Blizzard thinks it's fixed Overwatch 2's long queues

Blizzard thinks it's fixed Overwatch 2's long queues

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Lucio arsenic  helium  appears successful  Overwatch 2
(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

In a developer blog, the Overwatch 2 developers person offered up immoderate stats that suggest that their caller tweaks to enactment person helped adjacent retired the game’s queue problems.

In the post, which took a heavy dive into Supports and the team’s information for the role, stats were produced to amusement that queue times are getting better. That's bully excessively due to the fact that playing Damage and Tank heroes successful Overwatch 2 has seen queues of up to 10 minutes.

The station reads: “Queue times crossed the committee person improved importantly since past week’s patch. While correlation mightiness not ever adjacent causation, we're optimistic that enactment improvements had a batch to bash with it.”

“Following Thursday’s update, players connected mean experienced 48% little clip spent waiting for a match, gradually leveling disconnected astatine astir 22% betterment implicit the weekend.”

The station besides added that Overwatch 2 is present experiencing faster queue times than Overwatch

The past update for the crippled helped beef up supports, astir notably Zenyatta who got a Leonidas kick, meaning helium tin propulsion enemies distant from him.

Support is connected the way

However, contempt the changes, and the accrued popularity, Supports are inactive having a pugnacious clip successful the 5v5 environment, particularly successful higher ranked games. The blog added: “Support heroes starting astatine precocious Diamond and supra saw the highest leap successful instrumentality visits to the spawn room. At these ranks, the accrued unit of a much skilled vessel oregon harm subordinate connected the backlines has seemingly go excessively overmuch for adjacent precocious SR enactment players to grip efficaciously arsenic compared with the unrecorded game."

To this, the improvement squad has committed to adding much “power and tools” to the role, and said, “the relation remains our highest accommodation priority.” A mates notes were shared connected what they are reasoning including expanding Moira’s inferior astatine the outgo of her earthy healing, and Mercy is getting a mode to bash her “super jump” much consistently. 

However, the astir encouraging happening astir this update is seeing sustained connection from the Overwatch team. After years of being near successful the dark, getting play updates astir the team’s reasoning and its existent considerations is simply a enactment of caller air. Hopefully, it continues, due to the fact that adjacent if caller contented oregon patches for the crippled aren’t happening each week, it reminds the assemblage that the crippled is inactive being actively worked connected and that their discussions and comments are being heard.

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