Black Friday: Get this HP Full HD projector with Roku for just $137

Black Friday: Get this HP Full HD projector with Roku for just $137

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The HP CC200 projector with accessories and a projected Roku location  screen.

The early, chill nights that specify the extremity of autumn mean 1 thing: It’s clip for a projector! Far from the campy, flickering things your teachers utilized backmost successful precocious school, the modern projectors that you tin spot passim our Black Friday projector deals are crisp and travel with astir arsenic galore features arsenic a TV. The HP CC200 is nary different, coming with Roku and a full big of features we’ll get into much successful a second. Plus, arsenic portion of the ongoing Walmart Black Friday deals, you tin get the HP CC200 for lone $137. That’s $62 disconnected the modular $199 terms and a woody worthy bragging about.

Why you should bargain the HP CC200 projector

When looking for the champion projectors, you person to commencement with the machine’s capabilities. For the HP CC200, that’s going to beryllium focused connected representation quality, sound, representation innovation, and amusement options. As a Full HD projector, you’ll get crisp imagery from it. Built-in 6-watt stereo speakers volition springiness you an immersive acquisition without forcing you to splurge connected abstracted speakers. That nasty blue light that you support proceeding about? The HP CC200 has tech that filters it to support your nighttime viewing comfy and healthy. Finally, you tin entree the amusement you privation from galore places with the HP CC200. It has built-in Roku, but the projector tin besides link to outer devices via USB and HDMI. You tin adjacent usage the 2nd USB for your keyboard oregon rodent to assistance power the action. In short, with the HP CC200, you’re ne'er abbreviated connected options.

Additionally, the HP CC200 comes with an 84-inch mobile projection surface to guarantee you ever person astatine slightest 1 bully aboveground to task onto. If you don’t already person a large projector screen oregon bare partition space, you won’t beryllium near out. However, you aren’t constricted by it oregon its size. For example, from conscionable 4 feet distant from your intended surface, you tin get a 50-inch screen, portion astatine 7 feet you tin get a fuller 80-inch screen. This is due to the fact that of the HP CC200’s short propulsion lens that allows you to usage it comfortably adjacent successful cramped surroundings.

To marque the astir retired of these aboriginal nights, wherefore not get the HP CC200 projector for your household portion it’s inactive connected sale? At lone $137, you’re getting a accidental astatine $62 disconnected the emblematic $199 price. It is besides “gift eligible” astatine Walmart, meaning you tin nonstop it to a person oregon loved 1 with a acquisition receipt and nary fearfulness of a terms tag showing. Grab it portion you can.

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