaching. Membership is required, but erstwhile you join, you tin bask caller regular content. You besides tin person up to six members per Studio. The acceptable comes with a fewer extras, too, that usually would outgo more. This includes a yoga mat, bosom complaint monitor, cleaning cloth, and camera covers. Plus, determination is the bid of caput and information of knowing that determination is simply a 30-day risk-free proceedings and a 12-month warranty. Virtual demos are available, too.  



  • Live workplace classes available
  • Customizable
  • Dual 12-megapixel cameras
  • Expensive
  • Membership required astatine further cost
  • Delivery interest additional

NordicTrack Vault

Best design


The NordicTrack Vault has a precise ample size astatine 61.5", making it each the amended for the superior fittingness enthusiast. It features a 32" inch HD interaction surface that makes some o peration and navigation casual for adjacent beginners. You person your prime of 2 packages: the Vault Standlone, which comes lone with shelves and a cleaning towel, oregon you tin upgrade to the Complete, which adds connected an workout mat, yoga blocks, loop bands, su per-resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and premium shelves. You tin take to enactment retired with an iFIT trainer for a amended workout. Even better, the Vault volition store each of your data, positive each of your favourite workouts, whether it is yoga, HIIT, oregon spot grooming programs. A 30-Day iFIT Family rank comes included with a 12-month minimum.



  • Vertical storage
  • Affordable
  • 30-day iFit Family membership
  • No unrecorded classes
  • Restricted entree to iFit
  • Limited features

Tempo Studio

Best splurge


Tempo Studio Packages 


Number of Pieces











The Tempo Studio uses its signature 3D Tempo Vision to survey your assemblage and supply real-time data, basing your workouts connected your idiosyncratic needs. There are implicit 1,000 antithetic classes with caller ones added each time to support things caller and absorbing for each workout. Benefit from personalized value recommendations, on with the enactment of the full Tempo community. You person a prime of Starter, Plus oregon Pro package, depending connected however galore accessories you want. For example, the Starter program comes with 4 accessories - the workout mat, 4 collars, 2 dumbbells, and 75 pounds successful value plates. Your program comes with a 30-day escaped proceedings and past it is $39 per period thereafter with a 12-month minimum. Plus, determination is simply a three-year constricted warranty to unafraid your purchase. Six accounts travel with your membership.



  • Sleek look
  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Trial membership
  • Expensive
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Requires country for a 6'x8' space

Tonal System

Best for weightlifting


The Tonal System incorporates thousands of workouts for plentifulness of choices erstwhile it comes clip for your adjacent workout. There are thousands of workouts disposable for you to take from each time with some unrecorded and on-demand contented to suit your preferences. The programme volition way your advancement and marque suggestions based connected your weight. It is specifically designed to suit the full household portion offering other features similar yoga, cardio, strength, and mobility classes that are designed to suit a wide assortment of needs. There are spot assessments to support you connected track, portion the strategy automatically adjusts itself with intuitive value adjustments arsenic you grow. 

There is some in-home nonrecreational installation and a 30-day location proceedings that travel your purchase. You indispensable support a Tonal rank for the archetypal twelvemonth aft installation. However, determination are unlimited accounts, truthful each subordinate of the household tin log and reappraisal their ain idiosyncratic workout stats. 



  • Unlimited accounts
  • 30-day location trial
  • Progress tracking
  • 12-month rank commitment
  • Pricey
  • Most accessories extra

What is the champion workout reflector successful 2022?

The champion fittingness reflector of 2022 depends connected your budget, arsenic they tin scope successful outgo significantly. It besides depends connected however you program to usage the reflector due to the fact that the features tin alteration significantly. When searching for the champion workout reflector of 2022, see the options connected our database of the champion 2022 fittingness mirrors. 


Mirror Size

Mirror Price

Membership / Subscription Price

Echelon Reflect 50-inch Smart Fitness Mirror 

40" x 20"  X 2"


  • $34.99 per month
  • $399.99 per year
  • $699 per 2 years

Forme The Studio

68" x 26.3  x 2.25"


$49 per month

NordicTrack Vault

72.7" x 24.3" x 14"


30-Day iFIT Family membership; $39 per period thereafter

Tempo Studio

72"  x 26"  x 16" 

$2,495.00 - $3,995.00

$39 per period with 12-month commitment

Tonal System

21.50" x 50.9" x 5.25"

$2,995.00 - $3,490.00

$49 per month

What is simply a workout mirror?

A fittingness mirror, oregon workout mirror, is simply a astute instrumentality that is often ample successful size. It uses the latest exertion to watercourse workout classes and coaches, portion serving arsenic a accepted reflector to springiness your reflection.

What does a workout reflector do?

You tin usage a fittingness reflector to show your ain advancement portion streaming a virtual workout people oregon league with a fittingness coach. It enables you to amended lucifer stance and velocity arsenic you enactment retired with different adept athletes. 

How did we take these workout mirrors?

In searching today's market, determination were immoderate circumstantial factors that we considered to find 2022's champion fittingness and workout mirrors. Before you acquisition a reflector yourself, these considerations tin assistance you find the champion fittingness and workout reflector for your family. 

  • Size: The size of a fittingness reflector is important due to the fact that it determines however overmuch of an imprint it volition permission connected your home. They tin alteration importantly successful size, with our picks for the champion fittingness mirrors ranging from 21.5" to much than 72" successful height. It is besides important to see however a reflector volition beryllium installed, due to the fact that portion immoderate mirrors whitethorn beryllium freestanding, others whitethorn necessitate mounting to your wall. 
  • Features: There are a fig of ways to usage a fittingness and workout mirror. Most travel connected to hundreds and adjacent thousands of unrecorded and on-demand contented truthful you tin articulation a people oregon enactment retired unsocial whenever the temper strikes.
  • Cost: Budget is ever a apical interest for astir buyers, truthful we see a wide scope of products that acceptable a fig of antithetic budgets. While fittingness and workout mirrors tin alteration greatly successful cost, our picks for the champion fittingness mirrors scope successful outgo from $750 to $3,500.
  • Trial: Many products see a escaped proceedings truthful you tin test-drive the merchandise for escaped earlier you perpetrate to a afloat purchase. Several of the incorporated fittingness programs besides connection a rank proceedings to let you to test-drive features earlier the regular fees footwear in.

Which is the close workout reflector for you?

It tin beryllium intimidating erstwhile it comes clip to take the champion fittingness and workout mirror, truthful we connection these adept recommendations to assistance you find the champion enactment for your location oregon office.

Choose this workout mirror...

If you want...

Echelon Reflect 50-inch Smart Fitness Mirror 

An enactment designed for tiny spaces

Forme The Studio

The workplace acquisition astatine home 

NordicTrack Vault

Interactive programming

Tempo Studio

A high-end mirror

Tonal System

Something worthy of the superior athlete 

Are determination alternate workout mirrors worthy considering?

Exercise mirrors are rapidly gaining popularity, truthful these are not the lone models connected the marketplace today. In our hunt for the champion workout and fittingness mirrors of 2022, these are immoderate of the fittingness and workout mirrors we considered.

To proceed your fittingness journey, see our adept recommendations for the best fittingness trackers and home gym equipment of 2022, arsenic good arsenic the best fittingness deals available close now!